Adnan and hae relationship trust

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adnan and hae relationship trust

There was an interesting relationship between Adnan, Don, and Hae. Before Hae and Don started dating, her and Adnan had an interesting. Becky's take on Adnan and Hae's relationshipDebate&Discussion (self. serialpodcast) Seeing a relationship from the outside is no indicator. . (far worse than anything you experienced, I trust), and I saw my mom abused. Adnan Syed escorted from a Baltimore Court after a first day of hearings Adnan Syed was jailed for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min.

They could have met anywhere. Something bad goes down between Hae and Jay. There was a third person involved. What if Jay and Adnan are both innocent, at least of the murder act itself? What if another person actually strangled Hae, and then the person and Jay decided to frame Adnan for her murder? Bad want to strangle Hae Min and why would he and Jay focus blame on Adnan?

Maybe Adnan was entangled with Mr. Bad in some drug-related way Justforserial writes that Jenn may have arranged to meet Hae in the parking lot of best Buy so they could talk. Jay sees red, because Hae is threatening his relationship, and he reaches around her neck and strangles her in the car. This is the first letter Asia wrote to Adnan right after he was arrested. In it, she describes talking to him in the library on the afternoon that Hae disappeared.

Some redditors have speculated that because Davis lived less than 10 kilometres from Woodlawn High School — or near to where Hae was headed the afternoon she died — he may have been the one to strangle her, based on his prior actions.

That park is on the same street as Crown Gas, less than a mile away. As we know, Adnan Syed, now 34, was convicted of first-degree murder, robbery and false imprisonment inand sentenced to life in prison.

Since then, he has been trying to prove his innocence through any legal avenue, and his case is now in its final stages of appeal. Justin Brown — who has represented Adnan for more than five years — told abcNews that the appeal process was very lengthy and complicated. This is the last step. Supplied In Episode 7 of the podcast, Koenig invites the head investigator for The Innocence Project, lawyer Deidre Enright, to discuss the case from a legal perspective.

They decide it is. Ms Enright and her team agree that there were too many inconsistencies for the jury to have comfortably convicted Adnan. In a University of Virginia School of Law newsletterthird-year law student Mario Peia says the team approached the case by trying to answer questions they had about Adnan and friends closely linked to Hae, and then widening the circle.

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Map of the Hae's gravesite and the locations where the police found evidence. Supplied On its website, the organisation states that as of Junepeople convicted of serious crime in the US had been exonerated by DNA testing sincetwenty of them sentenced to death.

Meg said Jay was one of her favorite students ever. Jay would be in her classroom most days, hanging out during or after school, often with his girlfriend Stephanie and Adnan. Adnan was named prom royalty.

The art room is and always has been a safe place for many students at Woodlawn. Such was the case with Jay. To Meg, Jay was extremely bright and had diverse interests that may have appeared strange to the average Woodlawn student. Yes, he would often get in trouble, but it was for things like cutting class, nothing really serious. To me, Meg was describing Jay as a certain type of Woodlawn kid, the type I have in almost every class I teach.

You need to put in a little more effort to hold their interest.

adnan and hae relationship trust

This type of kid is a challenge but it feels so rewarding if you can reach them. The Jay that Meg knew was a smart and engaging young man, far different from the Jay in Serial.

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She described him as a good, honest person. Muse, saw him as a good kid.

adnan and hae relationship trust

Stephanie joined Adnan at the center of Prom activity. She said Serial did not give him enough credit. I will admit after listening to Serial I was biased against Jay because Sarah did not include testimonials about his good character. It was fascinating to hear these good things about Jay from a teacher who knew him well at the time.

Like many listeners I was given the impression he was a liar, and a sketchy and suspect character.

Serial podcast murder theories abound: Who really murdered Hae Min Lee?

Muse painted a very different picture. After listening to Serial, she said: I hope the evidence is so strong and the case is so tight that the truth, whatever it is, wins out this time. As a magnet teacher, Tom taught Adnan, Stephanie and Hae. Jay and Stephanie take a refreshment break. Thousands of avid Serial listeners and bloggers with their conspiracy theories are convinced Stephanie was involved in the murder.

As reflected in the many photos of Stephanie in the yearbooks, she was as much the golden child of Woodlawn as Hae was. It was also clear she was one of the prettiest girls in the school. Something that Serial misconstrued about Woodlawn in the late s was the nature of the magnet program, the veteran teachers said. Tom explained the magnet kids were like a family in a variety of ways. With such closeness, it would not be strange that Adnan would buy Stephanie a present for her birthday.

InTom said, there would have been no more than 25 seniors in the magnet program Serial said 30 to It may be worth considering those facts when digesting conspiracy theories about love triangles alluded to in Serial.

But, in the end, after listening to every word of Serial and going back over their own experiences with Adnan, Jay and other principals in this story, what conclusions do Meg and Tom draw?

The detective told me they had a lot of evidence against Adnan. But they were teenagers, they were children sigh … children, no one is trying to connect to real people. Adnan is in prison. Jay is marked with suspicion. Most tragically, Hae is gone.


With unprecedented attention having landed on this case, some listeners may forget that the victim and the accused and the witnesses were real people with families and friends and … teachers. To every listener, Serial is an excellent and compelling story.

adnan and hae relationship trust

But to a few, it is a personal, real, and traumatic story. For most people, these speculative thoughts and statements come quickly and easily. Talking about these former students feels like talking about two characters in a popular movie or book.