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81 - of Works in Genkai So, what if Shinobu Sensui had one more bad guy? What if Kurama's . Is Shuuichi and Youko's relationship what it seems to be? Maybe not. . Three Songs from the Sixties by 7veilsphaedra. Fandoms. Before that, Genkai approaches Toguro and talk about his actions in the Dark Tournament, where she reveals that she considers Yusuke as. The younger Toguro brother known as Otōto Toguro and more with his lover and friend Genkai and his older brother Ani Toguro they won the.

Self-admitted, and to the point of gambling his own life at some point. And keeping his word when he loses. Good Scars, Evil Scars: He has a notorious one on his face, and is definitely a bastard. Go Out with a Smile: Melancholically smiling in the anime and laughing mad in the manga. I Gave My Word: For all his flaws, Sakyo is a deeply honorable man whose word is his absolute bond; if he promises you that he'll kill himself for losing a bet, he means it.

He's in charge of Team Toguro, and is thus the true villain of the Dark Tournament saga. He claims to have been fascinated by death and suffering since childhood. His goals are incredibly vicious and destructive, but he is a man of his word and has a strong sense of honor.

Unlike most other villains in the series, he knows his own sociopathy and doesn't consider himself any better than his victims. He serves as the fifth member of Team Toguro, but acknowledges that he can't fight.

His "match" with Koenma ends up being tied to the outcome of Yusuke's match with Toguro, essentially meaning that with Yusuke's team having lost one match and won two, the team who wins in that case would win the round and the tournament. In a Double Subversionhe reveals himself as the fifth member of Team Toguro While waiting for the self destruct bomb to go off and being confronted by Koenma, he still continues smoking as calmly as he always has. He is only known as Mr. In the anime, the lighter he gives to Shizuru shows the initials SN monogrammed on it, so its first name going for the Japanese names order apparently starts by the letter N.

His interactions with Shizuru in the anime. Even after his death, he still has an influence on the Chapter Black saga via Sensui's backstory. His plans are ultimately fulfilled by a man not only stronger then his top fighter, but is much smarter than him and ironically by one of his original enemies: Former Spirit Detective Shinobu Sensui.

Eventually becomes this after his self-inflicted demise, as his past actions have deep repercussions during Chapter Black, since Itsuki more or less picked up on digging through the tunnel where he left off. Even worse, Sensui had his mental breakdown in one of his mansions, where they were torturing demons and bathing in their blood. When he was younger, he had a hobby of dissecting animals and "challenging" himself to see how long he could keep them alive after cutting their hearts out.

He eventually moved on from this and gained a greater interest in gamblingbut his sadistic side isn't entirely gone, as he oversaw the Black Book Club torturing and murdering demons, as well as showing amusement at the BBC's horrified and shocked reactions to his plan and revelation that he was the one who killed Tarukane and Butajiri. His backstory tells us how he would torture animals when he ran a pet shop, and only entering the dark underground because he could gamble lives including his own.

His smile is perennial, but by his own admission, there is no joy behind it. Taking You with Me: Sort of a half-hearted, possibly unintentional example. After Team Toguro's defeat, he graciously accepts defeat and sets the stadium to self-destruct with himself inside it Averted in the manga, but his portrayal in the anime invokes this.

See For the Evulz above for details. They each have their own reasons for joining the team and fighting, but they also unanimously want to aid Sakyo in helping him construct an even bigger portal to the Underworld. Because, apparently, life would be more interesting that way. In General Antagonist Abilities: Half of the team, in nice contrast to the other half.

Elder Toguro and Karasu are respectively a demonic plastic man and an explosive magician, while Younger Toguro and Bui are just incredibly strong martial artists.

Then there is Sakyo, whose money is his power. Younger Toguro to Yusuke, being both martial artists with a cool attitude who wear in green and lead the team.

And both are demonic in their own way. Elder Toguro to Kuwabara, who is similarly much more emotional than his leader, gets little respect from him in Toguro's case, fatally so and has a sword-related power.

Karasu to Kurama, another genius tactician with Agent Peacock traits who fights by summoning things. Bui to Hiei, being both no-nonsense warriors with a begrudging sense of honor who fight with bladed weapons and have a hidden, frightening power. Sakyo to Koenma, his own team's imperturbable backer and Non-Action Guy who has a mission to fulfill the opposite mission from Sakyo, in fact.

Each one, with the exception of Bui and Sakyo, manifest their powers in a disturbing and Creepy Awesome kind of way. Muscle Manipulation Voiced by: He has something of an interesting relationship with Genkai, to say the least.

