Aomine and momoi relationship quiz

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However, her words were distant to Aomine's ears as he pummels her . "You guys must be damn confident to not study for the quiz, or is something else Kagami is accompanying Kuroko as he escorts Momoi back home. Here's How Destiny Is Changing With 'Destiny 2: Forsaken' FANDOM · Ryoko Momoi Marmalade Boy Wiki · QUIZ: Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Are You ?. Browse through and read thousands of momoi stories and books. when Kuroko Tetsuya's seemingly perfect relationship with Momoi Satsuki “Aomine-kun!.

Kise gave a dazzling smile.

Satsuki Momoi

Fubuki-san, this is my friend, Satsuki Momoi. It is obvious that Yazu has fallen for Momoi, and has fallen hard. Stuttering and stammering, he talked to her while they walked out of the building. Thundering footsteps were heard. Kise and Momoi who were used to this got out of the way of the incoming horde of fan girls.

What is relationship between aomine and momoi?

Yazu, unfortunately, got caught in the stampede. Brushing dirt off his suit as he got up, he scanned around for Momoi. He was unable to spot her as both Kise and Momoi were surrounded by fangirls. Can I get your autograph? Figures, Kise as usual leaving out the important stuff and only introducing Momoi as a 'friend'. He should've known better, but Kise should've just told him Momoi was his girlfriend Kuroko Come on, everyone knows that Kuroko isn't the most noticeable guy ever.

People who walk pass Momoi talking to Kuroko either thought Momoi was insane for talking to herself or ran away, thinking that Kuroko is a ghost.

aomine and momoi relationship quiz

I mean, some might even think that Momoi is trying to hit on a ghost. OK, that is making me have a bad image Aomine As many know, Aomine and Momoi are childhood friends. It is an everyday thing for Momoi to act like a mother hen to Aomine. However this one day was another story I want a can drink.

The Touou basketball team just stared at them, wordless. Even the Kaijou High basketball team had nothing to say when they came for a practice match with them, though Kise was silently fuming that he was supposed to be the one giving his 'Daiki-chi' massages. One would think, why in the world would Momoi treat Aomine like that? Some assumed that they both took a step into their relationship and Aomine is abusing his power over Momoi.

aomine and momoi relationship quiz

Some just dismissed it, saying everything would be back to normal the next day. Needless to say, those who thought that Aomine and Momoi are in a relationship had their hearts broken and they gave up on their love for Momoi. Momoi may be intelligent and knows all about basketball players and their skills, but he KNEW that Midorima wouldn't have the guts to confess to Takao.

Winning a bet against Momoi sure was a good thing. Midorima It is not a surprise for the Shuutoku basketball club when Midorima turns up every single day in practice, clutching his daily lucky items with him.

Nope, not at all. They are used to Midorima and his quirky ways. It was a surprise for them though, when Momoi tagged along with him one day and no lucky item was found in his left hand. One sentence explains it all. That was the typical Midorima alright.

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What did Oha Asa predict this time? That he needed to have a pink, cheerful girl with big boobs?

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Just thinking about that made them nosebleed For the whole week, Momoi studied in Shuutoku High as a transfer student. For the whole week, Momoi followed Midorima everywhere he went. Why she would do so puzzled people, is it because Midorima bribed her with something? Or is it because she and Midorima are officially a thing? One thing was made sure, she was always constantly annoying Midorima with her "Midorin! News soon spread around the school that Midorima is a protective boyfriend.

If only they knew Midorima was gay… When asked by a jealous Takao why he would do that for Momoi, Midorima answered with, "My lucky item must constantly be by my side" and "It is a man's job to protect a lady". Much to the amusement of the principal of Shuutoku High, more than a half of the populations of the guys in his school were left broken-hearted by the end of the week.

That would teach them to pursue any love interests until they grow up. Man, was everyone relieved when Momoi returned to Touou High at the week. For the second time I must agree with Kuroko and Kise, you're an idiot Aomine: Waste of time to believe in such things Murasakibara: Refer my answer to question First love never dies?

I would like to think so Me too my love for Kurokocchi will never die! Infidelity is not in my dictionary Kise: I don't have any in my entire life as a human Aomine: I never once like the idea of disloyalty especially to the one I love. Why am I being the bad one here? Did you sing today? No, I don't sing Aomine: Stop crying Atsushi and No Ever cheated on somebody? No and I will never do that Kise: Of course you don't, you horoscope freak… Me, I don't think you call it cheating when the third party doesn't even like you Murasakibara: Atsushi, I will tell your coach to triple your training menu same goes for you Ryota If you could go back in time, how far would you go?

If you could pick a day from the time you were born and repeat it, what would it be?

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Are you afraid of falling in love? Falling in love is one of the evidence you exist in this world as a human Kise: Oi Kuroko, are you telling me I'm not a human?

Midorima-kun I never pointed you, it's just that if you're a human, it is impossible not to fall in love once in your life Aomine: No, I'm afraid on how things work when the person didn't accept my feelings Murasakibara: