Ecuador and united states relationship with france

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ecuador and united states relationship with france

Role of Women in Ecuadorian Society · Liberation Theology in Latin America · Third The United States' refusal to recognize Haiti as a country for sixty years, trade A major factor in analyzing the state of Haiti today is its relationship with the From to , the slaves of Haiti, then known as the French colony. The inauguration of Lenin Moreno as Ecuador's new President on May 24th creates an opportunity for the United States to reconstruct its. The Republic of Ecuador and the United States of America maintained close ties based on mutual interests in maintaining democratic institutions; combating.

Let there be no mistake. The expulsion of the U.

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At the same time, the Correa government was an active participant and an advocate ofleftist organizations working against U. Data intercepted in from the computer of Raul Reyes, former leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia FARC suggest that the Correa government, like Venezuela and Cuba, maintained clandestine ties and supported the FARC and other illegal armed groups seeking to conduct terrorist acts against, and overthrow democratic governments in the region.

Yet Moreno is neither a continuation nor a moderation of the leftist policies of Correa, but rather, his own man. Yet Moreno is notably more inclusive in his styleand does not bring to the presidency the deep personal resentment of the U. In its orientation toward Latin America and the Caribbean, the U.

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To this end, neither Ecuador nor any other government in the region should be considered an adversary of the U. Yet it arguably did a better job than its ALBA counterparts in using the state, in combination with resources from China and other non-traditional partners, to advance economic growth and development.

Notable achievements include construction and maintenance of a modern road systemand the transformation of electricity productionto include the addition of low-carbon emitting hydroelectric and wind power facilities, while also reorganizing and taking forward both the petroleum and mining sectors albeit sometimes at the expense of the traditional Western companies that formerly operated in those sectors.

ecuador and united states relationship with france

The Correa government also made progress in reducing poverty, including cutting the rate of extreme poverty almost in half during its time in office. Ecuador coordinates closely with both neighbors on the challenge, and cooperates with international organizations such as Interpol and the network of financial intelligence organizations in Latin America, including its oversight organization GAFILAT. This is due to a combination of low petroleum prices and inherent inefficiencies in the statist concept of his predecessor, as well as its ongoing recover from the disastrous earthquake of April Nonetheless, a positive relationship with the U.

Ecuador under President Moreno: Rethinking the U.S. relationship

From the perspective of the U. Economic relations France plays a relatively small role in the Ecuadorian economy and it continues to run a bilateral trade deficit with the country: French exports to Ecuador have therefore risen by French imports from Ecuador, meanwhile, rose 5. Its first meeting was held in March The main trading prospects in Ecuador are related to transport, water, energy and aeronautics.

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Nineteen French companies have commercial branches or subsidiaries in Ecuador. Lafarge, the leading French investor in Ecuador, sold all its assets to the Peruvian company Unacem in May That same year, Lactalis acquired two plants for production of dairy products. More recently, Valhrona Bongrain group opened a factory producing luxury chocolates in July ; in JuneAccor group signed an agreement to build 10 Ibis hotels.

ecuador and united states relationship with france

JC Decaux was awarded the advertising bus shelter contract of the city of Guayaquil on 22 May following an international call for tenders. For more information visit: The role played by the ideals of the French Revolution in the emancipation process of Latin America also contributes to the close relationship between the two countries.

French is still spoken by the political and intellectual elite. All Ecuadorian civil law is based on the Napoleonic Code. We enjoy strong cultural, academic and technical relations: