Grantham and rose ending a relationship

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grantham and rose ending a relationship

Grantham & Rose is an enjoyable film that I seriously did not understand until the very end. In the film, Rose (portrayed by veteran actress Marla Gibbs, of classic television shows such as The Jeffersons and ) takes Grantham (portrayed by Jake T. Austin) on a road trip that is. Grantham & Rose is your classic road trip movie about an old woman named, I didn't understand the title characters' relationship, maybe any more than they did, To the end, I'm left uncertain who they were to each other. Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham (b. ), is the matriarch of the Crawley Family by her marriage to the late Earl of Grantham and a relative of.

She has told Anna to come to her if she needs anything, and Anna does when she wants to learn how to dance a reel as a surprise for her husband.

Violet Crawley

Rose teaches her to dance for the Ghillies ball. Rose is, with the permission of Susan and Hugh one thing they actually agree on allowed to reside at Downton Abbey while Hugh and Susan are in India, in order to make her coming-out in London and also relieve the strain of the mother-daughter relationship.

Edit Sometime after SeptemberRose arrives at Downton and has evidently settled in by February Feeling guilty for her mother's stealing O'Brien away from Cora, she decides to place an advertisement for a new lady's maid at the local telegrpah office. Rose encourages Cora to take her on, unaware of Edna's past at Downton and of her true, dark intentions for returning.

Feeling bored, Rose manages to convince Mary's maid, Anna Batesto accompany her into town where the two visit a dance hall. Rose's presence catches the attention of a young man named Sam Thawley who asks her for a dance.

During the dance, Rose lies to him and tells him she is a servant at Downton Abbey. Before the dance ends another young man, who also wishes to dance with Rose, interrupts. He is drunk and he demands that Rose dance with him instead.

She refuses, preferring to dance with Sam. He grabs her so Sam defends her and tries to push the other man away, causing a fight. In the meantime, Jimmy has also noticed them heading into the hall and he and Anna persuade Rose to run before the police arrive to break up the fight. Rose and Sam kiss.

grantham and rose ending a relationship

Later on that evening, Sam turns up at the door for the servants quarters. Anna answers the door and rushes to tell Rose of the quandry, since he still thinks Rose is a servant. Rose decides, with Anna's help, to dress up as a servant to speak to him. She kisses him but then she tells him their relationship must end, pretending it is because she is engaged to marry a farmer.

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Unfortunately, Bullock drinks too much, and Rose does not sit down with the rest of her relatives but continues dancing. Bullock makes a drunken scene but must desert Rose on the dance floor when he gets sick from his over-drinking. Rose dances with Jack Ross. Facing humiliation, Rose is saved by the lead singer of the band, American Jack Rosswho immediately steps in and dances with her. Rose's relatives, Rosamund in particular, are not pleased, because Jack is both an entertainer and black.

But Rose does not mind at all, in fact, she's completely fascinated. Upon learning of plans for a birthday party for Robert, Rose decides to invite Ross and his band members to Downton to entertain, but keeps it a surprise. She greets Ross when he arrives in the servants' quarters. Mary later spots Rose and Jack kissing. Rose once again schemes to get to London to see Jack, where they spend a romantic afternoon and kiss again.

Tom later spots Rose meeting Jack in a cafe in Thirsk and witnesses her stroking his cheekwhen she told the family she would be shopping. Mary, informed by Tom of Rose's tryst, speaks to Rose, insisting she does not want Rose to lose control of her life.

grantham and rose ending a relationship

Rose angrily insists that she loves Jack and does not care that he is black. Rose reveals she has decided to marry Jack, not caring what it takes, saying she wants "to see her mother's face crumble" when she tells her. Mary goes up to London to speak to Jack, asking him if he's sure Rose loves him because although she is sure Rose cares for him, she's not sure it's love and suspects Rose may primarily want to shock her mother, whom, she informs Jack, Rose hates. Jack admits he loves Rose but does want her to be looked down upon by society, so he has already decided not to marry her.

Afterwards, Rose is angry with Mary, accusing her of being "just like" her Rose's mother. Mary says she is not, but tells Rose if she is going to complicate her life that she should do so for the right reasons. Freda has told Rose about a love letter from the prince which is in her handbag, which Rose unwisely jokes about at the table they join at the club.

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Freda later informs Rose the letter is missing. Terence Sampson is suspected, as he remained at the table while the others danced. Extortion is suspected as his motive and there is great fear of a ruinous scandal. Rose, feeling guilty, informs Robert of the situation.

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Robert, disapproving of the prince's behaviour but a staunch monarchist, is determined that the Crawley family will have no part in a scandal over the prince's indeiscretions and an elaborate scheme is hatched to retrieve the letter, involving a poker game, to which Sampson is invited, along with Tom, Lord Gillingham, Harold Levinsonand Aysgarth.

