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Our goal is to serve all of San Diego and beyond Pam's relationship with The Old Globe goes back much further, Debra Turner has been involved in Southern California real estate for over 20 years. Along with her partner Conrad Prebys, who passed away in , Debra has long supported San Diego. Girls develop and maintain healthy relationships by communicating and advancing council goals. Debbie Turner and Conrad Prebys*. Our goal is to serve all of San Diego and beyond Pam's relationship with The Old Globe goes back much further, Debra Turner has been involved in Southern California real estate for over 20 years. Along with her partner Conrad Prebys, who passed away in , Debra has long supported San Diego.

She makes the fifth new hire in Way to go, ladies! Greg Snear is the new Director of Development. The charges follow arrest this month after she raised funds online to pay for a genital-shaped kayak which she made on a 3D printer. For art students looking for further education Affordable Colleges Onlinerecently updated their guidebook for students looking to pursue an education in the arts including: How to choose a quality online art program, a timeline for art program completion and a detailed look at available online art programs Art Space is declaring the following four trends to watch in The art of the con is part of the action in this clue-solving group adventure that's part game, part drama, all Wow!

Have you got tidbits that you want to broadcast. A monumental temporary public art exhibit is now on display on the waterfront of San Diego Bay. Each figure has a metal plate covering its mouth, representing the importance of freedom of expression. The article is well written as always and gives a great overview of the past, present and future of the role of the arts in education.

However, there is current draft federal bill on education that contains a number of provisions that would be terrible for arts education should they become law. Among the problematic provisions, this bill: Deletes the definition of "core academic subjects," which includes the arts!: You can respond to this with a link provided by American for the Arts.

Cultural districts are booming across the country and are definitely making a mark in their cities. Americans for the Arts has put together an invaluable toolbox for those interested in cultural districts. Be sure to take a look.

This project is the love child of David Malmuth and Charles Black with SeaWorld San Diego and promised not only to be a huge attraction but with the help of SoSo Limited has the potential to be a kinetic work of art. David envisions the lights of the Sky Wheel communicating with the lights of Coronado Bridge. What do these titles have in common? They are all exhibition titles of shows at Thumbprint Gallery. We love getting their email just to have a chuckle. The show will feature the work of Kyle Cooprider and will open on March 6 at 5: Kyle is a survivor of catastrophic brain injury and his art work is an example of how art can bring purpose to him and those around him.

May 1 and Women's Museum of California both of which are in Barracks For more information contact Susan Hansen This is an exhibition of sculptures that resist the dead weight and inanimate nature of their materials through an infusion of light and a sense of lightness.

The opening is Sat. March 14 from 6 to 8 pm and the show continues until April 4. There s always a push-pull in a small town, especially an industry town like Coalwood. You have to find that balance between encouraging kids to follow their dreams, while at the same time you need them to stay so that the town itself can thrive.

I also love family stories. I m hugely attracted to family stories where you become a better family by learning and understanding and supporting one another. I also just love any story that inspires hope in people, and this is a really inspirational story.

Michael, how do you describe the music you ve created for the piece? Were there specific things about the landscape of West Virginia or the history of the period that inspired you as a composer?

I drew from a variety of inspirations to create the music. The stirring, sweeping Americana of Copland; the bluegrass and Appalachian folk music of the region; the youthful, passionate sounds of the beginning of rock and roll I mixed them all together and put them through the filter of my own sensibilities, and then I tried to give the characters in this story things to sing that were essential.

Rachel, could you talk a bit about the physical production? Were there specific goals you had for what the set needed to accomplish, or what the costume design needed to communicate? Because of the show s cinematic nature, it has to move very smoothly and quickly from one place and time to another.

Because I m a choreographer, I love figuring out transitions, especially the way the set moves and the way the people move the set. In October Sky, we needed to be able to show interiors and exteriors, to see the men descend into the mine, and to get a sense of the world beyond Coalwood. Kevin Depinet, our scenic designer, came up with this beautiful proscenium piece that feels like the slatted wood of the old mine tracks.

