Doctor who 10 and 11 meet episode

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doctor who 10 and 11 meet episode

"The Day of the Doctor" is a special episode of the British science fiction television programme . The Doctors, aided by ten of their other incarnations, plan to use the stasis technology to freeze Gallifrey in a pocket universe. .. This was followed on Monday 11 November by another ident interruption, with the Eleventh. It's 10 years since River Song's first Doctor Who appearance – here's The two star-crossed lovers would meet out of time – as it were – so much so In typical Who fashion, this ep features Song as a baby and as a full-grown lady adult. . Garden chat with Amy – The Wedding of River Song (). The episode featured the return of David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor and the . He also intends to meet his death after using the Moment, not wishing to live through . Its contents are so top secret that its staff has their memories modified every day; the guard has been there ten years, but Retrieved on 11 June

Vincent empathises with its pain.

doctor who 10 and 11 meet episode

Vincent is stunned at the display and becomes emotionally overwhelmed when he overhears art curator Dr. Black say that Vincent was "the greatest painter of them all" and "one of the greatest men who ever lived".

doctor who 10 and 11 meet episode

They return an emotionally changed Vincent to the past and say their final goodbyes. As the Doctor and Amy return to the present, Amy is confident that there will be hundreds of new paintings by Vincent waiting for them, though the Doctor is less certain. Amy is crushed to learn that Vincent still committed suicide weeks after their adventure, at the age of The Doctor explains that life is a mixture of bad and good, and while their brief encounter with Vincent couldn't undo all of the bad, they added some good to his life.

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The evidence is in Vincent's displayed works: And then this one incredibly popular artist with no praise at all, literally selling the one painting. It was that thought which initially made me wonder whether or not we could use time travel to put that right. That was the initial inspiration for writing the episode.

He had the idea of a story centred on Van Gogh for "a long while" and was particularly interested in the fact Van Gogh never knew he would be famous, as well as his inspirational story. He wanted to convey that the Doctor could rewrite time, but Van Gogh's "demons" were out of his reach. He commented that it was easy to write for them as they were "so delightful and modern and relaxed".

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His children helped him come up with some ideas. Nighy was rumoured to have been considered for the role of the Ninth Doctor when the show was revived.

doctor who 10 and 11 meet episode

After Part Two was broadcast, the ident continued for the remainder of the day but no longer featured Tennant, since he was no longer the Doctor. Concurrently with the recording of the story, a music video was produced, featuring the cast, extras, crew and CGI Adiposeall lip-synching and dancing to the Proclaimers ' song, " I'm Gonna Be Miles ".

Vincent and the Doctor

Tennant appeared with each pair of featured actors, as well as with the Proclaimers themselves. Broadcast and reception[ edit ] Ratings[ edit ] Overnight ratings placed Part One as the third most watched programme of Christmas Day, behind EastEnders and The Royle Family with a provisional viewing figure of The episode achieved a This is the highest timeshift that the show has received since its revival the previous highest being When this figure is recognised, the program becomes the most watched of the week.

This makes The End of Time only the third instance in which the show has achieved such an honour in its extensive history.

But Robins concedes that when the story is done it is the quieter more emotional parts from the beginning of the episode that the viewer will remember. Robins also notes that Cribbins seems to be playing the same role that Tate did by "becoming the tragic hero while remaining the comic relief.

doctor who 10 and 11 meet episode

Pettie states that Davies raised the stakes as high as the laws of physics would allow.