Bates motel norman and dylan relationship

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bates motel norman and dylan relationship

Dylan Massett is the maternal half-brother/cousin of Norman Bates and the son Norman to be more independent from Norma, saying that their relationship is. 'Bates Motel' Creators Break Down the Series Finale's "Messy Tragedy" Instead , Dylan attempted to bring Norman in himself. . reconnect the audience to the fact that this love story and relationship was a lifelong journey. Of course the show is centered on herself and Norman. However, I still see myself rooting for her and Dylan to actually have a good time.

Norma saw in Romero a person who legitimately cared for her, and fell for the sheriff quickly. The beginnings of the Bates-Romero romance might have been strange, but what came out of that was a legitimately sweet romance. But imagine how terrible being at a strip club would be if you imagined you were your mom? When Norman and his institute-friend Julian break out for the night, they go to almost certainly the classiest strip club ever, placed in a strip mall.

While getting a lap dance, he blacks out and starts to… enjoy the experience as his mother. Dylan Is Finally Interesting!

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Perhaps the most problematic character throughout the run of Bates Motel has been Dylan, the son of Norma and brother of Norman. This season however, Bates Motel had him focus on his budding relationship with Emma. By the end of the season, Dylan and Emma moved to Seattle, giving both of them a season of almost complete normalcy. His interaction with the Bates family does not go smoothly, when he suspects Norma's complicity in the disappearance and death of Keith Summers, his friend and the former motel owner.

Over time, he comes to warm to Norma, but often finds himself having to clean up her messes, including murdering a man threatening her, or pinning the blame for one of Norman's murders on somebody else.

Dylan and Emma

When it is revealed that Norma lied to him about her husband's death, their friendship suffers and is nearly at an end. Romero must also fight those seeking the ledger in order to keep his job and save his own life. In season four, after Norman is committed for psychiatric observation, Romero's relationship with Norma changes suddenly into a romantic one. He is eventually arrested on perjury charges and is sent to prison. He escapes in season 5 and kidnaps Norman and forces him to take him to where he hid Norma's body.

After telling Norma that he will always love her, he is shot by Norman in his "mother" persona.

bates motel norman and dylan relationship

Before he dies, Romero tells Norman that he killed his own mother and Norman can't hide from that. Bradley Martin[ edit ] Bradley Martin portrayed by Nicola Peltz [6] is a kind, attractive and popular classmate of Norman. Bradley immediately takes a shine to Norman, inviting him to his first party and introducing him to her boyfriend.

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Her world takes a turn for the worse, however, when her father is burned to death, and in her time of grief, she ends up having sex with Norman.

Regretting it, she attempts to make amends with him, but accidentally alienates him further. She also wins the ire of Norma and Emma, who become jealous of the attention Norman gives her.

Norma Tells DylanThe Truth About His Father - Bates Motel

With Dylan's help, she finds out who her father's murderer was, and ends up shooting him dead. With blood on her hands, Bradley turns to Norman once more, and, with his help, flees White Pine Bay to go into hiding in Boston.

bates motel norman and dylan relationship

She later returns in season three and, lonely, seeks comfort in Norman. She asks him to speak to her mother, who thinks she's dead, but changes her mind upon learning that her mother has quickly adjusted to being without her husband and daughter. Afterwards, she feels the only person she has left in the world is Norman.

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She decides that it is best for her to leave town once again and pleads for Norman to come with her. He accepts, but Norman in his "Mother" persona kills Bradley by repeatedly bashing her head against a rock. In season two, Caleb arrives at the Bates Motel but Norma immediately throws him out. However, Caleb bonds with Dylan, saying he helped protect Norma from their abusive father when they were children. Dylan defends Caleb to Norma, but he also repeatedly raped her for years during their childhood.

She presents him as the picture of evil, and when he finally shows up on the series, the audience holds him in that same regard.

Norma got married as a teenager to hide the pregnancy, pretending it belonged to her husband and not her brother. The family disarray becomes even deeper, and Norman and Dylan cast Caleb out.

bates motel norman and dylan relationship

The two get to know each other, and Caleb shows genuine regret for the things he did as a teen. Dylan begins to understand what Caleb's and Norma's childhood was like and starts to appreciate the remorse Caleb feels, and the two open up to one another. Caleb explains that when he and Norma were kids, their parents were awful.

bates motel norman and dylan relationship

Abuse, neglect, and torment were the things defining their lives. The only comfort they had was each other.