Bunkd emma and xander make it official relationship

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bunkd emma and xander make it official relationship

Read The Spot from the story Emma & Xander by Madison_writes0 with reads. xemma, xander, bunkd. As I was lying in bed just thinking on what I should do with the kids as being a new CIT "Yes, i meant what I said in the diary, but please never go through it again, but I don't want this relationship to move too fast. Hello Campers! Summer's here and Emma, Zuri, Ravi and the rest of the campers are continuing their exciting adventures at Camp Kikiwaka! From friendship. Emma and Xander is the romantic pairing between Emma Ross and Xander McCormick. Emma says she just wondered how many push-ups he could do. After Ravi leaves, Xander looks like he's going in for a kiss but Lou interrupts.

In some circumstances, Hazel will help the Ross kids and their friends, but only does so out of self interest. Fish out of Water: The premise in relation to the Ross kids. Getting Crap Past the Radar: Some instances, like in the pilot, Hazel asking Xander to "freak em" and Ravi covering Jorge's eyes should be clue enough of what she meant.

Also, Some dialogue between Xander and Emma implies their relationship is much more intimate than we're lead to believe. More of this in the episode "Smells Like Camp Spirit": When there's a pile up on the ground and Emma ends up landing front first on Xander's back with Lou and Hazel around themhe says: Tiffany is very clearly on a drug high the whole time.

bunkd emma and xander make it official relationship

Except with candy, so it's okay. While this could just be a coincidence, the Weasel campers nickname Lou Reek, getting upset if anyone tries to call them their real name.

This is eerily similar to when Ramsay Bolton kidnaps Theon and nicknames him the same thing.

'BUNK'D' Sneak Peek: Emma and Xander Make It Official!

Keep in mind the show that this joke seems to be based on, and how different it is from the usual Parental Bonus on a Disney show! As of the eighth episode, the Kikiwaka seems to become the show's more prevalent Big Bad.

bunkd emma and xander make it official relationship

This is the case with Emma, Hazel, and Xander. Back when Gladys, Morgan, and Christina were all campers, Gladys had a crush on Morgan but Christina "stole" him from her. Hazel is Gladys' niece, who has an obsessive crush on Xander, a good looking and all around nice guy. Xander, however, has a crush on Emma, who also has a crush on him.

Last Episode Theme Reprise: The Season 2 finale ends with Xander and the gang singing the theme song as they leave camp. You know, Emma, you and Eric kind of look alike. Eric is played by Peyton's twin brother Spencer. When Tiffany's mother comes for a visit, Tiffany freaks out as she's been telling her mother she's been attending a camp for the intelligent and gifted. The gang try to keep it up by pretending they're geniuses but it doesn't take long for Tiff's mom to see through that. In "Dreams Come True", it's revealed that whenever Lou has dreams that are as clear as day, they're easy to remember, and they will come true.

Sometimes though, the end result seen in said dreams are not what will happen, but rather what Lou subconsciously makes of them. In this episode, Lou's dream was that Emma gets stained with punch, walks on broken glass, runs through the forest dressed as a court jester wearing an argyle sweater being chased by a groaning shadowy figure, and ends with a bright light and Emma disappearing.

bunkd emma and xander make it official relationship

All of it came to fruition true to Lou's dream, but when the final part came, Emma didn't disappear, and the shadowy figure was the County Services official erroneously thinking Emma was Griff. Lou seems able to predict the overall events to come, but is wrong on the final outcome.

'BUNK'D' Sneak Peek: Emma and Xander Make It Official! [Video]

Her next dream shows her accurately predict who Zuri's next package is from, as well as the contents and the reason they were sent. However, she incorrectly predicts that Zuri would give her the contents of the package. Put on a Bus: Season 3 drops Xander, Jorge, Tiffany, Gladys, and Hazel, with Gladys being said to have taken the camp's insurance money and run off.

Season 3 features the core four main characters that are left Ravi, Zuri, Emma, and Lou becoming owners of Kikiwaka after their parents bought out the camp after Gladys ran off, and features three new kids as main characters.

Lou when it comes to Emma and Xander. Due to jealousy and a misunderstanding, in one episode Emma becomes this to Xander and Lou. They promptly sink that ship after a glorious Ship Tease wherein the two almost kiss and emphasize that they are Just Friends.

It is further established that each season takes place during another summer. Of Jessie Special Guest: Xander, you are so thoughtful. You would not believe the crazy stuff Ravi said about you. What did he say about me? Not you Eunice, the, the laundry lady.

She's been, uh, stealing socks to create a puppet army Xander: I've heard that, too! Uh, Xander, why are you sharpening that axe?

Xander and Emma

It won't cut through anything if it's not sharp. Otherwise I'll just be hacking and hacking, and hacking and hacking Emma: Uh why is there a hole there?

bunkd emma and xander make it official relationship

Oh, I dug it earlier, for you. That's how we're going to end the night. Backup axe, trash bags This is gonna get messy. Gee, it's getting pretty cold. I think I'll go back to the camp and get a blanket.

Now that you're here, I'm not letting you leave. I've been thinking about this moment since the day I laid eyes on you. When I first saw you, I just wondered how many push-ups you could do. I've got a lot of upper body strength. Well, time to get to choppin'. Was there a mosquito on me? Because I think you got him.

How dare you try to hurt me! Says the girl who's beating me with a branch? You were going to chop me up with an axe, put me in a garbage bag, and bury me in that hole! I was going to chop up wood and build a bonfire in the hole I dug to make you s'mores.

bunkd emma and xander make it official relationship

But Ravi overheard you talking about shredding with your axe. Which is what musicians call a guitar. And when you play it, that's called shredding. So, then, I'm assuming your ex, Amanda, isn't dead? She just got mad when I broke up with her, so this year she's at theater camp, acting like I don't exist.