Gohan and pan relationship

Dragon Ball: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Gohan & Videl's Relationship

gohan and pan relationship

Vegeta and Bulma had another child, a daughter around Pan's age. I worked for Capsule Corporation. Training was always far from my mind. To put it lightly, Gohan was psychotically overprotective. Pan was his only daughter, his only child. She was his pride and joy, his baby girl. Appearance. As a child, Pan's short hairstyle resembles her mother, Videl and inherits her black eyes from her father, Gohan. As a tween, she has a hairstyle.

Mom fainted when she heard the news. Goten was nervous and eager at the same time. Even though the whole mess with Buu put a big damper on the Tournament, and the days to follow, everything turned out all right in the end. Old Kai had granted Dad a life. He was alive again, and he was coming home. Mom dissolved in a huge fit of tears on the spot, and Videl was so happy for us that she kissed me square on the lips.

Videl and I grew closer together. We got married and had a daughter, thus fulfilling Mom's dreams. Goten and Trunks grew up remaining as close as ever. Vegeta and Bulma had another child, a daughter around Pan's age. I worked for Capsule Corporation. Training was always far from my mind. Sure, I liked a nice spar every once and a while, but not every day, not all day long. Dad was constantly training with Goten. Goten told me that although it was nice to spend time with Dad, he would have rather done something other than the constant training.

Everything had been peaceful for ten years. There wasn't any need for him to reach his ultimate potential. Pan, quite differently from her uncle and father, loved to train. She was the third generation of fighting women in the family and had Saiyan blood. She never had a chance to be anything but a warrior. But it made her happy. I don't keep Pan from what makes her happy. If it had been dolls, I would have bought her enough dolls to rival Bra's collection.

But she chose to fight. So I let her train with Vegeta or Dad. Vegeta liked her, even though he's never admitted to it outright.

gohan and pan relationship

He always said that she was the most Saiyan of the half-breeds. For some odd reason, whenever Vegeta said that, I was proud of my little girl. But when Dad said it, I wished Pan hadn't a drop of Saiyan blood in her veins. Pan liked to train with Dad. She liked to show him what she was capable of, even at such a young age. She was excited to show him what she was made of at the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament.

I was happy for her. I knew my little girl would do well. Dad was set to fight a young boy named Uub in the first round. Dad was more excited than I'd seen him in years. He said that Uub was Buu's reincarnation. Uub was incredibly nervous about fighting, despite his strength. Dad had to taunt him to make him do anything. Before we could blink, Uub had accepted Dad's offer to train him personally.

Dad came up to tell us what they were planning, saying it wouldn't be a big deal, they'd be gone about ten years. Without so much as a second thought, for a kid he didn't even know and who was the reincarnation of an evil killing machine, he was leaving us again. Oh, he'd be back, but he was leaving. Mom was mildly hysterical, as was Bulma. Vegeta had to take them home. Trunks and Goten both looked to me as though I could explain my father's irrational behavior.

Bra was the most detached from the situation. She was merely confused. She loved her grandfather dearly, and he was leaving her for some boy.


She grew to dislike him quite a bit over the years as he had failed in his promise to visit her. I had never been angrier at someone. Not Frieza, not Cell, not Buu. What did he think he was doing leaving behind his family like that? It was one thing to be dead. It was quite another to hide out in the desert to help some little boy get stronger. We always knew where they were. Their powers were too high for us not to. Always training in the desert or in the Lookout.

gohan and pan relationship

No one went to them. Dad had promised to come visit us. But he never did. He was too involved in Uub's training. He came back after the accidental wish on the Black Star Dragon Balls.

He was just a child. He looked younger than Pan by a few years. At least his childish personality finally had a body that matched it again. Of course, Dad was going. Trunks and Goten elected to go with him. Trunks was ecstatic to get out of the office, and Goten was just ready to spend time with his best friend and father. Of course, he didn't get to go. Pan set off the ship early. We went through a series of problems for a while.

First there was Baby, then Super 17, and finally the Shadow Dragons. When Shenron came back, we knew the whole mess with the Shadow Dragons was finished.

