9 of cups and pentacles relationship

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9 of cups and pentacles relationship

Guidance Rejection and belonging go together like marriage and divorce, like family and relatives. Nine of Cups – Ten of Pentacles – World. Nine of Wands- This one suggests that someone is guarded, perhaps has Knight of Pentacles reversed- This is someone who would be. Wands. Like the 4 of Pentacles, this is a card of boundaries. To the relationship, the 9 of Wands can be a card of great passion if well-dignified. It can mean.

That man might be a jerk. Your co-worker might be replaced by an even more terrible person.

9 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – nine of chalices – upright

That job might be great but the company could close at a time that is terrible for your finances. Even though the suit of Cups represents emotions, the Nine of Cups is a card that should make you put thought before desire.

This card needs precision and thought and Cups are too emotional. The chance to have something you really want blinds you to the practical realities. This is wishing to make love with your cute professor and finding out you were one of a few girls in your class that he bedded.

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Too many Cups cards in a reading with the Nine of Cups present and you are likely to follow a false passion toward oblivion. The Nine of Cups surrounded by many cards from the suit of Swords is a blessing. Swords are cerebral and active. Swords bring about practical and deliberate action. A reading such as this would find you wishing for your college to deliver a friend who also doubles as a study partner.

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When the Nine of Cups appears in a reading and there are many cards from the Pentacles suit, look for a financial wish to come true. If Swords and Pentacles appear in equal numbers, your financial decisions and investments will be especially good! If you are in business for yourself or are in the fine arts, you should enjoy seeing your Tarot Reader pull up the Nine of Cups amongst a reading with a lot of cards from the suit of Wands.

This is the suit that rules creativity and if you have been longing for that creative breakthrough or the big chance for your paintings to be seen in a gallery or your band to play in a nicer venue, be sure to think about your creative career when the Nine of Cups appears and grants you one wish.

9 of cups and pentacles relationship

All Tarot cards in any suit bearing the number 9 are lower echoes of the Major Arcana's cards numbered 9 and The Hermit is card 9. This is the card of loneliness.

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It is echoed by the man on the bench in the Nine of Cups being alone. Sometimes getting what you want means alienating a lot of people along the way. The Sun is Tarot card This is the card of glorious fulfillment. The Cups arranged on the table symbolize having attained what was desired, a lower echo of the powerful Sun card and the achievement it symbolizes. When the Nine of Cups appears in a reading with Deathyou are likely to get a good transfer in your workplace or move to better domestic situation.

Combined with The Devil cardthe Nine of Cups gives you more partying than you have ever had, but a bigger hangover than you can handle awaits. Since the Nine of Cups grants your wishes, perhaps the best companion for it in a reading is the Temperance card. Also, we adopt attitudes that justify our belonging or not belonging to something — including a belief system.

Most people believe if they have adopted some side of whatever, that that entity can do no wrong. Or we believe one side is all pure and the other side are demons in politics. Sigh We feel a bond to someone who, say, also is against GMOs because we are too. The GMO unrelated factor predisposes us to approve of that stranger.

Nine of Cups and Ten of Pentacles … of your environment, and you can be anything you like.

9 of cups and pentacles relationship

Satisfied … foreign irritants. They want me to be a part of their belief system. The life I really want: I want … my family. I got myself to the place where you people …. You enjoy the rivalries of people …. I am happy to be one of those people.

9 of cups and pentacles relationship

Wants to be … in the rotten barrel. I am so happy to be involved in public life. Glad the … rank-and-file. Being the foreigner suits me just fine. Neighbors, relatives and coworkers are content …. Gratified that I have a public to deal with. All us foreigners want to be around you. I am content to be involved in politics. Want it enough to tune everything out?

Indifferent to things that please. Satisfied that my immune system can repel. I Want to Be Alone I am satisfied to be an outsider.

Not wanting to be part of …. Nobody knows, and I like it like that. Resign from … and get a bang out of it. I am happy to not be one of …. I want to stand out, and I do. I am so happy not to be involved.

Glad the niche I am in …. Happy that this superior dame minds her own business. Wants you out of my circle. Not belonging makes you want to …. I want that gorgeous woman so bad. Wants himself a trophy woman. I am content not to be involved.