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The terms BIOS and CMOS both refer to essential parts of your computer's motherboard. The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is firmware stored in a chip on your computer's motherboard. Like most RAM chips, the chip that stores your BIOS settings is manufactured using the CMOS. when the cmos data can no longer maintain info on the bios for example when Sign -5 Some weird hardware issues such as your computer not being able to. Many people use the terms BIOS (basic input/output system) and CMOS ( complementary metal oxide semiconductor) interchangeably, but in.

Difference Between BIOS and CMOS

CMOS stands for complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor. This clock runs all the time, whether the computer is powered on or not. When the computer is off, the battery provides power for the real time clock to run. This is how your computer always knows the correct time when you power it on. Eventually, a CMOS battery will stop working.

This may happen anywhere between two and ten years from when the computer or its motherboard was manufactured. If your computer is powered-on all the time, its battery will last much longer.

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And the causes may be serious. We'll help you troubleshoot and fix your system time.

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The exact type of battery is usually a CR battery — also used in calculators, watches, and other small electronic devices. The battery is often removable, so it can be pried out and a new battery can be inserted. Note that you should power off the computer and be careful of static electricity Your Sneakers Can Kill Your Computer: Panic aside, if you do any work with computer components - even as simple as upgrading your memory - you need to know Read More when doing this sort of thing.

Can you describe in better detail what exactly you're not seeing? Is it just the icons or is the entire notification area missing?

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Does the rest of your Desktop come up OK? Does your Startup menu appear correct or are there items missing? Also look at the devices in Device Manager to see if there are any devices that are not working or cannot start. The CMOS battery is a small, round battery that lets you store the day, time, and month on your computer.

It allows you to shut your PC down for an extended period of time and still have the correct time and date in place when you use your PC again. The BIOS enables us to identify what hardware is on the system and what device drivers to use.

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Incorrect computer date and time settings. This is the most common CMOS battery failure sign. Some weird hardware issues such as your computer not being able to locate the mouse, keyboard, or printer.