Bolin and eska relationship questions

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bolin and eska relationship questions

Aug 18, At the beginning of the return of their relationship, Eska got the impression that What amused Eska the most, though, were Bolin's questions. Nov 17, However, even after the dark avatar was defeated, Bolin asked Eska to go Bolin only has relationship problems when it comes to Water Tribe girls it seems. Do we really need to fill time with an abusive relationship? So the time of Aang and Korra and answer many questions at the end of ATLA.

Varrick was giving a big dinner at his mansion — somehow he made the charges against him go away, of course — and Bolin had asked his wife to come with him, after all, Varrick's parties were always full of important people and the Northern Tribe needed more connections. They were waiting for the dinner to begin while talking to the ambassador of the Fire Nation and his wife — Bolin was being his charming self while Eska mostly stood by his side — when Eska felt the baby move and by then she was feeling more at ease every time it happened, so when she put a hand over her growing stomach, she didn't think she would feel it with the palm of her hand.

She gasped lightly and before the baby could stop doing it and Bolin lost the opportunity she would not hear the end of it if he lost itEska grabbed her husband's hand and put it over her stomach. Bolin stopped talking with the Fire Nation couple to look weirdly at Eska.

I bet the dinner will be ready in no tim-" he stopped talking as soon as he felt the flutter underneath his palm. It finally dawned him why he could feel the movement inside and his eyes widened. I… I felt it! Spirits, I felt it! Whatever, I don't have a preference. Thank you for this. When Eska reached the sixth month of her pregnancy, she had a scheduled meeting with the Earth Prince and, of course, Bolin didn't let her go alone, using the time after to meet up with his family from the Earth Kingdom.

His grandmother had been a little uncomfortable with the princess at first but soon saw through her. It took a while for her and the rest of his family to be comfortable with one another, though, but Eska soon saw them as entertaining as she had found her Bolin when they first met. This time, when they approached the house, Eska's stomach was protuberant for her tiny form and Bolin's family was surrender speechless once more — for just a few moments, they were a very loud bunch, truly — before they made a party out of it, as usual.

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After greeting everyone, Bolin rushed Eska to sit down while he went to speak with his many cousins. A few of the women sit around the Princess and started to share about their own pregnancies and Eska found most of it tremendously boring and when her back started aching because of her position, the Princess excused herself for a walk, she found that when moving, her back hurt less.

When she finally found the bathroom and used it, she walked out and sighed, putting a hand on her lower back; she felt strongly for her child, but sometimes she just got so tired, that she just wanted a day to just sleep it off and she thought that maybe the trip to the Earth Kingdom was a little too much for her in the condition she was in. Maybe she should've listened to Bolin when he said that someone else should take the trip to see the Prince.

I only got to meet my grandsons when they were all grown-ups and to tell you the truth, my girl, I never thought I'd live to see them, much less a great-grandchild coming from either of them. And people can be cruel. Children can be cruel too.

bolin and eska relationship questions

Sometimes, the greatest people we meet in our lives have the most unusual ways of handling things. Bolin himself sees the world in his own way and people just fall in love with his antics because that's how he is, but he also make enemies because of this very same quality. We can't please everyone and we can't judge one's way of living their own life until we walked a mile on their shoes. Stop thinking about the way things were and start thinking about how things will be.

bolin and eska relationship questions

I know you want to protect your baby by wishing it is nothing like you, but in my opinion, it would be lucky to be like you. I was just being honest. It took him a moment to take in the scene in front of him: Bolin leaned on the doorframe, memorizing the scene and when Eska's eyes met his, the earthbender said softly: The day Eska got into labor she and her husband had been walking around the Northern Water Tribe as the little princess or prince inside her liked best. The couple had decided that they would spend the last month of her pregnancy at her homeland because they had the most skilled healers there and Eska and the baby's safety came first.

When she woke up that day, she knew her pain wasn't the usual ache — she knew it was different by instinct — and chose not to say a word to Bolin, knowing that he would just start worrying unnecessarily, the Princess did tell her mother to keep the healers informed that the possibility of the baby coming soon was a possibility, though, and during the whole day she could feel people sent by her mother, no doubttaking a closer look at her.

At lunch, Eska chose not to eat anything and when Bolin asked her why, she told him that the baby didn't feel like eating squid that day and that she would have something to eat later. Accepting her explanation seeing that some things still made her fell nauseous and during the whole meal with her mother, brother, sister-in-law and husband and whenever Eska felt pain she squeezed the armchair.

When the pain became too hard to bear without whimpering, Eska touched Bolin's arm after the meal was done and told him, as expressionless as ever, only the few drops of sweat on her forehead an indication of her distress: How is the pain?

Eska took a few steps in his direction. The princess stopped in front of him. It seems that we'll become parents today.

