Benzino and althea relationship tips

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benzino and althea relationship tips

He previously revealed to that he also has three other kids from former relationships. Benzino and Althea became engaged. Legendary Hip-Hop figure, Raymond “Benzino” Scott has been making a name for Viewers got a chance to see Benzino fall in love with his fiancée, Althea Heart and fall out of Parlé Mag: How is the relationship with your family after the shooting . The Best Ways to Personalize Gifts for Loved Ones. Benzino has opened his Crab Trap restaurant in Marietta, Georgia. 6 Tips To Handling Those Annoying & Awkward Questions At The Holidays From Family You MUST READ: 5 Relationship Dos & Don'ts From 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' Benzino & Althea Heart Fired From 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta'.

We accomplished a lot when we were with The Source. Everything was different back then. Now with the influx of social media and everything happening so fast, people are getting their news and information fast.

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To have a magazine that comes out every 30 days is just a little bit too late. With that, Hip-Hop Weekly is published every two weeks.

There is a lot of short reading, more pictures, but it covers the whole spectrum of Hip-Hop, TV, and movies. We do not get into the politics of Hip-Hop like we did with The Source Magazine because again that was a different era where you could get into politics. Now, we just focus on the entertainment side.

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Hip-Hop Weekly is doing really well and we are just trying to grow it. Where do you see that things have gone wrong as far as Hip-Hop is concerned since you were heavy in the industry? What do you think is missing? I think how corporations have taken over and social media are to blame.

benzino and althea relationship tips

Social media is a gift and a curse. More and more people are following what the trends are as opposed to trying to bring new music and artists. How is the relationship with your family after the shooting incident and have you been able to move on? I never really got to see my mother go as I should have.

It did affect me. Every day is a new day and every sun is a new life. I am just blessed to be here because that situation could have gone really bad, but God gave me another chance.

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I take that for what it is; I got another chance at life. I do not take it for granted. I think that experience has made me a better person. Tell us a little more about your new business ventures and your aspirations from here. I have always loved cooking.

benzino and althea relationship tips

I would always cook for the guys when they would come over to the house. When I was years-old, my father would grab a U-Haul truck and ride around the projects and sell crabs and corn.

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She knows how much Mimi likes to drive a wedge between her and Stevie. Benzino was injured although nothing serious enough to warrant spending too long at the hospital.

However Benzino seemed to have reevaluated his life while he was laid up. After the shooting, Benzino decided to move past what happened between Althea and Stevie. He loves the both of them and merely wants to move on.

Back in Atlanta, tensions reach a whole new level between Kurt and his mother-in-law.

benzino and althea relationship tips

Recently he and Rasheeda have been trying to find their way back to each other and before they can move forwards she asked him to reconcile with her mother. But all Kurt is concerned about is the fact that no one made an apology to him about him bike. His mother-in-law had run over it when she found out he cheated on her daughter. And that seems to be the one thing Kurt wants to talk about. Rasheeda was just telling her friends about all of this when they learned about Benzino.

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Sometimes it takes a shakeup like that to get people to see their life differently. With what happened to Benzino — Kirk is choosing to go ahead with the party. He acknowledges now that he needs to show both Rasheeda and her mother that he will do just about anything to get his family back.