Buffy and xander relationship

10 Couples That Hurt Buffy The Vampire Slayer (And 10 That Saved It)

buffy and xander relationship

Xander is Buffy's classmate and close friend. He's the only “normal” one in the gang, and acts mostly as cheerleader, and as a kind of. Buffy Summers' main romantic relationships were with the vampires Angel and admitting to a surprised Xander Harris that although Buffy was like no other. Buffy and Angel may be the most iconic couple of either series, but they .. Anya may have had to drag Xander into their relationship kicking.

For all of the wonderful things there are to rave about him, there are also a number of things that leave us shocked about him. Here are some examples. For example, the Budapest reference between Hawkeye and Black Widow originated in a season one exchange between Angel and Darla from the episode "Angel.


Oddly enough, this line is a call back to when Joss Whedon first met Nicholas Brendon during his audition for Xander. After the audition, a fluttered Brendon asks Whedon and the casting agents, "Anybody feel like shawarma?

I feel like some shawarma. The word "shawarma" changed Brendon's life forever, so he used the same line after Tony's near death experience. After co-starring alongside Melissa Joan Hart in the tv movie Sabrina the Teenage Witch which also served as a pilot for the show of the same nameReynolds was offered the role of Xander Harris for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

He was quick to pass on it because, as he once explained in an interview, he "didn't want to play a guy in high school.

And Nicholas Brendon turned out to be the perfect Xander. The name was chosen for the character because the name Xander is similar to "zander", which is a fish that is similar to pike fish. Therefore, this is an extremely subtle callback to the original movie that started it all. In fact, Whedon has expressed on numerous occasion that he deeply relates to the character and that Xander is actually based on Whedon himself. During the audio commentary for the episode "Welcome to the Hellmouth," Whedon had this to say: And he does make an idiot of himself a lot.

Of course, he's a lot prettier and more muscular than anybody who acts like that should should be, but this is television. So get over it. He was the perfect partner for her in every way and his viciousness was more than a match for her own.

Darla may have tossed Angel out after he got his soul back, but she never actually stopped loving him.

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She also never gave up hope that he would one day return to the fold. When Darla was given a second chance at life, Angel did everything he could to help her. It also added so much depth, not only to her character, but also to their entire relationship.

The bond between them, whether as friends or enemies, made for some of the best stories of the series. This was, no doubt, because Julie Benz was amazing in the role, but also because of how much fun it was to see Angelus and Darla together.

buffy and xander relationship

We all thought that Fred would go for Wesley, but Angel tricked us there. Although it was soul crushing to witness her rejection of Wes, there was enough chemistry between Amy Acker and J.

Buffy/Xander - Staring At It

August Richards to make fans change their minds about whom Fred should wind up with. They were actually happy for a bit. Gunn tried really hard. He bent as far as he could and then he just broke. Gunn committed a murder for Fred, which is what they blamed the breakup on.

It was the growing attraction between Fred and Wes. Gunn was overtaken by jealousy, but honestly, the guy did have something to be jealous about. Watching them come together was really cute and it seemed like their love might actually survive some pretty insurmountable odds.

buffy and xander relationship

They were able to move past Eyeghon, the demon Giles raised in his youth, possessing Jenny. After that, there was the hurdle of Jenny having lied to Giles about basically everything. Not only did it prove that Angelus was unequivocally evil, but also that Joss Whedon had no problem delivering a proper gut punch. Robia LaMorte was incredibly likable and Jenny really fit into the Scooby Gang nicely, so it was sad to see her go. Jenny was the only real relationship we saw Giles have and it was cruelly snatched away from him far too soon.

After spending over a thousand years as a demon, Anya had quite a lot to learn about being human. Anya may have had to drag Xander into their relationship kicking and screaming, but she wound up being the love of his life. They grew together, with Anya learning how to be a human and Xander learning how to be a grownup. He did leave her at the alter, but he obviously never moved on and neither did she. Had she not been unceremoniously sliced in half — which we are also still crying about — these two would certainly have gotten back together.

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After watching Willow pine for Xander for a season and a half, it was a relief to see her find someone who recognized how amazing she was. Their relationship was both happy and healthy. It was also the most drama-free romance on the show, despite the fact that Oz was a werewolf.

They even continued dating when they went to college together. However, by the time he did, Willow had already moved on — and so had we. That kind of turned the lore of the series on its head.

buffy and xander relationship

Spike was a monster to everyone but Drusilla and he accepted her just the way she was, crazy and all. James Marsters and Juliet Landau had the most incredible chemistry. They were, without a doubt, one of the most fantastic couples in the Buffyverse.

Spike and Dru were held so dear that when Spike initially fell for Buffy, fans were actually upset about it, because this meant that he and Dru were really over.

Still, even in flashbacks, these two lit up the screen. His obsession with her was completely creepy, regardless of how you felt about him as a character. He had no soul, so he was no different from Angelus. Yet, he was a bit different, somehow. Spike showed an emotional spectrum that far outmatched that of his grand-sire. His feelings for Buffy — although taken to extremes that ranged from mildly disturbing to truly terrible — did become something real.

He may have been a lovable monster, but he was a monster just the same. However, season 7 gave Spike a chance at redemption and as Buffy watched him become a champion, her feelings for him began to change.

Although the series ended with them in a place of uncertainty, their relationship in the comics has really blossomed.