A flat-top no less! In the manga, he is surprisingly extrovert and creepy for his calm appearance, and in fact he shows a Slasher Smile very often. In contrast, his anime version is much more collected and stoic; he never lifts his voice and only emotes in key moments. A honorable fighter and only kills when required tounless you prove to be a worthy opponent. Became this upon becoming a Demon so that he would never experience declining strength with age as well as preventing those he loved from ever being victims of the likes of Kairen.

No one mourned his actual death, though when he chooses Limbo, the worst punishment in Hell, Koenma makes it a point that Younger Toguro deserves a less harsh punishment and even pleads with him to reconsider. Genkai also mourns him when they cross paths with each other. Some images give his skin a darker tone than the rest of characters. Spirit Worldand became the targets of Yusuke Urameshi's first case. Hiei is one of the fastest characters in the Yu Yu Hakusho universe, being able to slice an opponent sixteen times in a blink of an eye.

This has caused some to mistakenly believe he can teleport, when in fact he is just running very quickly. With his surgically-implanted third eye, thanks to the demonic osteopath Shigure, Hiei can telekinetically move objects, view areas remotely, erase memories, and control both weaker demons and humans. It also allows him to transform into his Jaganshi form, where his skin turns green and eyes sprout all over his body. In this form, the power of his Jagan is greatly increased, enhancing his already great speed, allowing him to blind his foes with a curse, and summon multiple dragons with greater control over them.

Its weakness is that, if anything blinds the Jagan while Hiei is in this form, he will be completely blind. Hiei never assumes this form after his initial fight with Yusuke and during the Second Movie, but occasionally references are made to it. Kurama mistakenly referred to this as Hiei's "true form".

Hiei uses his demon energy to lure the flames of Demon World and creating a dragon from them. The dragon cannot be controlled, unless the user is capable of absorbing it. Initially, it damaged his arm horribly, but Hiei has surpassed that by discovering that in order to completely control the dragon's power, and have its power at his full disposal, he had to trap it within his own being. Because it composed entirely of black, demonic flames, it completely consumes all it devours.

Essentially, it sends its targets to oblivion as a result. When he traps the dragon within himself, Hiei gains a massive boost in power, defense, and speed. In his Jaganshi form, Hiei is able to release multiple dragons, which results in massive amounts of destruction. It is unknown if this technique was ever mastered. Hiei might have mastered this attack after he achieved S-class.

In this form, he appears to have gained better control over the dragon, given how he can now actually control who the dragons attack. This is arguably Hiei's most powerful attack. Only Bui and Mukuro, and, to a lesser extent, Yakumo who merely survived ithave been seen to be able to repel this creature.

Mukuro managed to split the creature in half entirely; however, the attack wasen't meant to kill her in that instance. Sensui, using his Sacred Energy, was able to repel the Dragon long enough for him to reach the safety of the Barrier between the Demon World and Human World. The two of them hit the kekkai barrier net in the Psudeo-Space, between the Human and Demon World, and the Dragon burned out upon impacting the net. This technique appears to have been an infamous one, given how Koenma mentions that his father, the Great King Yama, had told him about it and that he hadn't thought anyone could actually use this technique.

This infamous reputation is only reinforced when Hiei mentions how countless masters, over the centuries, had attemped to harness the power of the black dragon. None of them had succeeded. There is a drawback, however, in that this technique uses so much power and stamina that Hiei must sleep for a while, at some point, after using it. Hiei can channel the less-powerful flames of Human World into one or both of his hands.

He uses this technique to enhance his hand-to-hand combat abilities, it is hot and strong enough to incinerate Bui's axe. This can also be used as a flamethrower to create a ranged attack.

It is used on Bui, but it is proved ineffective.

Strangely Hiei uses this technique in the final opening, while Kurama and Kuwabara use their most powerful techniques Yoko Kurama and Dimension Blade respectively. Rather than sustain the damage Hiei did to his arm after using the Dragon the first time, he instead channeled the flames of the Dragon into his sword. He's only used this technique as a last resort, and only twice in the entire series, apparently because he finds it cowardly to limit such great power in the form of a sword and also completely devoid of any taste or artistry, because of the concept's association with Kuwabara.

He uses this again when fighting Sensui in Demon World, but to no avail. In the battle against Sensui he shows that he can create the sword out of flames without having to channel it through his sword. It is the size of a normal eye, but the iris and pupil are thinner. Hiei's Jagan has a violet iris. Procedure Shigure the Osteopath is the one that conducts the surgery.

