Darker than black hei and yin relationship problems

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darker than black hei and yin relationship problems

Black), also known as the Black Reaper (黒の死神 Kuro no Shinigami) or BK, Shortly after learning that Yin is still alive and in danger, Hei cuts his hair back .. Hei departs, telling the others that he has to settle his own problems himself. According to the show Yin and Hei embody the "ideal" relationship. Hei is the protector and leader. Yin is the caring supporting girl, who does. Posts about Darker than Black written by Peter S. Hei goes to find Yin only to find her gone, and is about to get skewered by Hazuki when the.

He's true personality is ruthless and violent, but throughout the series he becomes more caring.

darker than black hei and yin relationship problems

Yin is uncommunicative at the start but gradually shows her love for Hei through various ways by the end of the series and more obviously in the OV As. Huang was dumped by a woman he loved she was a contractorpossibly turning him into the bitter old man he was in Season 1, but towards the end he meets with her again and finds out the truth, and ends up sacrificing his life for the Contractors for whom he had expressed disdain earlier on in the series.

Season 1 develops the relationship between Hei and Yin, with them becoming closer to each other nearing the end and into the OV Asbut unfortunately interrupted by the emergence of Izanami. Hei becomes a drunk after he loses Yin, showing what an impact it had on him. The fight scenes are well animated and without the dialogue that plagues Shonen anime, they are fast-paced and exciting because the outcome of any battle is uncertain.

darker than black hei and yin relationship problems

That creature at the end is the same being I was talking about. Thus, the organization Hei works for a. So, he is producing more beings like him so they could copy Earth faster. However, there is one problem, the ME which is a device meant to erase or adapt memories into beings can only "tape" a memory that will stay within the being for 3 days at its maximum.

Darker than BLACK: The Black Contractor Gaiden – 04 [End]

Therefore, they use a meteor fragment found at season 1 in one of the episodes which Hei took under the syndicate's orders. I believe it was used in season 2 which can contain the being's memories until the fragment is cracked or broken. To test their theory, they create Sue the girl in season 2 which was the sister of the wheelchair contractor and creates memories for her into the meteor fragment, which is believed he will make sure her memories will bond to her till it cracked.

darker than black hei and yin relationship problems

More towards the end of it, I kinda got a little sad that they had revealed that the one known as the adorable girl Suou happened to be nothing more than a clone for an experiment and that everything she knows is a lie since the real her died in a school explosion By the end of it, I swear I shed a tear and I can man up to that.

I mean Yin became the full Izanami and had taken all the powers and souls of the contractors.

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On top of that, Suou's meteor shard necklace that held her memories in place had broken. Her contractor powers had left her and returned to Hei from which she got them from, albeit by mistake. Regardless, I was sad because while did get to kill Yin sadly cuz I liked her from season 1I still was even sadder that Suou had been put back in Russia, even if she did have her parents and brother back.

Last thing was, even though she could feel and tell that there was someone that she once cared deeply about in her life, but she couldn't remember who. She only had the feeling of it. And the feeling that one day, she would meet them again. That is basically the premise for this story but with a twist.

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A what if type scenario. Story Start "It's funny, because I feel like I am missing someone in my life. But I don't know who. With my friends, I can't feel the same as before. It's like I was through a life time with someone but now, I can't even remember their face.

But just like the face I can sense but not know, I don't know what I am suppose to do. Ever since the day I had this feeling, I can never stop it. When I dream, I can see him.

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Not his real face or even what anything looks like. And the feeling I get when I look at him in my dream, it's electrifying.

darker than black hei and yin relationship problems

But little did I know, that one day, the man I saw in my dream, would one day find me. She ran into her daughter's room and hugged her daughter.

It was the dream again wasn't it?

So after a while when Suou could now speak, she said "I could see him, mom. This time, I could see him.

Hei and Yin sweet moments (Darker Than Black)

What did he look like? It was similar to the silhouette but I could see a mask on his face. It looked creepy but at the same time kinda cool.