Ashley benson and tyler blackburn relationship quizzes

Tyler Blackburn & Ashley Benson are still together, Their Relationship and Dating Rumors

ashley benson and tyler blackburn relationship quizzes

We've all been hooked on Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn)'s tumultuous relationship from their first snarky exchange. See more ideas about Caleb and hanna, Ashley benson and tyler blackburn Cute couple. Ashley Benson Reacts to Tyler Blackburn Leaving Pretty Little Liars For Pretty Little Lisrs, Jason Pretty Little Liars, Am I Pretty Quiz, Love Quiz. Explore Braylyn's board "Ashley Benson/ Tyler Blackburn" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Ashley benson and tyler blackburn, Caleb and hanna and.

How old are the other girls? Troian is also one year older than Ian Harding who is The Liars Did Their Own Stunts Pinterest Stunt coordinators and stunt doubles are a reality in Hollywood and it can be impossible to know if we're watching our favorite actor or actress do a crazy chase or action scene or if it's someone else.

Of course, that's the point, and these are supposed to look seamless. That's really cool and we love any scene where the girls are being strong and sticking up for themselves and for each other. The girls have been in some seriously nuts and mysterious situations throughout the seven seasons of the show. He's dreamy from the moment that we meet him in the pilot when he and Aria have a romantic moment at a bar, and even though we know that he's a teacher and things are more than a touch complicated, we don't care.

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We know that they're perfect together and are willing to root for them. But you might be surprised to know that Ian Harding was born in Germany. Wet Paint counted this among several facts about the boy behind Ezra, and it's definitely interesting to know more about his background.

ashley benson and tyler blackburn relationship quizzes

Watching the show always means getting treated to the beautifully crafted and produced opening credits. We see the girls, with perfect hair and outfits and, most of all, nails, going "shhhh" and putting a finger to their lips.

We see coffins and it's all very mysterious. The show's theme song is "Secret" by The Pierces and it's just so good. Ashley Benson aka Hanna Marin was the one who knew that this should be the series' theme song. Troian was next door neighbors with the Olsen twins as a kid. Their films were so adorable and now we still love them because they're fashion superstars.

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This just goes to show that Hollywood really is a small world and that everyone seems to know everyone or at least has a really awesome story about another famous person. She hasn't starred in a huge blockbuster movie but she auditioned for a big movie that you might not have expected her to. Are you as surprised as we were? We love Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in the movies, and it's hard to picture someone else playing that character.

ashley benson and tyler blackburn relationship quizzes

If things had played out differently, though, we just might have seen a familiar face heading up the franchise. She was one of the actresses who auditioned for that part.

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That's really cool news and we can totally see her kicking butt in those movies. Maybe she'll be in some action films in the future? We would be first in line at the box office on opening day. Bellisario, who was actually valedictorian of her high school class, didn't agree with Harding's comment about evolution.

ashley benson and tyler blackburn relationship quizzes

The actress apparently expressed her point of view about it, and it didn't set well with Harding. Everything's cool now, thank goodness. After starring as the sassy Sharpay in the High School Musical series, Tisdale was a pretty hot commodity, and clearly had a flair for playing high-school princesses.

It made sense that the producers of Pretty Little Liars would want her to audition to play one of their leads. Tisdale, however, turned down the offer and instead signed up for the the CW series Hellcats with fellow Disney Channel alum Aly Michalka.

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The series followed competitive college cheerleading, but unfortunately only lasted one season — and of course we know what a huge hit Pretty Little Liars was. If we were to guess, Tisdale probably didn't want to go back to playing a character in high school, even if it was a juicy role since she herself was well in her 20s. In the books, Toby returns to Rosewood after being away at school and finds out Alison has gone missing.

He and Emily spark, but he says he's glad Alison is gone because she tormented him years before. Apparently, the stress is too much, and Toby ends up committing suicide by a drug overdose in the woods.

It became an iconic symbol of that night, and of Alison in general.