It is so painful that he must strap down the patient to prevent them from clawing out their own eyes. Seemingly, a machine with a drill digs into the forehead of the patient, then implants the Jagan. The procedure is so painful and taxing on the patient that it made Hiei drop from an A class down to a D class. Price Shigure asks for the patient's life story rather than money for payment. Power Hiei, an A class demon at the time, turned into a D class upon the surgery.

This was due to the Jagan needing so much energy to grow. However, as the user becomes more adept at using the Jagan, it grants them several mental abilities: Allows Hiei to see great distances away. Appearence Koenma normally appears as a toddler with a red obi sash tied at the waist of a pink-trimmed blue robe over brown pants and black shoes. However, when venturing into the human and demon worlds, he transforms into a handsome teenager with long brown hair, parted down the middle though he occasionally appears in his true toddler form as well.

In both forms, though, he retains similar dress, as well as the "Jr. Personality Being a prince, Koenma has many subordinates, especially the ogre, George. The two don't really get along, as Koenma has a temper and George often annoys him.

He also has a rather bossy attitude, commanding those around him to accomplish his tasks, whether they work for him or not. He gets along with Botan, but has a sort of sibling rivalry with Yusuke. In the original Japanese version, he addresses himself as "washi", a term that elderly Japanese men and women use when talking about themselves.

This may either refer to his actual age versus his apparent age, or a desire to be taken seriously by talking in such a manner.

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Koenma's powers rely solely on his pacifier, into which he has transferred his Spirit Energy, in order to conserve his power for darker times. It has the ability to help Koenma bring corpses back to life. Also known as the Conscience Ring and the Wicked Seal, Koenma's pacifier is the vehicle for this technique; the strongest defensive spell in all of Spirit World.

When released, this technique is supposed to create a kekkai barrier net that is far stronger than the one that separated Human World from Demon World during King Yama's rule. And if Koenma had been able to successfully use this technique against Sensui, he would've been Sensui's eternal jailer. Most noticeably, this technique completely failed against Sensui and his Sacred Energy. Genkai Appearence Normally, Genkai looks like an aging woman, wearing martial arts clothes and occasionally a purple cap.

She has shoulder-length pinkish gray hair and brown eyes. However, in her younger years, she was a beautiful girl with bright pink hair and soft skin. Personality Genkai is an old-fashioned woman with great strength and determination.

She put her mind and body through extensive training to control the spirit wave orb, contributing to her rather cold and hard demeanor. She viewed Yusuke as a slacker at first, but soon came to love him like a son. Quite noticeably, she appears to be a pragmatist first and foremost, as when she told Kuroda the hitman that she didn't care what kind of profession that the strongest candidate to succeed her had. A technique fighting style created by Genkai, and coveted by many demons.

It works by using your body as a center for your spirit energy, in sense, making your whole body a weapon. Doing so returns your body to the time it was at its peak. In Genkai's case, her early twenties.

In the Dark Tournament, Genkai demonstrated her ability to use a far-more powerful version of Yusuke's Spirit Gun by firing a massive blast strong enough to reduce a good-sized mountain to pebbles, as well as the forest behind it, before it hurled up into the sky behind it. Genkai uses this technique, which blasts out a spray of energy bullets that look vaguely like her clenched fist, to clear an entire barge of the demons looking to compete in the Dark Tournament.

A purification technique that Genkai used to free the enslaved fighters of Team Ichigaki. The unofficial succession technique of her fighting style, and the bulk of her power, Genkai tests Yusuke one last time when she integrates it into his reserves.

The process is painful, and death is a very-real possibility, but Yusuke succeeds out of his characteristic bullheadedness. Genkai used this technique on Shishiwakamaru. It works by using the opponent's energy as a source of power, rather than your own.

Used to increase spirit energy reserves, a bearer of these cuffs needs to actively cycle spirit energy throughout their entire body in order to simply move, let alone fight. Is released with 'Ante' in original Japanese; released with the command 'Avitus' in the English dub.

Yukina Appearance Yukina has long, light green hair, kept in a ponytail on her back, tied with a red ribbon. She is seen wearing a light blue kimono, as well as a dark blue obi-sash. Her appearance does not change until the final episode, where her long ponytail is now braided, and she no longer wears the kimono but a pink dress with a brown sweater.

