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NewsVideosQuizzes . Alongside her appearances on MiC, Louise also runs a denim business and just this four seasons, but left in in order to focus on her relationship with rapper Professor Green. . Francis Boulle. MADE in Chelsea's Louise Thompson has revealed that Ryan Libbey is the 'most successful relationship she has been in' and that their romance is because it was very short-lived – unfortunately for Francis Boulle, Caggie. “Cute as a button” Louise Thompson will be getting “a playful pendant Binky is planning to splash out on lucky Francis Boulle, getting him a.

Binky Felstead reveals her Christmas presents for Made In Chelsea pals

If Lucy Watson ever found out which, given her track record, most definitelyour head would be found severed on a stick and used to hang her guest's coats and fedora hats. Snapchat username VictoriaBH1 Note: She is terrifying and would probably throw said Peroni all over us because our nails didn't match our handbag.

Jane Felstead: Binky's husband needs to be incredibly tolerant

He is back with Millie Mack smoochin' her on extravagant holiday's and as much as we love her, he would definitely find a way to mention her eeeeevery 20 seconds. Snapchat username imlucywatson Note: Lucy would call us up on that time when we were 13 and lied to our science teacher about losing our homework.

Made In Chelsea Season 5: Spencer and Louise finally split after angry fight

Snapchat username alikalfus Note: He is very meh, I think. Snapchat username milliewilkinson Snapchat username StevieJohnson23 9. Snapchat username nicolamhughes 8. Snapchat username Tiffanywatson04 7. Snapchat username proudlockoliver 6. Snapchat username samdecourcyt 5. Snapchat username protsky Note: Friday evening drinks would probably have us invited to her next trip to the Maldives 4.

Binky Felstead reveals her Christmas presents for Made In Chelsea pals

Snapchat username louisethompson Note: Her impressively mental wardrobe is to die for. Snapchat username jamielaing Note: We want a massive teddy. Luckily for Jamie, although Francis has a tendency towards looking out for the ladies, he kept the news from Tara and warned Jamie what Lucy had said. Not very convincing, Jamie.

We spent a decent part of the episode wondering if Lucy would spill the beans to Jamie's young, innocent girlfriend - there was a collective sigh of relief when she kept it to herself.

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We're not sure we could have handled that drama on top of the Spencer-Louise split. Elsewhere, the questions we've been asking about Ashley and Ollie Locke 's relationship are finally being addressed: How are they a couple when he just appears so gay?

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Well, the questions weren't quite as blunt as that, but Ashley did stumble across one of Ollie's special DVDs and had a meeting with Cheska Hull to ask about his sexuality. Cheska let the cat out of the bag at break neck speed and later in the show we witnessed a conversation between Ollie and Ashley that would have been awkward with or without the cameras. Not sure how long this relationship's going to last But at least it's a little less dramatic than Spencer and Louise's, which turned even uglier at the end of the episode.