Camping Generators: Let There be Light at a Camp Sight

Quality camping generators make it possible for a camper to enjoy a few modern comforts all while “roughing it” in the woods or by the lake. This portable power can also come in handy during a power outage at home, for work projects, or during weather emergencies. However, not all generators are created equal so it is wise to consider a few factors prior to making a purchase.

Prior to purchasing a new generator, it is a good idea to consider a few questions. Doing so will ensure the generator purchased is able to meet the needs the person has.

How will the generator be used?

If the generator is going to be used mainly for powering an RV, it is necessary to have a 30 or a 50 amp connection. There are some portable generators that come with RV-ready outlets that let them plug in directly; however, others may require an adapter to ensure the RV power cord fits.

How much power is needed?

The power output of a generator is measured in watts. A person can determine the number of watts power supply they need by calculating the total wattage requirements of all the different accessories that will require power. This is necessary regardless of if the generator is being used to power an RV, at a worksite, or at home as a source of back-up power.

Is a propane, diesel, or gas powered generator best?

The fuel type a generator runs on will usually depend on if it is an onboard or a portable model. A portable generator has a built in fuel tank and will run on regular gas. Onboard generators may operate on any of the three fuel options. In most cases, the best option is determined by the preferences of the user.

Finding the right portable generator is the best way to ensure that a camping adventure will be fun. With this handy unit in tow, campers can enjoy air conditioning, music, television and light, among other things. Be sure to find the unit that best meets the person’s power needs to minimize overloading it or not having enough power for everything that will be used.