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One-shots revolving around the kind of relationships a slightly different Deokman could have had with How it should have ended. The moment Bidam saw the content of King Jinheung's last edict, everything he thought he Mishil's thought's at Deokman gonjunim's announcement that she would become queen of Silla. Fifteen years later, the younger twin, named Deokman, grows up in the . In the end, Bidam's followers who are the support pillars of his. Yushin to Deokman: You must have faith in what you believe is right to Unintended as it might have been, Chunchu and I spelled the end for two . An alliance, a relationship, a friendship, or coalition, cannot exist for long.

Deokman earns his respect during war with Baekje, and then his loyalty later on. He is Yushin's war comrade and close friend. Along with Yushin, he is with Deokman until her final days. Along with Misil, Seolwon, and Sadaham, they were the people who King Jinheung trusted the most during his era.

He helps rescue young Princess Deokman from the palace to protect the royal house.

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He also took care of Bidam, per request of King Jinji. He is later killed by Yeomjeong while compiling the Geographical Survey of the Three Kingdoms, after Yeomjeong learns that he planned to give the books to Yushin. He was a weak king. He was placed on the throne after Misil dethroned King Jinji. She is extremely devoted to her husband. In her early days, Misil tried to murder Maya after Maya witnessed the Hwarang putting makeup on their faces.

Misil then tried to take Maya's place as queen, however, Munno saved Maya, and her twins, from falling to her death.

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She brought Deokman to the desert and raised her there, until Chilsuk found them. She "died" once in the desert trying to save Deokman. She dies a second time in an attempt to protect Deokman also. She had eloped with Kim Seohyeon in her younger days. Her princess status was not restored until the Queen Mother had forgiven her.

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History is filled with unprecedented occurances. You are the for I can trust more than anyone I know. I needed to rediscover my true intents. Deokman; Chunchu is a remarkable young man full of resolve. Unintended as it might have been, Chunchu and I spelled the end for two walls hampering Mishil.

This new determination shown by Mishil heralds the advent of our strongest foe. It is because they did not devote their all to repress me; That is the essence of conflict.

Do not mistake subterfuges with mere mind games. To become Queen, my life was drenched with stratagems. Should my presence daunt you, hold onto me.

If revenge is your calling devote your all to vanquish me, like Princess Deokman. Those are the only ways you will ever be able to contend with me. Stake your life to fight me, or else, you perish. Arrogance and malice sweltered your soul, your mind captured by all the victims of your impending vengeance…. Since I did not trust anyone, there is nothing that I could start. Let us start together, you and I. If you mean to embrace me, it will mean accepting my every facet even the vitriol which flows down my veins.

What I can do is becoming something that can embrace all those people. Should this embrace be too small to contain all your ambition, you can break free anytime you wish. Did you shed as many tears as I have? Our statutes and institutions, they are always a perilous sword with two edges.

Not only their foe, but even those wielding it may injure themselves. I believe the annals of history will consign you to a luminous legacy.

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But that would be too dangerous. I realized today that nothing in life is more dangerous than surviving itself. Before the pages of history, we all were nothing but mere pawns. Your highness, the talent that I want by my side is not other than you, Mishil. Your triumph must be laden with fierce resistance on my part. Mishil to Lord Seolwon: While you still can fight, fighting is all you can do. When you can no longer protect it, retreat is all it takes. And when retreat is not even an option, surrender is your next best decision.

Should even surrender prove impossible, on that day, demise will be your best compeer. Lord Seolwon to Mishil: Why did you let them weaken you. Many chapters filled my strategy, and this is merely the final one. I salute you Mishil… tears Deokman: Obsess over watching the deer, and you will lose sight of the mountain.

Earning people is such a trifling endeavor. Chunchu referring to Deokman: