Bolg and azog relationship counseling

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bolg and azog relationship counseling

There are many marriage blogs. This one is written by trained psychologists and marriage and family therapists trained in science-based marriage. In the Hobbit Part 3 Movie, Legolas calls Bolg "the spawn of Azog." My understanding is that Azog is his father (from the wikia), but how exactly. Conan Stevens in full costume and makeup as Bolg in The Hobbit. Originally I was cast as Azog, an amalgamation of two book characters.

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Read More This is my second article writing the stories of couples who come through my doors. As I stated in my first articlenot every story will be a success story. But I hope each one is one that you can learn from.

bolg and azog relationship counseling

I hope to bring to light the struggles of many couples so others might realize they are not alone. This story is not the story of one couple, but a story that I have seen repeated one too many times. Joe and Mary have been married for 18 years.

They have two children who are now 13 and 16 years old. Joe is a hard worker and dedicates himself to his career. He believes that by providing well for his family, he is doing his job as a husband and father.

The Army of Gundabad - The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

He puts in 60 to 80 hours a week and has for the last 20 years. He has done quite well in his career and provides a nice lifestyle for his wife and kids. Mary has been a dedicated wife and mother and has poured herself into taking care of her family. But there has always been something missing. She feels disconnected from Joe. Over the years, their intimacy has suffered a slow and steady death. For the first 10 years or so, she excused it by telling herself that Joe works so hard and he is a good husband and father, so she let it go.

Every once in a while she would bring up how she was feeling. She would tell Joe of her needs. She would explain that she needs more attention, more affection, wishes they did more things together as a couple and as a family. Joe would try for a couple weeks and then things would go back to the way they were.

Sometimes he would get angry and accuse her of not appreciating how hard he works for this family, is that not enough for her? And you could honestly say that you loved him more than anything but the pair of you had never made it official.

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You turned in his arms and moved your hands up to rest them on his chest, he held your gaze for a moment until you could feel yourself blushing. He pulled away from you and you sighed at the loss of contact but smiled as you opened the door, only Dwalin could knock on a door like that.

Only a few days had passed and Dwalin was still quite raw over the news of his brother. The Fellowship are waiting for their entrance.

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Not that it was his issue to deal with anyway but Fili was King now, Kili himself was married and settled down and he wanted to make sure that you were happy and he knew that Legolas was what made you happy.

Thranduil had to bend at the waist to be able to join the secret conversation but that was definitely them conspiring away. The Fellowship made their entrance and the dwarves were happy to note how Legolas slipped his arm through yours and pulled you close to his side as you walked. The party went smoothly for a few hours, you danced with every member of the Company and the fellowship before sitting with you mother to relax for moment and watch as Eilonwy got everyone to let her stand on their feet so that she could dance with them and it encouraged a bit of a dance off between Frodo, Thranduil, and Thorin, all spinning the little girl to compete for her affection.

bolg and azog relationship counseling

But when Thranduil stepped to one side to speak to Legolas and Thorin went to speak to a visiting dwarf from the Iron Hills, your little niece rushed over to you and dragged you onto the dance floor.

But the others, well they may be up to no good. The dwarf that Thorin is speaking to has expressed an interest in courting your sister despite her Elven heritage. Thranduil is warning Legolas that the dwarf is going to make such a proposition.

But I think Thorin may have given him some bad advice on how to woo your sister.

bolg and azog relationship counseling

Let the Elf beat him. He was talking to him father but his body was rigid, his fists clenched to his sides. You tilted your head and raised a brow to him, a silent question, asking what had troubled him so. He stalked over to you and you spared a glance at his father who looked smug as he watched his son approach you.