Editor and author relationship

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editor and author relationship

Like any relationship worth maintaining, the author-editor partnership takes work, clear communication, empathy, and a good notion of who's. Understanding the relationship between the editor and the author is a critical step in the book publishing process. Learn from these experienced writers with this. On the verge of despair, the publisher finally found an editor who could work with the author. The books were published to wide acclaim, and.

The truth is somewhere in between. In Christian publishing, the editor and the writer have the same goals and serve the same Lord, but they are coming to the task from different angles. This sometimes makes for a nebulous world in which the rules seem unclear.

Understanding The Editor-Author Relationship

Ideally, author and editor will maintain a context of cooperation and teamwork, and within that context the editor fills necessary roles on behalf of both the publisher and the author.

The editor and the writer are coworkers.

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Throughout the editorial process the editor gives honest feedback and offers constructive criticism. If some elements in the book do not work, are offensive to the intended readership, are theologically questionable or simply unclear, it is the editor's responsibility to work with the author to resolve the problem.

I firmly refused and the line was deleted.

editor and author relationship

Now I didn't feel smug as in an "I-won-you-lost" scenario; of course not. But I did feel a certain satisfaction that I had been true to my character by holding my ground.

My editor went on to make a few very good minor changes which I accepted and our working relationship continued to be a good one.

editor and author relationship

We even jokingly called each other "my favorite sparring partner. I have the utmost respect for editors. It is their job to see that your book is readable and flows from start to finish. There will always be times, however, when disagreements about characters, lines, and scenes are going to happen.

The Author and Editor Relationship: Professional Sparring Partners

And those disagreements are a good thing. As the author you need to be practical about any possible edits and try to see if certain changes make for a better read. You also need to understand that, as the author, you always have the last word. I have never met an editor who would blatantly disregard an author not accepting their edits, or who would make major changes to a manuscript without author permission.

Publishing houses and presses tend to hire good, solid editors.

What do editors do? Understanding the author–editor relationship

Trust is at the core of the editor-author relationship. Understanding the author—editor relationship Lisa Cordaro October 15, There is an industry tale about a novelist no longer with us who fought tooth and nail with her publisher if they dared to alter a single punctuation mark in her manuscripts. The situation was — how can we put this? On the verge of despair, the publisher finally found an editor who could work with the author.

The books were published to wide acclaim, and enhanced by clever editing.

editor and author relationship

Chinese whispers Some unfortunate misconceptions exist out there about what editors actually do. One is the dystopian — and frankly scary — view that editors will rip your writing to shreds.

5 keys to a good author-editor relationship

Another is radical interference with your work. Thankfully, understanding what really goes on between author and editor helps to dispel these myths.

The Author-Editor Relationship: FIFA 16 Wimbly Womblys #18

I understand exactly what you go through every time you sit down at your computer. Good editors are empathic: Every writer has different needs. And one thing always remains the same: Critique me Of course, as a writer you will need to be prepared for suggestion and alteration if your manuscript is out for development or structural work. The same goes for querying a publisher or agent. No manuscript ever reaches publication in exactly the same state as it was originally submitted: Hopefully, in the process of examining your writing, you will have identified if there might be any areas needing attention, and be seeking appropriate help with that.