Cristiano ronaldo and kim kardashian relationship

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cristiano ronaldo and kim kardashian relationship

Kim Kardashian scored with soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo last week. New Orleans Saints star Reggie Bush ended their three-year relationship last month. Apr 19, Kim Kardashian and Cristiano Ronaldo's hot hookup has just been "Kim has a lot of experience with long-distance relationships," says the. Jun 29, Cristiano Ronaldo is gaining major attention due to the World Cup Kim Kardashian is happily married now, but eight years ago, it was a.

It is important we talk with her. Five girls from Leeds were said to have partied with players after United beat Spurs.

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Ms Mayorga, meanwhile, went public with her claim after filing a lawsuit in Las Vegas 10 days ago. Kim Kardashian West was also romantically linked to Cristiano Image: She says she was invited by Ronaldo to go to his 57th floor penthouse along with a group of people.

She claims he later assaulted her. Ms Mayorga — now in hiding after death threats from fans of Ronaldo — reported the alleged incident to police and went to a hospital the same day. Las Vegas Police have confirmed responding to a call of a sexual assault on June 13, They said the alleged victim provided neither a location of the incident nor a description of the suspect.

Irina Shayk was Ronaldo's partner for five years Image: Getty Read More Cristiano Ronaldo rape allegation: Accuser's lawyer extends search for evidence to the UK Police said she did receive a medical exam.

Ms Mayorga claims she feared for her safety and says she was told she would be humiliated if she pressed charges. But she is now trying to overturn the agreement — alleging she was bullied into it. Ronaldo — who scored for Italian giants Juve in their win at Udinese last night — has denied any wrongdoing. He told his 75 million Twitter followers: Rape is an abominable crime that goes against everything that I am and believe in.

cristiano ronaldo and kim kardashian relationship

My clear conscious sic will thereby allow me to await with tranquillity the results of any and all investigations. The key point her is that this not-so-secret smooch session went down while she was dating Indian actor John Abraham!

Zimbio Did somebody say scandalous?! Nereida Gallardo Well, well, well.

cristiano ronaldo and kim kardashian relationship

Look who hopped right back in the glamour model game. InRonaldo took his talents to Spanish model Nereida Gallardo. This love affair lasted all of a month or so before things between the two went south. The scorned lover made sure to announce to the world about how cowardly his breakup was.

Hilton has lived her entire life around fame and fortune, so she was a seasoned vet when it came to her relationship with Ronaldo and dealing with the paparazzi.

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There seems to be a trend emerging that suggests our tall, tan and tasty soccer star has a hankering for a very particular movie genre.

Apparently, Ronaldo got a taste for reality television after his Los Angeles love affair, having a second go at it with super celeb Kim Kardashian. InStyle Kardashian has had a slew of boy toys that add up to make for a ridiculously famous amalgamation of flings.

Forbes Before the reality star looked to the hardwood for lovers, she allegedly looked to the pitch for some passion. Ronaldo was spotted in Spain getting close and kissing while Kardashian visited Madrid for a short vaca. After soaking up the sun, she apparently got enough CR7 loving and the two went their separate ways.

Fico is far from your average model. Fico Suave The rumored relationship between Fico and Ronaldo may have been short-lived inbut it sure must have gone well, because the Italian bombshell has had nothing but sweet things to say about the smooth striker.

She also had a relationship with Italian footballer Mario Balotelli with whom she had a baby with. Irina Shayk We got a live one! Shayk It Off This unbelievably attractive couple first started dating inand there were even rumors that Shayk may actually be the one Ronaldo wants to wife up. Marriage was not written in the stars, however, as they went their separate ways in Now, with that being said, this has got to be the most envy-inducing example of being on the wrong end of a stalker the world has to offer.

That fan was Andressa Urach, who claimed to have been much more than just a fan… Ur-a-chreep Urach is a Brazilian model and television personality who first gained attention as the runner-up in the Miss BumBum contest nice.

cristiano ronaldo and kim kardashian relationship

BetweenUrach hosted the comedy program Muito Show, which she used to get press credentials, so she could get into the World Cup game. On to the next bum. Another apparent walk on the wild side Ronaldo enjoyed while dating Irina Shayk was a domestic threat.

The person of interest here is Portuguese actress and model, Rita Pereira, who is said to have had an affair with Ronaldo back in From there, she made her acting debut on a telenovela then rose to fame for her role on Morangos come Acucar.

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Playful Pereira All of that fame gained from stealing hearts on telenovelas led Pereira to a Playboy shoot. Nova Gente No matter what Ronaldo may have done to convince her otherwise, the evidence mounting must have been enough for Shayk to finally cut the cord.

In the world of CR7, even moving on from unrivaled beauty is totally doable and apparently not that big a deal. Try not being Macho Man Ronaldo Savage for just one day. The Spanish sports television reporter Lucia Villalon. She was clearly out of mind too, as the gorgeous reporter and television presenter, Villalon, was pictured celebrating with him and his brand new shiny hardware.