Dakin and irwin relationship quizzes

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dakin and irwin relationship quizzes

Dakin has a sexual relationship with Fiona, the Headmaster's secretary, and he also seduces Irwin (though they never go through with their plans to have sex). Good Weekend · Quizzes · Weather Farris is preparing for the role of schoolboy provocateur Dakin in a new in an intellectually and sexually charged relationship with Dakin. Advertisement. ''Dakin is probably the kind of boy Irwin once desperately wished he could have been at school,'' Mackay says. Mrs. Lintott is not very surprised at the fact that Irwin is intelligent. Read also History Quizzes. “The Catcher in the Rye is a novel by J. D. Salinger. Originally.

And apart from my P. E teacher, he was the only one I never liked to see off the timetable.

dakin and irwin relationship quizzes

Our substitute teachers were like lambs to the slaughter. What is your personal take on the student you portray in the play? Crowther is my alter ego who attended school and did more work than he did play.

He's probably the hardest worker in the school, but luckily for the other boys he's the most laid back. He doesn't mind a bit of controversy. And he doesn't like cricket—he loves it. My schooling in England doesn't bear much resemblance to that found in The History Boys. I was brought up in the north of England, but when I went to school, the grammar school system, which is where the play is set in the s, had been abolished.

I went to an ordinary comprehensive school and got on quite well because I worked hard. Also, the entrance exam for Oxbridge, which required students to come back and do an extra term at school after 'A' Levels, had also been abolished, although I think it is back in now.

No one at my school would speak like the boys do in the play. We had to work hard in rehearsal to make the boys seem realistic so that the text that comes out of our mouths sounds like it could conceivably have been thought up by a bright, precocious year-old. But in reality, no one speaks like that. One of the greatest challenges in the play was mastering Alan's writing. It's as dense as Shakespeare and just as precious in that one wrong word throws the rhythm and meaning of a line.

I was lucky enough to have a few truly great teachers, who helped me not only to get my exams, but also cared about my development as a person. And there was one teacher in particular who had a profound effect upon me and who challenged me in my work and who opened up my eyes and my soul to the world, as amazing and as painful as that was. The main theme for Posner is unrequited love, but it's not as simple as that.

There is something about Posner that leads him to have a breakdown and to end up isolated and alone in the world, because that's the only way that he can cope with life in the end.

Posner needs connection with someone and reaches out to his teachers. He is disappointed with Irwin's response to his request for help, but in Hector he finds he connects with his soul. But I feel there is a big betrayal for Posner, as he sees it, in what goes on between Dakin and Irwin, and I feel he never really recovers from that and from what happens to Hector, all of which contributes to his breakdown.

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Ultimately, we meet Posner when he is on the cusp of really growing up and coming to know himself. He feels lonely and scared and it is a very delicate time for him, and events happen which disturb him at a time when he needs stability and support. And so perhaps he never really gets to grow up in a way in which he can connect with people, hence he ends up alone.

The immediate differences would be that I went to a mixed sex school that was state run public and instead of wearing neat blacks and tie, I sported a viscose blue sweat top. Whereas the History Boys classes were kept to a minimum pupilage, we had eighty sweaty units in each concrete cell. Did you ever have a teacher like the one by Richard Griffiths, one who had an influence on you? I had some very inspirational teachers who I am still in contact with.

My tutor and my drama teacher made me actually want to attend lessons as opposed to the other classes I had such as algebra, which made me want to stab myself in the eye with a sharp toenail. I think Dakin uses his sexuality to manipulate situations and people in order to satisfy his depraved urges. But he has a damn good time doing it. My school could not have been more different to the one the boys attend in the play. The thought of sending just one pupil to Oxford or Cambridge was a pipe dream for most of my teachers I'm sure.

It wasn't particularly rough or badly behaved, it just never felt very academic there. No one went on to study physics or medicine, although one girl does work in the local chemist.

Does that count as medicine? I dunno, I enjoyed school, but it never felt like learning anything was very important to me.

I didn't really give a damn about anything other than drama. I don't know that any teacher I had was quite as inspirational as Hector. But I did have teachers that have had a lasting impression on me. My drama teacher, Mrs.

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Hatfield, for instance was a great leveler for me. She would praise me often and take me down a peg or two when I needed that also. She was the first person to tell me that I might really have a chance at becoming an actor, but that I had to realize how hard it was and that I couldn't just expect things to fall in my lap.

I tried to contact her to see the play in London, but I couldn't find her anywhere. It's a shame because I think she'd really love the play, as many teachers seem to who see it. Timms is basically me, but a whole lot smarter than I will ever be. But basically he likes to find the fun in everything, he's constantly in a jolly state of mind.

And that's not to say he doesn't care about getting into Oxford, but that whether he does or doesn't he's gonna have a great time while he tries! He always wants to be the center of the jokes and loves winding the teachers up; he's the class clown and he'll do anything to get a laugh—which is exactly the same as me really.

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I'm kind of shameless when it comes to making people laugh. The schooling the audience witness in The History Boys is unique. My schooling strictly followed a set curriculum, the same topics being taught every year.

Larger classes resulted to a lack of one-to-one attention, and I missed not having that. We were taught as a group, rather than as individuals, with different needs. If you look specifically at the "eight boys" scenario: In relation to my schooling, preparation for Oxbridge examinations is done during the A-level period.

I had the advantage, in that, in comparison to The History Boys, my school was made up of boys and girls. The majority of the time my eyes were elsewhere.

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Hector is the teacher we never had. My teachers played the system. This means that there is even more competition for Hector and that if he wants to impress the boys, he needs to work harder.

Irwin is obviously younger and even more attractive than Hector which could make things even more complicated for Hector.

dakin and irwin relationship quizzes

Hector is clearly gay and gropes his students, but what the students do not know is that Irwin too is gay. He could be scared that Irwin would do the same as he does and therefore because of his attractiveness the boys would like Irwin more than they like Hector. The fact that their teaching strategies are so different makes it even more interesting to compare the two together.

dakin and irwin relationship quizzes

At one point in the story, both teachers teach the boys at the same time. Your class or Mr. Lintott is not very surprised at the fact that Irwin is intelligent. In the next section of the play, Irwin and the boys are talking about the Second World War and the reasons for why it really happened. Irwin starts off and lets the boys come to a conclusion. The poem describes how so many men were dying during the war that they looked like masses of animal.

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