Disney epcot meet and greet times

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disney epcot meet and greet times

Characters at Disney's Hollywood Studios – Several times during the day, the characters Special Disney Visa Credit Card Character Experiences at Epcot and. Disney's new MyMagic+ planning system makes it easy to schedule character Meet Mickey, Minnie and Goofy at the Epcot Character Spot in. Character Palooza is one of the best things in Disney World that most is that Character Palooza only happens at certain times each day.

disney epcot meet and greet times

Make sure you put meeting the most magical Disney World Characters at the top of your to-do list! We go three times a year or more and both of our girls try to go at least twice a year. Our very first trip was a gift to Lauren for her 21st birthday and she ended up spending over half of her first trip waiting in line to meet as many Disney World characters she could.

They are found at their permanent meet and greet location inside of Epcot and they have their own photographer. His line is also not usually very long and does not come with a Fast Pass line and he also comes with his own photographer. My grandson Brady loves Big Hero 6 and so do I so there was no way we were getting out of meeting him. Make sure to give him a hug and enjoy his marshmallow fluffiness.

disney epcot meet and greet times

She has her own spot at Magic Kingdom in the same building as Magic Mickey. Tinkerbell can be Fast Passed and has her own photographer. It adds a cute touch and keeps the magic alive for little ones. Tinkerbell is super cute and fun to meet. They can be found a few different places but the easiest way to meet both of them is to get reservations at Ohana. He can also be met at Typhoon Lagoon from time to time and other than at Ohana, Lilo can only be met at Typhoon Lagoon.

They are both non-speaking but they make up for it with how they choose to interact with you.

disney epcot meet and greet times

Lilo is sweet and will dance with you and tell she loves you or certain things you are wearing. They come to your table one at a time, but they spend a little more time with you than they typically would if you were in a line.

One of my all time favorite Disney World characters to meet is Jack.

disney epcot meet and greet times

Jack and Sally do come with a photographer though and they are both speaking characters and super fun to talk to. For extra fun ask them about Zero and other Halloween town characters. They are usually on the same side of the Royal Princess Hall in Magic Kingdom because they like to keep the new princess on one side and the classics on the other.

You can Fast Pass them and they both have their own photographers. As a general rule most of the Disney Princesses are fun to meet but Tiana and Rapunzel take the cake. Though, Tiana and Rapunzel are fun on their own, they are way more fun with their princes.

Guests can meet Mr.

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The princesses are always a popular meet and greet and another top list favorite for Walt Disney World character experiences. Merida from Brave can also be found at Fantasyland.

disney epcot meet and greet times

Fans of the villain, Gaston, can be awed and inspired by him at his Tavern. Here you can meet friends, such as Tigger, in a nice, shady place in the Hundred Acre Wood. Pirates and fairies are also a popular meet and greet. Guests just need faith, trust and pixie dust! Guests will enjoy this experience to infinity and beyond!

Guests can also meet their favorite snowman, Olaf, in Echo Lake. Russell and his furry sidekick Dug from the movie, Up!

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Here guests can also meet and greet Mickey and Minnie at their exploration headquarters. The Doc is in!

Disney Princess Meet and Greets Epcot!

Doc is hanging out in her stuffed animal clinic and is happy to sign autographs and take pictures. Epcot Do you want to build a snowman? The World Showcase also includes Alice in Wonderland so you can learn about her curious adventures in Wonderland.