Aamna shariff and rajeev khandelwal relationship tips

Rajeev Khandelwal is madly in love

aamna shariff and rajeev khandelwal relationship tips

IS THE ACTRESS SECRETLY DATING SHABIR AHLUWALIA? Aamna Shariff and Rajeev Khandelwal. A couple . ANY WAYS THANKS. Feb 12, Ektaa Kapoor. Meet Rajeev Khandelwal in a rare interview with Kshama Rao. Rajeev Khandelwal considers Aamna (Shariff) a dear friend. Jul 11, Rajeev Khandelwal has opted out of a TV serial again! I have a fantastic relationship with the producers Tony and Deeya, so I left it to them to decide Another obvious question are Aamna Shariff and you just friends? . End Game · Priyanka Chopra · Sex Tips · Malaika Arora · Khatron Ke Khiladi 9.

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  • 'I’m no longer linked with Aamna Sharif'

Exclaims Manjiri, 'The last time I put on so much makeup was for my wedding! Rajeev had travelled all across the country with his parents his father was in the Defence Services before finally settling down in Jaipur. The creative bug he says hit him in school where he was drawn to the fine arts. I had no connection with Mumbai or film industry.

But finally, I followed my heart,' says Rajeev, as he gets comfortable on the sofa, and easily converses in both English and Hindi. The Big Break It wasn't a smooth ride, however in Mumbai. He managed to grab a couple of ad films and it was then that Ekta Kapoor noticed him and offered him a few cameos here and there. But finally, his big break happened with Kapoor' s romantic television series Kahiin Toh Hoga, a show, that to his suprise catapulted him to instant stardom.

The series, a passionate love story between Sujal Rajeev and Kashish Aamna Shariff struck a chord with the audience since its first episode. After his abrupt exit from the show owing to creative differences with Ekta Kapoorhe went on to do a variety of roles on TV, which included the political thriller Time Bomb and an Army officer's life story Left Right Left before he did his first film Aamir ina project which won rave reviews all across the world.

'I’m no longer linked with Aamna Sharif' | entertainment | Hindustan Times

The film was the story of an upright Muslim doctor who returns from the US and finds his life, his family and his religion mired into terrorism.

The film, largely running on Rajeev's shoulders garnered him appreciation from all quarters of the industry. What matters to me is that the quality of my work should reflect my personality and I aim to go slow and steady. Koi jaldi nahi hai! The Chance Meeting It was also probably Rajeev's "non-starriness" that helped him win over the then advertising professional Manjiri Kamtikar, a Maharastrian born and brought up in Mumbai.

Manjiri, who was thoroughly enjoying listening to Rajeev's life history till now, excitedly joins in the conversation. He was in fact quite " scandalised" to see me dancing like crazy at a Mithun number at that party,' she laughs. And they met again.

Manjiri who had gone off to the UK briefly after their first meeting made it in time to watch his first film Aamir with him, along with her sister and a couple of friends. They got talking soon and went out a lot together, before both realised that this one was "for keeps. Rajeev, who enjoys a tremendous female fan following chooses to believe that it had more to do with his character Sujal in Kahiin Toh Hoga that built up the insanity.

'Marriage to Aamna? I don't know'

His decision to marry someone who is not from the industry was not a conscious effort. There were rumours, of course of me seeing Aamna Shariff which was in retrospect because of our on screen chemistry. She says the fact that Rajeev is extremely "normal" helps bridge the insecurity, if any. He does not have a PR firm working for him. Rajeev also does not feel the need to go out socialising, partying and being a part of any camp,' a trait she says helps to a great extent in restoring the "normalcy" in their relationship.

Rajeev Khandelwal is madly in love

Rajeev is laidback and gives Manjiri her space. He also denies that infidelity has anything to do with the profession he is in. I think it has died its natural death now. No one links me with Aamna any more. In fact I just.

Rajeev Khandelwal, the perfect man

I read that Aamna is seeing another. Who is this guy? Not me for sure. Let me tell you. She was busy with her film.

aamna shariff and rajeev khandelwal relationship tips

I was very close to her and still am. My best wishes will always be with her. I had no choice but to take the risk. No one was planning a magnum opus for me. It was very important for me to get noticed in my first film. I also had to fight with the mental block that TV guys cannot make it in films. Most of them said get a bigger name. No one was ready to take the risk.

aamna shariff and rajeev khandelwal relationship tips

It was said that before Aamirno producer was keen to sign you on because you barraged them with questions. Yes, I was or I could have. I quit shows, I took several breaks.

The idea was not to own a five BHK or a palatial house in Mumbai or buy a limousine. You have been a documentary filmmaker. My involvement in any project has nothing to do with my past. I made a documentary in Delhi because I was looking for a source of income.

aamna shariff and rajeev khandelwal relationship tips

By default I got into it. Actually, I love writing, conceiving ideas and putting them on paper. Did they bring you money? That was just for survival. When I came to Mumbai, I had a debt of Rs 50, I came here to sell one of my projects in which I had pumped in all my earnings.

aamna shariff and rajeev khandelwal relationship tips