Flirt with toriel ending of gone

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flirt with toriel ending of gone

Optionally, you may give your spoiler a description. Input: [Chapter 1](#s . I'm really curious about what made Toriel and Asgore split in this universe. And the silent protagonist is good at flirting. I think the central idea behind this AU is that frisk (and probably chara) never went to the underground. So I get to Toriel's house and she turns out to be one of, if not the sweetest I went right upstairs, sat my *** in bed, and slept. I think this is my REAL ending to this game that I chose, honestly. full game so I can use my phone to flirt with Toriel, call her mom and then flirt with her again and see her reaction. -If you call toriel "mom" and then flirt with her she will comment on that and -At the end of a pacifist run, you can meet asriel at the start of the.

My Four Most Significant Decisions After having done a True Pacifist run of this game but not all the way, more on that later and musing and reading up on this game afterwards for some time, I think I have safely found the four most epic and telling decisions of my entire playthrough of this game. Here they are in chronological order. So I get to Toriel's house and she turns out to be one of, if not the sweetest characters in video games. Some would just shrug this off but I turned into kind of a sucker for her.

I ask her though when I can leave and she soon gets up and says she needs to take care of something and to wait here for her. So I wait for about 5 minutes. Remember, this game wanted my IRL choices.

Cell Phone/Toriel

So that's what it gets. This is my IRL choice if I was actually there in that same situation. But, of course, she still doesn't show. I finally go downstairs to make sure things are alright. And, ah, there she is.

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But then she tells me to go back as this place is too dangerous for me and that she is doing this for me and wanting to protect me. And so we come to our first significant decision. The game won't let you do that and will keep waking you up, saying you're the chosen one or some crap like that. I got up and pursued Toriel, much as I understood her and wanted to listen to her and just go back to bed, but I know this game isn't gonna give me my ending without sending me on its grand little adventure so I pursued her until I reached the end of the tunnel.

And then she forced me to fight her.

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I kept trying to talk to her but she just kept launching attacks. So once again, Undertale began to force me into fighting her. Which I did, being sure if I got her low enough, she would relent Until I killed her suddenly and accidentally. And even though the game assumed rightly that I did it accidentally, I still hated myself for it.

And for a game to do that to me is pretty darn amazing. Anyway though, I went on a little longer after that, but I finally just gave in, reset everything, and did it from the beginning, knowing now when to talk to Toriel so I didn't have to kill her. Flowey naturally gave me crap about it but screw that. I didn't care what that disturbing little turd thought.

flirt with toriel ending of gone

Alright, so, skipping ahead a huge amount, the second to last important decision I made was at the end of the Photoshop Flowey battle.

When that's all said and done And you reach that point where you need to choose between Flowey living or dying Between then and the time the protagonist enters the Underground, she had seen Asgore murder multiple humans and reap their SOULs. Neutral Route Toriel guides the protagonist through the Ruins. At the beginning of the game, Toriel saves the protagonist from Flowey, healing any damage done by the murderous flower. After introducing herself, she guides them through the first few rooms of the Ruins.

She encourages the protagonist to deal with monster encounters by talking to them, as opposed to acting violently. She gives the protagonist a cell phone to keep in contact with one another, as she needs to run some errands further into the Ruins.

She tells them to stay where they are, only to be disobeyed. She calls the protagonist frequently as the protagonist goes through the Ruins, and is about to call them again when she finds the protagonist at the entrance to her home. She introduces the protagonist to their room and plans to raise them as her own. After the protagonist asks her about leaving the Ruins, Toriel abruptly leaves; the protagonist follows. As she goes toward the exit of the Ruins, she explains that she plans to destroy the exit to prevent the protagonist from leaving, as all other humans who left had died.

She can be killed or spared; if spared, Toriel lets the protagonist go but tells them not to come back. Neither of them knows each other's name or face, as they communicate through the door that blocks off the Ruins.

Sans also says that Toriel asked him to protect any human that left the Ruins. He remarks that if not for that promise, the protagonist would be "dead where [they] stand.

flirt with toriel ending of gone

True Pacifist Route Toriel reappears just as Asgore and the protagonist prepare to fight, interrupting it with her fire magic, much like she does with Flowey at the start of the game. She explains the motive of her arrival was the realization that the protagonist would have to take a life to leave and that she had been trying to prevent such a thing from the beginning. As the protagonist's friends come, she introduces herself to them and recognizes Sans's voice immediately. She tells the protagonist that while they may have to stay Underground with all their friends, they will live a happy life regardless.

When Flowey tries to kill the protagonist, Toriel is the first monster to intervene, using her fire magic to block Flowey's bullets. During the protagonist's battle with AsrielToriel appears as one of the Lost Souls. Epilogue After the fight against Asriel concludes, she learns the protagonist's name, "Frisk. Meanwhile, Alphys upgrades Toriel's phoneallowing her to send text messages. Toriel standing outside the school. Frisk leaves the Underground with Toriel and their other friends. As the others leave Frisk to begin their lives on the SurfaceToriel asks Frisk what they will do now.

After the credits, Toriel brings a slice of pie to Frisk's room. If Frisk says that they "have places to go," Toriel says that she will see them later. In the credits sequence, Toriel welcomes Monster Kid to a school that she opened and teaches at. The school door is adorned with the Delta Rune without the triangles that represented the monsters trapped Underground. Relationships The Protagonist Toriel cares for humans who fall into the Ruins and the protagonist is no exception.

She tries to keep the protagonist in the Ruins, as Asgore killed the other humans who left her care. If the protagonist spares her, she lets them leave the Ruins, but not before giving them a parting hug. Toriel's reaction if the protagonist kills her after she is spared thirteen times.

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If the protagonist kills her during a Neutral Route, she uses the last of her strength to give them a warning about what lies ahead and calls the protagonist "my child" before she turns to dust. If the protagonist calls Toriel "mom," it surprises her, and she states that if it makes them happy, then she heartily approves of it.

Calling Toriel on her phone in the Ruins and flirting with her makes her assume the protagonist is joking, if they do it again she is unsure what to make of it. She also mentions this in the epilogue. They were once extremely close, winning first place in the '98 Nose Nuzzle competition [18] and were open about their affection for one another. While she appears to be civil with Asgore when she speaks to him about the future of the Underground in the aftermath of the fight against Asriel, once they are on the surface and everyone else has left, Asgore wonders whether he should leave too, and Toriel glares at him, prompting him to leave her and Frisk alone.

However, in the ending credits, she does not mind his presence while trimming the bushes, hinting a developing tolerance or gradual forgiveness. Flowey Toriel calls Flowey a "miserable creature" [25] as she fireballs him to protect the protagonist. She is unaware that Flowey is Asriel. Sans Sans and Toriel do not meet in person until the end of a True Pacifist Route and the Family and Exiled Queen endings, where they both have become good friends.

They started their friendship by telling jokes to each other through the door leading to the Ruins. Gallery Toriel's sprite if she kills the protagonist. Toriel glaring at a hostile Froggit. Froggit leaves, Toriel glares even harder.

flirt with toriel ending of gone

Toriel still confused by the strange outcome of the boring dummy fight. Toriel forcing the player to fight her. Toriel in a Steam trading card. A side to side comparison of Toriel committing suicide right and Toriel being killed left. The only difference is the mouths. Toriel plush sold on Fangamer. Toriel's name is a play on the word "tu-torial," as she teaches the protagonist about how the game works.

Despite Toriel's motherly nature, she is not above swearing: The narrator's reaction to Toriel's sock drawer [31] and Sans's sock pile [32] is similar. Toriel once wore a flower-patterned muu-muu; other monsters complimented her by saying "nice muu-muu," but she assumed everyone was calling her a cow and never wore it again. If the protagonist bores the Dummy during their encounter, Toriel stares in disbelief and confusion and starts thinking in a confused manner before moving to the next room without comment.

When attempting to name the fallen human "Toriel," the response is: If Toriel was killed and the protagonist resets to the point before her battle, Toriel remarks that the protagonist looks like "they have seen a ghost.