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Shenron explained what the problem had been and told us that he needed to leave. Dad went with him. Dad left us in Vegeta's hands. While that wasn't a problem at all, his leaving was. He left without a single good-bye. He just hopped on Shenron's head and they flew away.

We yelled after him, begging him to come back. We knew this was it. He was leaving for good. He'd never come back after this. No one day for the Tournament.

Thankfully, Bra hadn't told anyone. Goten had found out next. Trunks had been a moron and forgotten to lock his door one night while Pan was over. They had only been kissing, but Goten walked in the room. He'd nearly torn Trunks's head off, thinking that his friend had pushed his niece into it.

They had calmed him down, and within a few minutes, he was cheerful again. But he had promised to break Trunks's face if Trunks broke Pan's heart. Surprisingly, Goten had kept the secret too. It was a couple of years before they had found the courage to tell their families. As expected, Gohan had flow off the walls.

It had taken everyone in both families to hold him down while Trunks cowered behind Pan. Vegeta had sat in a corner twitching in an unhealthy manner. Although he wouldn't admit it, he was more frightened of Bulma than Gohan was of Videl.

The small rational portion of his brain, the part that had kept him from constantly trying to fight Freiza all those years ago, held him back from beating sense into his son and maybe even knocking Pan for a quick loop. It had taken a while for Gohan to calm down and even longer for him to stop threatening Trunks. He still wasn't completely comfortable with the situation, but Pan and Trunks were free to show affections for each other in front of their families now.

The general atmosphere was so much less stressful without everyone watching Gohan out of the corners of their eyes, waiting for him to pounce.

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One day Pan knew her father would finally realize that she wasn't a baby girl any more. He'd realize that she was grown up and in love. Vegeta would also put aside his animosity at the situation. Either way, Pan adored the situation she was in. She adored being able to run up to Trunks and pull him in for a passionate kiss with everyone watching.

She loved that they could show their love for each other. She loved the feel of relaxing in his strong arms. She loved the deep oceans of his eyes and the silk his hair was spun from. They weren't married yet, nor had they mated. They hadn't really discussed it yet. Pan was still fairly young.

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But Trunks had her ring ready. He wanted her for his wife, for his mate. He wanted to mark her as his in both the Earth and Saiyan customs. He wanted to watch her carry their children, give birth to them, raise them. He wanted to watch her dark eyes sparkle with love for him and their children for the rest of their lives.

gohan and pan relationship

He delighted in watching her fight. She was strong, not as strong as the other hybrids as most of her blood was human, but she was skilled.

gohan and pan relationship

Goku's granddaughter couldn't be anything but. His father had picked a mate that had next to no power or fighting skill, but Bulma's temper, arrogance, and pigheadedness matched her mates, more than making up for her lack of training as a warrior. While most men tended to marry women who reminded them of their mothers, Trunks needed someone with that fighter's spirit. Yes we are sometime away from seeing an opportunity rise for such a and this is my opinion Historic Moment.

Pan has been a popular choice for The First Female Super Saiyan to rise and to tell you the truth, why not? We could have something like the above pic. It'd be something that I hope will give rise to more Female Warriors to the Dragon Ball Universe with Pan leading the charge with this theory. But in order for this potentially dominating part of the The Dragon Ball Universe to become a reality it will have to start somewhere so what better person for this theory to kick off than Pan's Own Father: Of course somethings will have to change in favour for Gohan's Warrior Side.

Nothing too major just erase his study-aholic side and maybe input a training scene with him and Pan. Nerves are at an all time high for Grandparent Chichi and Mother Videl.

Gohan & Videl

Much to her dismay and sadness, she just had to accept it but watching her son and granddaughter having fun while training was somewhat of an encouragement that good things were to come of Gohan's decision to fight and prepare Pan for the world via "The Warriors Way". Things were as they were until it happened Something like this could benefit Pan greatly and would set the stage for her rise to Saiyan Greatness. The scene could end with Pan saying: It also gives more depth to The Dragon Ball Universe.