Azerbaijan and united states relationship with israel

azerbaijan and united states relationship with israel

It isn't that Saudi Arabia is going to spoil its relations with Israel in Azerbaijan has declared itself a neutral state and a member of the. As a secular state, Azerbaijan espouses the Turkish Kemalist model and known as the Minsk Process (which the United States co-chairs with. Netanyahu says that the relations between the Jewish state and Muslim Israel is one of the largest buyers of Azerbaijani oil while Baku has.

Evolvement of the Azerbaijan-Israel Relationship: Interview with an Expert

Israel and Turkey were the only two countries whose citizens were unaffected by the new law. During the visit he emphasised that "Israel and Azerbaijan enjoy an excellent relationship and warm friendship".

azerbaijan and united states relationship with israel

One of the groups, Hizb ut-Tahrirwhich seeks the annihilation of the state of Israel, threatens both Jerusalem and Baku. Hizb ut-Tahrir is suspected of having several hundred members in Azerbaijan, and several members of it were arrested and prosecuted by Azerbaijani authorities. Two Hezbollah militants went on trial for the attempt in May Groups planned the bombing in retaliation for the assassination in DamascusSyria of Hezbollah's second in command Imad Mughniyahwhich the Lebanese group blamed on Israel.

News reports suggested Iran was involved in the plan as well.

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Azerbaijan fears Iranian Islamist influence, but Iran fears Azerbaijan, too, as up to 18 million Iranians are ethnic Azeris. On the other hand, Azerbaijan has close links with Turkeyand the post worsening of Israel-Turkey relations may have repercussions on Azerbaijan's relations with Israel.

There are, however, several inhibiting factors to the closeness of this alliance. One is the great influence of Russia. Another is Azerbaijan's difficulty to withstand pressure from the Muslim world.

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This pressure is the reason Azerbaijan has yet to open an embassy in Israel and why it has voted against Israel's views in international forums. As Azerbaijan deregulated its industries and liberalized economy in early s, Israeli companies penetrated Azerbaijani markets. One example is Bezeqa major Israeli telecommunication provider. I think that this will cause more strain in the relations of U.

Israel is rather a pragmatic state and it could not anticipate Azerbaijan to act against the will of all the Islamic states to keep its special ties with Israel. The latter is happy with the current level of cooperation i. Azerbaijan buys Israeli weapons, sells oil to it, trades and exchanges information with it, as well as it is one of the Muslim countries to recognize Israel as a state.

Israel has no right to expect more from Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has recognized the right of Palestinians to live in their states from the very beginning.

Azerbaijan–Israel relations - Wikipedia

Now, together with other Muslim states, it has recognized the part of Jerusalem that belongs to Palestine as the capital of that country. This is quite a logical, clear and right stance by Azerbaijan.

azerbaijan and united states relationship with israel

Do you mean that this stance will not affect the relations of Israel and Azerbaijan? The president of Azerbaijan was invited to the summit.

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In his speech, Ilham Aliyev avoided any tough anti-Israeli statements, unlike Turkey. Israel is one of the key arms suppliers of Azerbaijan, and Baku does not want to lose such a partner. Azerbaijan insists that the UN resolutions on Israeli-Palestinian issue shall be implemented, but Baku will not breach relations with Israel.

azerbaijan and united states relationship with israel

Saudi Arabia is among those who have supported the decision on East Jerusalem. Saudis try to build special relationships with Israel. They will keep cooperating. This is diplomacy and it says: Will Baku manage to balance between U. The given summit has aroused a number of questions in the Azerbaijani public.

azerbaijan and united states relationship with israel

Can OIC hold a summit on the occupied territories of Azerbaijan too? There is no difference here.

azerbaijan and united states relationship with israel

However, Muslim states have diplomatic relations with Armenia. These are double standards. Due to these double standards, Azerbaijan will not spoil its relations with Israel just to favor Muslim states. On the other hand, Muslim states lack solidarity. Saudi Arabia is hostile to Iran, there is war between religious currents. These contradictions prevent these countries from creating a single front against Israel and U.