Bolin and eska relationship with god

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bolin and eska relationship with god

Bolin and Eska's relationship reminds me of another TV relationship ( ). submitted 5 years "God help me, I do." permalink; embed. I'm a latecomer in the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom; I just finished watching the series a few weeks ago and I'm now making my way. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - Bolin, Desna, Eska . and he certainly believed in pre-establishing relationships before - oh God.

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When Eska forces Bolin to accept a marriage proposal, he rejoins his friends, wearing a traditional betrothal necklace. They become feminized by their abuse.

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And we could get into the misogyny that idea implies, but frankly, we have enough on our plate. In most of the world — maleness is defined in opposition to victimhood. Our definition of manhood, therefore, leaves no room for people who are victims, who are used and abused and wounded. If he were only able to stand up for himself, the abuse would just magically go away.

For example, when Korra and her boyfriend, Mako, have an argument, Korra earthbends his desk into a wall.

Nickelodeon’s “The Legend of Korra” Makes Light of Abusive Women, and That’s Not Okay

Which is pretty fucking threatening, in my opinion. Mako tells her he broke up with Korra, and Lin smiles: You should have seen Air Temple Island when Tenzin broke up with me. In both cases, we have women physically destroying things at their boyfriends. Which is exactly the point. So what is with this trend of comic portrayals of abusive women? Because women, am I right? And Mai, Tai-Lee and Suki, three non-benders who could stand toe-to-toe with any bender and come out on top.

Aang, by virtue of being the Avatar.

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In Legend of Korra, however, the protagonist is female. Aang is dead and Korra is the new Avatar — the most powerful person in the entire show. There is no male character more powerful than Korra.

bolin and eska relationship with god

People have… problems with that kind of female power. A whole lot of writers just have no idea how to deal with it, especially in the context of western patriarchy and western-prescribed gender roles most of the characters of Avatar are POC, and the areas they live in correspond to asian and first nations locations, but the writers of the show are mainly from north america.

bolin and eska relationship with god

Which is where you get weird stuff like the Korra abuse narrative. The writers are unable to separate the world of Korra from western ideas about gender and patriarchal structures. Thus, we get all the heterosexual relationships where the women are abusive and the men are passive. Which, I should note, tells you a whole lot about how the writers conceive traditional male-female relationships.

bolin and eska relationship with god

Women are only strong and in control, the narrative goes, because men have ceded the place to them. This brings us straight back to the victim-blaming: Because abuse is a thing that happens in the real world.

bolin and eska relationship with god

Often it happens to them exactly how it happened to Bolin. According to the latest study by the CDCapproximately one in seven men have experienced some form of domestic violence compared to one in four women. One in nineteen men have been stalked. One in seven men have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner. At first, they look like rather comical complete opposites: Bolin—funny, clueless, and expressive; Eska—aloof, logical, and emotionless.

bolin and eska relationship with god

The animation of their body language and faces emphasize it: Normally, this would be just the sort of gender-stereotype-defying relationship that I love. However, red flags start flying during the very first conversation they have, which ends with the following dialogue: You amuse me; I will make you mine. Bolin clasping his hands together in a prayer-like way: You mean, like a boyfriend or… face noticeably falling or like a slave?

You should have seen Air Temple Island when Tenzin broke up with me. Thanks for the help, Lin.

Abusive Relationships and Victim-Blaming in the Legend of Korra

This is not okay, Nickelodeon. You cannot portray partner abuse with this kind of levity. If Mako or Bolin had acted this way to the women here, it would be a serious matter. It should be equally serious when women abuse men. Eska non-consensually humiliates Bolin and enjoys watching him in pain.

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She controls his actions and his emotions.