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What You Should Know about Breast Augmentation

Today, more and more women are opting for breast augmentation to increase the size, volume and shape of their breasts. The surgical procedure involves the placement of silicone gel implants, saline or other alternative breast implants under the breast tissue. Before undergoing breast reduction, breast enhancement or breast lift procedure, it’s crucial to know who qualifies to undergo surgery, what to expect during consultations, the cost of the procedure and the right questions to ask the cosmetic surgeon.

There are specific qualifications that you must meet if you want breast enhancement surgery or any other breast surgery. While you may want to improve your looks and boost your self-confidence, not every patient qualifies to undergo the procedure. To qualify, you must be physically healthy, have realistic personal expectations, have fully developed breasts, be dissatisfied with the shape, size or volume of your breasts after weight loss, pregnancy or due to aging or have abnormal breast development. A plastic surgeon will evaluate you and determine if you are fully qualified to undergo the procedure. Consider reviewing photos of successful breast implants to know what is expected and also help you decide if you will undergo the surgery.

During your first consultation with a plastic surgeon, you will discuss your main expectations and the desired outcome of the procedure. You will also provide more details on medical conditions you have, drug allergies, current medications, previous treatments and family history of breast problems or cancer. Using the information you provide, your surgeon will do further examination of your health and identify risks that could affect the procedure. An examination of your breasts will also be done with detailed measurements of the shape, size, placement of your nipples and skin quality. Expect the surgeon to also take photos of your breasts and explain the surgical procedures available and the best treatment course for you.
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When it comes to the cost of breast surgery, it doesn’t come cheap. According to recent statistics, the average cost for breast reduction, lift or enhancement is around $2500 to $4000. The costs may vary depending on the type of breast surgery you want, the experience of the surgeon doing the procedure, the location of the surgical center and other factors. There are other additional costs that you should keep in mind like operating room services and facilities and anesthesia. Although most surgeons offer patients different types of financing plans, you should always ask to be sure. The majority of health insurance plans may not cover cosmetic breast implant costs. Carefully review your health insurance policy to know more.
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It’s important to pick a trusted board certified surgeon if you want the best breast augmentation results. They should also have years of experience in performing successful breast implants on patients and achieving the best possible results. Make sure to ask important questions like the type of training they have in breast surgery, whether they are licensed, certified and accredited by national agencies, how the procedure is done, how long recovery takes and potential complications associated with the surgery. You must evaluate your options carefully before making a final decision. By familiarizing yourself with the entire process, you will be more prepared for the procedure and know what to expect.