Personality Yukina, unlike her family of female ice apparitions, is very kind-hearted and polite, albeit a bit naive. She is very oblivious to Kuwbara's romantic feelings toward her, finding his flirting to be humorous. Unlike most characters, though, she refers to him by his given name, Kazuma. History Yukina's mother, Hina, broke the rules of their city by conceiving an heir with a male demon. Hina gave birth to twins, one being a boy, to whom was supposed to be cursed. In order to save Yukina, Ruri threw Hiei off a cliff.

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Hina later committed suicide, and her best friend, Ruri raised Yukina. At the right time, Yukina was told about her brother, and she never stopped looking for him.

While being held captive by Tarukune, she froze the room whenever he or his men came to retrieve the valuable Crystal Tears she produced. Being an ice apparition, Yukina's tears harden into dense crystallized beads that are coveted by many demons. That's because most Ice Maidens, being as cold-hearted as they are, only cry one tear just after having a child via parthenogenesis once a century.

Called Hiruseki Stones in the English dub. Like Botan, and to a greater extent, Genkai, Yukina possesses slight healing abilities. This is made apparent when she uses them to heal Kuwabara, both after his and Yusuke's fight with the Toguro brothers, and later on in the Dark Tournament.

For reasons that are unexplained, except by Kuwabara who believes it to be the "power of love", her powers have a seemingly-greater effect on Kuwabara, though Yukina herself is unable to explain it.

He keeps his hair short, with a bangs arching slightly over his forehead. He wears a casual long-sleeved dark shirt and dark jeans. Personality Sensui developed six other personalities to carry his various burdens, with the original personality staying pure. Three of the extra personalities are nameless, and the tasks for which they were created have never been mentioned in either the manga or the anime.

Known Personalities Minoru, orator and suave manipulator, is in control for most of the Chapter Black saga. He was created to persuade the six other psychics to join his cause. Kazuya is a violent personality, formed in the wake of the breakdown Shinobu suffered upon crashing the Feast of Human Vices all those years ago. His emergence causes the formation of a gun barrel over his right hand, but he is not the strongest of the seven personalities. He says that he was created to do the dirty work; all the stuff that Shinobu and the others couldn't tolerate, much less do.

Naru is a childish and sensitive female personality, in charge of emotions and oftentimes emerges late at night to cry over the implications of the plan. But she appears to emerge only in front of Itsuki and, according to him, composes the most-beautiful poetry he's ever heard. This personality is the one that he loves, second only to Shinobu, and he goes so far as to imply that the two of them are in love.

History Sensui was born with a natural talent for sensing and destroying demons. His black and white view of the world and desire for justice made him a perfect candidate to became a spirit detective, and he quickly adapted to the job.

Throughout his job as Spirit Detective, Sensui was partnered with Itsuki, much in the same capacitiy as Botan is to Yusuke. Sensui took on a rather simplistic view; humans are good and should be protected, while demons are evil and must be killed. However, this was turned upside down when he witnessed the Black Black Club torturing demons for sheer joy. With Itsuki, the two would assemble a team of seven psychics, that was intended to help bring an end to the human race.

An elegant fighting style that is only available to fighters that have mastered all other forms of martial arts. This style is considered to be the strongest, most-elegant, school of martial arts in existence and relies on fast footwork in order to focus on fending off enemy attacks with the arms and using the legs to counterattack with powerful kicks.

Genkai was the one to identify and name this fighting style during the first confrontation between Sensui and Yusuke. This technique is Sensui's unusual variation of the Spirit Gun.

He generates a ball of Spirit Energy, one strong enough to demolish an apartment suite, in one hand before kicking it. She stayed trapped until a certain team finds the jewel. A collection of unconnected and interconnected One-Shots involving Kurama and Kagome. How does she know people with prettier hair than him?

One thing is for certain, life in the human world is about to get much more exciting for Kurama. With the help of the InuYasha gang, and even Youko Kurama himself, they must stop these demons from carrying out a centuries-old revenge plan that brings the spirit fox's past back to haunt him. Alter by Uchiha B reviews A corruption, an altered form. Kagome x Kurama Rated: Set in my StJttT universe. K - English - Family - Chapters: T - English - Chapters: Too bad the priestess and fox demon don't know about it yet despite living together.

KagHieiKur pairing along with several others. Freed from her icy prison, she must learn to adapt to the modern world and the uncommon interest of a certain hot-blooded fire youkai. Part of a mult-crossover I planned on writing years ago, but doubt I'll ever finish. Implied future Hiei x Kagome.