Glee tina and blaine relationship poems

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glee tina and blaine relationship poems

Feb 9, Tina's relationship with Blaine is, in reality, entirely a friendship and entirely platonic. Tina is also presenting it that way, even if she feels. The Blaine-Tina Relationship, most commonly known as Blina or Blatina (as Blaine and Tina are having coffee alongside Mercedes, Kurt, and Santana, discussing Kurt's transfer to Dalton, and David's involvement in it. .. Related Songs. Apr 2, The girls have an interesting conversation about Kurt and Blaine. what Glee has done to me and, of course, the pathetic sappiness of the poem. Brittany was whispering, "Dolphin" into Artie's ear who laughed only a little too loudly. . with the sweetness, and they way my relationships are going lately.

I think the creators of the show were stunned that Kurt got as much flak as he did for the Finn crush because everything he did was pretty minor in comparison to what a lot of people do on this show toward a romantic interest. I think they had her go so far over the line to make a point about how actions by different characters get perceived differently. I live in hope.

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Heather 10 February at At least not much. This entire situation reminds me of Heart and Karofsky and Kurt apologizing and being understanding because Karofsky was in a bad place. There can of course be a difference in how the characters respond and how the narrative tells you you should respond. I know in real life people respond to this issue by not taking it seriously like that, but TV is not real life.

Everyone seems to think I've got one these days," Santana answered, shooting a look at Brittany who looked back slightly confused, "Well, I think I'll just leave seeing as the whole room has a problem with me. Our boy has it bad," Mercedes answered happily. Rachel continued, "I mean I can understand his lovesickness. I'm much the same way with Finn, especially now, and Blaine is an amazing kisser-slash-singer. But that doesn't mean— " "Hold up; I've been wondering what happened with you, Blaine, and Kurt after that party.

Kurt would not talk about it with me," Mercedes pressed, "Is there some drama I need to know about to make sure my best friend isn't being played? Mercedes told me how he was comfort eating about him during your sleepover in February!

Kurt bet me that if Blaine and I kissed sober, there would be no chemistry. His face was delicious, but Kurt does deserve a good guy, and I wasn't really all that into him, so I'm not upset about it," Rachel told everyone. I mean when we were both sober in that coffee shop, he wasn't even really kissing me back, and it was still I know now that he is definitely a boy peacock that likes other boy peacocks, but if he had wanted to, I would have taken that big V off him right there.

glee tina and blaine relationship poems

I think we should do a number with just female vocals, and split the solos evenly because we are all fantastic. Except maybe Lauren can just stay background vocals, but anyway, I was thinking about singing Seasons of Love at nationals. I want to get all sorts of diva going on that song, but we have to start practicing and making it jaw-dropping if we're going to convince Mr. We do all have unique talent in our own way, except I agree that Lauren should probably not be featured in this.

Santana and Lauren are missing, and even though Lauren thinks show choir's stupid, Santana will be five different types of mad at us for cutting her out of the song," Tina pleaded, "Also, I know that the salad will be gone if I don't hurry. There is no way I would dream of cutting him out of the song because he is an honorary girl," Mercedes added, "I guess meeting adjourned for the night, but I really want to go through with this idea. Should I make this any longer?

Santana and Puck's duet would've been great, had the lyrics a rap song transposed into a dirty ballad not been so obscene. He stopped them in the middle of "Maybe it's time to put this pussy on ya sideburns.

He made it a point not to listen mainstream radio, but he always had the horrible luck to stumble upon that stupid song more than once while trying to find the classic rock stations.

glee tina and blaine relationship poems

He gave Tina's dummy raven prop a wary eye, internally slapping himself in the face. He stepped down the bleachers like a man headed for the gallows, and Will began hoping against hope that they wouldn't be treated to something as distressingly similar as the Kurt-gone-country fiasco.

I hope you… well, I hope you don't hate it. When he nodded to one of the back-up guitarists, Will briefly wondered why Kurt didn't ask Puck for his talents. The two boys had gotten closer since Kurt got back from Dalton, hadn't they? He glanced over at the other boy in question, taking in Puck's confused and taken-aback blinking a look Will frequently saw from the boy during Spanish class.

Will thought he even saw a bit of hurt in Puck's now-stormy look. Kurt shut his eyes as the shaggy-haired accompanist, one Will couldn't place a name to he wasn't a Spanish studentopened with a few gently-strummed chords. Everyone in the room stopped murmuring and shifting as the rich acoustics filled the air.

Blaine-Tina Relationship

When Kurt opened his eyes, it was like opening a battered storybook. And when he started singing it was like Will could hear the memories carried on Kurt's soft soprano voice. I hate the way you talk to me and the way you cut your hair.

Let it be known that Kurt walked back into McKinley with flair, not fear. He wore his Michael Kors with relief, feeling like himself again in designer wear. Puck smirked when Kurt sat beside him on his first day back in glee. Kurt pulled his foot away as if Puck had set him on fire but tried to cover his nerves by folding his legs together in a move he hoped looked natural. Puck's unrelenting smirk said otherwise. Puck looked remorseful for all of point-five seconds before he turned his sexy-swag back on.

You're irritating me with your very presence. I hate the way you drive my car Kurt didn't know how Puck ended up in the driver's seat of his Navigator-hell, Mercedes wasn't even allowed to drive Kurt's baby!

He distantly assumed it had something to do with the hand shoved inside the hem of Kurt's chinos, stroking and grabbing and squeezing just so that Kurt could barely breathe, let alone think of all the consequences of letting Puck drive his baby like he was trying to win a Mario Kart race.

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Puck muttered something along the lines of "Just a suggestion" but pulled the car to a stop anyway. Kurt figured he should feel relief over their lives being spared or anger fueled by Puck's manhandling of his beloved car, but all he could manage was something halfway between irritated amusement and surprise that Puck actually listened to him, for once. Kurt fell back against the headrest, groaning as Puck invested more attention in jacking him off to the rhythmic beat of the song playing on the radio.

He glanced over and saw a middle-aged woman openly staring at them, disgust and shock clear as day on her face. She pointed at Kurt, mouthing something he could only guess as she reached over to pet a rosary dangling from her rearview mirror. Before she had a chance to bombard them with her glove-box holy water, Puck zipped down the road.

You," Kurt hissed, his face a mortified shade of red when Puck just laughed. I hate it when you stare. Kurt reread question number three for the umpteenth time, struggling to comprehend the diagram on the paper but the hairs on the back of his neck stood up at the feeling of someone watching him.

His ticked-off expression melted into a smirk that made Kurt scowl and pop a boner. If you behave, maybe we can do something.

glee tina and blaine relationship poems

He felt so bone-tired despite the fact he wasn't suffering under Dalton's overtaxing academia anymore. He sighed and worried at his lips, abusing the peeling skin there. He chalked it up to winter depression, resolving to spend some time with the lightbox he kept stowed away in his closet.