And then behind it you see the West Virginia hills, which feel like a symbol of potential and possibility and hope. There are multiple rocket launches that happen throughout the show; that also seems like a big challenge for the creative team to address. Not only do we have to show them, but we also have to keep them satisfying over the course of the whole evening. Sometimes the failures are even more interesting to put on stage than the successes, especially the explosions that happen before the boys get the fuel ratio right they re extremely fun and visual and interesting.

And then there s the big question: Those are some of the things our special effects expert, Markus Maurette, worked with the design team and Globe staff to figure out.

That s been incredibly exciting. In some ways, the world of the play is a very male-dominated place. How do the female characters feature in the story? The story features three strong female points of view from three different generations: Each has a strong and singular impact on Homer s story, while each faces her own struggles as a woman in the late 50s. We see Dorothy come to understand that there could be more possibilities in life for a miner s daughter.

We root for Miss Riley as she fights for the Rocket Boys against a system that doesn t value education.

SDSU Mourns Death of Conrad Prebys

And we watch Elsie learn to stand up to her husband, for her son and for herself. The women in Coalwood, West Virginia, were formidable. They had to be, because mining is dangerous.

Every morning when they kissed their husbands, brothers, or sons goodbye, they didn t know if they would see them again at the end of the day. So they had to go about their business and their routines and not let worry or fear overwhelm them. There s a lot of strength in that, and we wanted the show to reflect that.

Why revisit this story now? Are there elements you see in October Sky that reflect vital concerns in the world today? I think it s never the wrong time to remind ourselves that American heroes are those whose reach extends beyond their grasp. But particularly in a divisive election year, it s important to tell the story of a boy who united his community not in fear of the Russians, the Communists, the unknown but in hope, inspiring people by showing them we can discover, we can achieve, we can move the course of human history forward together.

When it came to costume design, it was clear to me and costume designer Linda Cho that color story was very important. The clothing in Coalwood is a little bit monochromatic, but there s a lot of texture in the fabrics. And then, late in the play, when we travel to Indianapolis, Linda gives us something more Technicolor, more cosmopolitan, which helps us feel the same sense of wonder and excitement the boys feel on arriving in the big city.

A highly polished metal sphere the size of a beach ball, Sputnik weighed just over pounds. Four antennae branched off its round body, which housed a one-watt radio transmitter designed to send a single, repeated beep, a signal specifically calibrated to match the receiving capabilities of both professional and amateur radios around the world.

With that humble sound, Sputnik launched the Space Age. That unassuming satellite has been widely hailed as the spark that ignited a major shift in American culture and politics. Not only did it inspire a generation of young people to dream of travelling to the stars, but it also spurred a shift in government spending, as President Dwight D. Eisenhower promoted a number of measures designed to increase the United States technological and scientific capacity in an attempt to catch up to the Soviets.

By Danielle Mages Amato The simple beep of Sputnik s transmitter may have inspired youthful imaginations and a national investment in the sciences, but it also provoked a great deal of fear.

Sputnik proved that the Soviet Union was capable of launching a powerful ballistic missile, making the possibility of a nuclear attack suddenly more real. The Soviet space program also represented a threat to American exceptionalism, potentially marking the USSR as the more powerful nation. Suddenly, the rivalry between the US and the Soviet Union had a whole new playing field: The decade that followed the launch of Sputnik marked an unparalleled period of technological experimentation and advancement, fueled by both the dream of breaking the bonds of Earth and the paranoia of the Cold War.

After 23 days in orbit, Sputnik s transmitter battery died, and after three months, it fell from the sky, burning up on reentry into Earth s atmosphere. Its time in space may have been brief, but its status as an icon, and its prominent place in the world s imagination, endures to this day. It leads the nation in coal production from underground mines, and mining has been a central fixture of the state s life, economy, and culture since the Civil War. Employment in the industry hit its peak in the early s, when overWest Virginians earned their living from coal mining.

