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Back in December of , David and Bitsie revealed that they were in a relationship just like their characters Nick and Juliette. 5 set of Grimm; the NBC series stars David Giuntoli, Bitsie Tulloch, and having a new child and really figuring out my relationship with Nick. Bitsie Tulloch Talks GRIMM, Her Biggest Acting Challenges This Naturally, she has her eyes set on Portland Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) and .. Season 1 was about Juliette's relationship to Nick, and Season 2 has . COLLIDER participates in various affiliate marketing programs.

Image via NBC Lee: He just goes back in time evolution-wise. How does that person think, how do they feel? This season there seems to be a few big Wu episodes, starting with this one. It started before when I get scratched by a werewolf. This only happens on a full moon. Shooting nights sucks, according to Hornsby. Hell yeah I prefer working indoors. Nick also has these matters of the heart, but he always gets screwed.

Whenever women come back in the picture something wicked this way comes. It throws the scent off a little bit. I asked the creators about a possible spin-off. We have thought about it. Image via NBC David: I always was a big fan of Krampus, cause that guy was just weird. Usually I meet the character in the make-up trailer and I see it, and his name is Joey and we talk about LA and then we go fight each other.

I never met him so I bought into the character. I have no idea what he looked like outside of the make-up. How the sausage is made Creators David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf opened up about how they go about writing a season. We cry a lot in the beginning. Jim has a nice cattle ranch in Montana and we go up there and sometimes bring the writers and spend a week and just let stuff percolate.

But we used her head.

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So that changed the course of the show. Image via NBC Greenwalt: We have an idea for an end game just in case the plug gets pulled. Do they ever course correct? That happens in episodes. We roll with the punches. I remember in the pilot thinking of it as a shrug. The presentational is different, it requires a little more swagger. Wu got a first name. I enjoyed the little things I did because I could make them more real, where they all this stuff they had to learn for eight days and just go at it, whereas I had time to sink my teeth in.

I had more time to make him three dimensional. I came from a world of film, so I knew there was a longer process of development if we go for a while.

He gets freaked out. But I was never in collaboration with them on building the character. I had one line in the pilot and I went from there. So I built from there. I still find different facets all the time. Hamilton is huge on set all because of Russell Hornsby.

One thing the cast talked about a lot was the musical Hamilton, and it seems that it was Hornsby who spread the gospel. It crossed a thousand retweets, I thought of it myself. Bitsie has her eye on one Eve wig. I am dying for them to bring in this blue one that I love. My second favorite is a black bob that feels like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. That was our assistant Maggie.

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That is our favorite title. The Future Sasha Roiz: Our DVR numbers are outstanding. I feel confident we have another year in us. Image via NBC Grimm has been confirmed to get a season six, but it may be a reduced order of thirteen episodes. Giuntoli talked about a possible Renard showdown.

Maybe there is a little Grimm: Civil War going down. The most fun part is getting to work with everyone. Getting to be in Portland. But will the Scooby squad ever reunite? This was big decision year one, do we let Hank in on it?

You still have that. Input Device Serial Number: Unknown Horizontal Sample Rate: R, G, B Transfer: User defined Bit Depth: Filled to bit words, method A Encoding: Once a few episodes were under the show's belt, the writers delved into deeper, more intricate story lines but the weekly creature still remained something fans looked forward to seeing.

Nearly everyone changes to some extent, whether it was Sergeant Drew Wu's Lycanthrope scratch or Adalind Schade shifting from the worst antagonist on the show to Nick's love interest. They admit that the women of Grimm undergo the most radical change in the series, but its main protagonist, Nick Burkhardt, generally doesn't change.

When they met up to decide what the characters' fates will be, this was pretty much agreed upon as a given part of the show.

‘Grimm': 18 Things to Know From the Set of Season 5

Shaun Toub as Conrad Bonaparte -- Photo by: Their mission itself sounded good enough: It was their methods, however, that made them so destructive, and Jim Kouf mentioned the rise of dictators as well as the terror organization, as the inspiration behind the organization. Religion also played a factor in Black Claw. Like Once Upon a Time, which also borrows from multiple fairy tale realms, Grimm dips into different sources across cultures around the world, bringing all kinds of mythical creatures and monsters to life.

Each week, fans loved to read the opening quote from whichever work was utilized in the show, trying to work out not only which fable or fairy tale it came from, but how it might apply in the episode. She wasn't gone completely, returning as the even more compelling Eve the next season. Tulloch, one of the most active cast members on social media, had to pretend that her character was gone for months.

Though her romantic involvement with David Giuntoli gave her an excuse to remain on location during filming, it was still difficult to keep the juicy secret, especially since she was so excited to play a "new" character. Bitsie Tulloch and David Giuntoli are at least together in real life.

Unlike Goodwin and Dallas, Tulloch and Giuntoli didn't get to see their characters remain in love, but they both still enjoyed playing them.