Taking a deep breath, the woman answered him. Bolin put an arm around her and followed his mother-in-law — who called them so they could move Eska to the bedroom where she could rest and have the child — and Desna, who was ordering people around to prepare for the birth of the prince or princess before turning to his own wife and tell her to stay with their son, that he would be with them soon while Bolin had his attention focused solely focused on his wife.

Eska loved Bolin dearly, she really did, but as soon as the contractions started to get worse and she would get e little louder at every time, Bolin would get more nervous and Eska had snapped at him a few times, even when it was obvious he was just worried. To his defense, though, when a contraction came, he'd give her his hand and she would squeeze it tight and the earthbender wouldn't even flinch, focusing on Eska's pain instead of his and he'd rubbed her back just the right way.

We are monitoring her and the child; don't worry Master Bolin. When it was time, the healer told Bolin to stay behind her and held her hand as she was told to push. Of course she could do this.

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She was Eska of the Northern Tribe, one of its Chiefs and she was strong, she had waited for this moment for months and she would do it no matter what; she would give her husband what he most wanted in his life.

With a final moan of pain, Eska gave one last push and, panting and sweating, she finally fell back onto Bolin's chest; a moment later, a newborn's cry was heard and all the pain she felt for hours seemed to vanish as she opened her eyes when had she closed them? Of course, the child was covered in something gooey and was a screaming red mess, but it looked like the most beautiful thing she's ever seen.

It seemed that Eska couldn't do anything other than to grab Bolin's hand and watch as the healer cut the cord, cleaned and wrapped the newborn in a blanket and giving the baby to her grandmother. Eska didn't even thought about it, but the next thing she knew was that she held her arms towards the baby without saying a word. All she wanted was to have that tiny human close to her.

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Once Luna gave the baby to Eska, the newborn was close to her chest and as soon as she did, the baby stopped her cries as if recognized her mother and the princess stared at the child she had made with her husband and suddenly everything was right in the world even with the way her eyes started to sting and her vision got blurry.

Bolin was crying even more than her and if she had been watching the scene from outside, she would've thought that both were ridiculous, but seeing that she was living the moment of having a child the most beautiful baby in the world, mind you with the man she loved, she couldn't think of anything else other than she had never been happier.

He stayed in silence for a moment before saying: A mixture between your name, and my mom's: Welcome to our family. So, I tried to show more about Eska's side of being a member of Bolin's the family while making their own plus showing that she would change a lot after getting pregnant.

I hope you liked it and it wasn't too OOC! I named the baby Alaska for obvious reasons Up North, full of Ice… you get my thinking but here's the meaning: Alaska comes from the Aleut "Alyeska" meaning "that which the sea breaks against". She quickly brushed aside his bafflement and kissed him again, which Bolin gladly returned. Bolin first met Korra in the Pro-bending Arena gym, when she was caught wandering about the arena by Toza.

He bailed her out, saying she was there with him, accidentally implying that they were "together".

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While his brother was initially dismissive of Korra, Bolin was quickly attracted to Korra, stating that he had "a good feeling, there [was] somethin' special about her". When a messenger brought Korra a large gift basket in the name of TarrlokBolin expressed concern, immediately inquiring whether that "Tarrlok guy" was bothering her, as he was willing to have a word with him.

When Korra laughed it off, saying that Tarrlok was just "some old guy" on the council, Bolin expressed relief. Bolin asked Mako what he thought of Korra as a potential girlfriend, meaning for himself, though Mako mistook the question.

When Mako told Bolin dating her was a bad idea, the earthbender stated that he and Korra were perfect for each other, confessing his crush. Eventually, after flattering her to cheer her up, he asked Korra out on a date. Both enjoyed the date, however, Bolin was greatly hurt and disappointed when he brought Korra flowers and accidentally walked in on her kissing his brother. After winning the semifinals of the Pro-bending Tournament, Korra apologized to Bolin, who forgave her, and the two agreed to continue their friendship.

Korra called him "one of a kind", something Bolin had called her earlier on their date. Before the final battle, Bolin warned Korra that "Amon [was] a nasty dude" and offered her a hug before she left to fight Amon with Mako.

As they hugged, he looked on with a worried and upset feeling on his face. He was later alongside Team Avatar and their allies at the Southern Water Tribehoping that Katara would be able to restore Korra's bending. Opal is the daughter of Suyin Beifong and Lin 's half-niece.

Upon meeting Opal, it became clear that the two shared mutual interest in each other. She shyly blushed upon introducing herself after Bolin remarked that Opal was a beautiful name. Later, Bolin approached Opal in flirtatious manner, much to the latter's disgust.

As an upset Opal walked away, Bolin got in front of her and apologized, to which she smiled and told him to just be himself.

The two shared a moment before they were interrupted by Korra. She reminded Bolin that her mother had assistance from Toph, Bolin's greatest idol, and suggested he overcome his fears. Bolin retorted by pointing out that Opal was fearful of leaving her home and going to the Northern Air Temple to begin training.