Today s number is closer to 20, Underground coal mining has a controversial history, marked in its early years by widespread abuse of workers by the companies that employed them. At the beginning of the 20th century, West Virginia was torn apart by the Mine Wars: Workers in West Virginia s coal mines were not guaranteed their right to unionize until Over a century of coal mining in West Virginia has produced a rich, proud tradition of miners that stretches back generations.

The culture is marked by a deep value placed on tradition, family, and the importance of community; a profound love of home and the land; a powerful work ethic; and a stubborn, hard-won individualism. The US successfully launches Explorer 1 into Earth s orbit, following two failed launch attempts. The race for the moon is on with the Soviet launch of Luna 1. Within months, Luna 3 will successfully orbit and photograph the moon. The US launches Discoverer 14, the first successful cameraequipped spy satellite.

Yuri Gagarin becomes the first person in space. Kennedy promises to reach the moon within the decade. Alexei Leonov performs the first spacewalk. Luna 9 becomes the first spacecraft to softland on the moon. The US s Apollo 11 lands on the moon. Neil Armstrong and Edwin Buzz Aldrin become the first men to walk on the moon.

Bellingham is also a literacy- and arts-based educator who works at Columbia University s Teachers College and with public and independent schools around the country. Her TED Talk on the power of reading aloud has been widely viewed by educators around the country. His Off Broadway credits include Golf: Louis, Theater Circle Award. His recordings include two solo albums, Everyman and another life, and numerous cast recordings.

Bohmer is a frequent guest vocalist with symphonies around the world. Along with acting, Mr. Branner is an aspiring director. He received his B. A San Diego native, Ms. Burton studied at Theatre Academy London and holds a B. He is a Massachusetts native and a recent graduate of the Boston Conservatory, where he appeared in Spring Awakening, Godspell, and Hair.

He earlier spent two consecutive summers in San Francisco, appearing in Little Shop of Horrors, A Chorus Line, and La Cage aux Folles, and he is grateful to be back in California, this time in San Diego, working at this historic theatre, and putting his degree to good use.

She is a native of Atlanta and a graduate of New York University. He last appeared at the Globe as Young Max in the 10th anniversary production of Dr.

Edwards s Broadway and national tour credits include Mamma Mia! He also appears around the world as the superhero Sportacus from the children s television show LazyTown. As a musician, Mr. His solo album Shine is available on itunes. Law, ; and hosting Kidsworld. Myers is excited to be a junior in UC San Diego s theatre department this fall. His regional credits include C. Falke in Die Fledermaus. Quealy is an Eagle Scout and a proud union member.

His regional credits include Idaho! He is the author of the nonfiction book Princess Geek, and his commissioned play Hemispheres: Stefanki holds a bachelor s degree in Musical Theater from on Instagram and Twitter.

Turner, Ensemble is pleased to make his Globe debut. Sullivan has recorded over audiobooks, garnering various awards, and is the author of the just-released novel Zombie Bigfoot. Wakefield has written and produced two CDs of original music: Older Than Dirt and Vegetarian Nightmare.

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Wildflower is a music artist and a graduate of Spelman College. He has long been an advocate for the creation of new musicals. Thielen also adapted the 20th Century Fox film For the Boys. He was one of the creative forces in bringing the world premiere musical The Bowery Boys to The Marriott Theatre. He co-authored the awardwinning All Night Strut! Her further Chicagoarea credits include Billy Elliot: Romeo and Juliet, Short Shakespeare!

His Broadway credits include associate designer for August: His national tour credits include Camelot and Ragtime. She received her M. He also designed the first national tour of The Heart of Robin Hood. Helm is also a sound design consultant for various live theatre and performance venues, and he is the owner of Production Sound Services.