While the poker game takes place, Rose, Mary, and Charles Blake go to Sampson's flat to search for the letter, gaining access with a letter that John Bates has forged. Their search turns up nothing. They return to the London house, where the poker game breaks up. Following a hunch, Bates insists on helping Sampson with his coat, during which he retrieves the letter from an inner pocket.

Bates later hands the letter over to Robert, telling him how he came upon it. The prince opens the ball by taking the first dance with Rose as a gesture of gratitude, as Mrs Dudley Ward has informed him that the letter's recovery is due to Rose.

She wants to help aristocrats falling on hard times and insists that Downton have a wireless, despite Lord Grantham's reservations but he eventually relents after she informs him the king is going to deliver a broadcast.

Rose then moves on to help Russian refugees. They first meet in the pouring rain when Atticus offers to help Rose with her bakery goods which she purchased for some Russian refugees. Later on, after hearing his ancestors came from Russia, she introduces him to Nikolai Rostov and Igor Kuragin.

His Jewish faith is revealed when Rostov exclaims that "he is not Russian" and never was. This fact does not bother Rose, and in that moment when Atticus invites her out if she is ever in London, it is clear he is taken with her.

Unfortunately Cora lost her unborn son after she slipped getting out of the bath. Cora is unaware that O'Brien caused her fall and miscarriage by sliding a bar of soap across the floor. Mary took Rosamund's advice which alienated Matthew, leaving Violet to agree with Isobel Crawley for the first time. Violet observes this match with distaste, as she still hoped, along with Robert, Cora, and to some degree Isobel, that Matthew and Mary would end up together.

She also dislikes Sir Richard Carlislea newspaper tycoon who Mary takes a romantic interest in. She also fights with Isobel over Violet and Rosamund's scheme to intimidate Lavinia out of her engagement with Matthew. They are especially spurred to action when Rosamund overhears Sir Richard threatening Lavinia in the gardens.

Mary uncovers that Lavinia was blackmailed into helping Sir Richard start a political scandal, and is terrified of him. However, she refuses to use this information to destroy her, comparing it to her situation with Kemal Pamuk, and Rosamund and Violet are defeated.

When Isobel suggests to Cora that Downton Abbey be used as a convalescent home for wounded soldiers, Violet reacts with horror and disgust at the prospect of unknown men living in the house. Cora coldly reminds Violet that she is no longer the Countess of Grantham, and says that she will make the decisions regarding the house. Lady Sybil accuses Violet of not being able to communicate between social classes, prompting her to reveal that she and Mr Carson the butler always had the first dance at the servants' ball.

During the time that Downton was used as a convalescent home, Violet bore witness to a concert that Mary and Edith put on for the soldiers, in which Matthew and William the footman return home after a period of being missing-in-action.

Mary sings "If You Were the Only Girl in the World", and Violet is one of only two audience members who doesn't sing along the other being Tom Bransonand stares in confusion at those around her for participating. It seems that she has observed Tom Branson admiringly looking at Sybil instead of joining the singing which leads to her visible indignation and perhaps is the starting point of her vague suspicion that Sybil may have an unsuitable suitor.

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As the war progresses, Matthew and William are both wounded. Matthew is transferred to the hospital at Downton, but William, whose lungs have been critically wounded, is forced to stay elsewhere due to the fact that he is not an officer. Violet, backed up by Edith and William's father, goes against the promoted Major Clarkson and other military officials in order to bring him back to Downton so he can die comfortably.

They succeed, and Violet forces the local vicar to marry William and Daisythe kitchen maid, while he is on his deathbed. Violet, Edith, and the entire downstairs staff attend the wedding. He dies six hours later. Matthew, however, suffered a spinal cord injury, confining him to a wheelchair.

At one point, a badly burned Canadian officer named Patrick Gordon comes to Downton to recover and claims to be Patrick Crawley, who allegedly survived the Titanic, recovered in Canada, and was caught in an explosion in the war. Violet, who has grown used to Matthew, reacts with indignation. Lord Grantham's lawyer, George Murray, speculates that Officer Gordon was a business associate of Patrick Crawley, and would have known some details about his life that would allow him to impersonate Patrick.

The officer leaves Downton, not missed by anyone but Edith, who believed it was him. The war ends, and Isobel is pushing for Downton to remain a hospital. Violet and Cora, who both want life to return to normal, manage to convince her that the refugees left disadvantaged by the war need her help more. Robert and Violet attempt to talk her out of it.

When they are unsuccessful, Violet decides to minimize the damage by making up details about Branson that would make the marriage seem more acceptable to other members of the aristocracy. Violet also tells Matthew that Mary is still in love with him, that she "looked like Juliet upon awakening in the tomb" and warns him when he chooses to marry he cannot undo it later.

When he later tells Mary about this meeting, she responds about her grandmother, "classic Granny. But upon seeing he has been injured, she later regrets her actions, telling Rosamund if Edith married him she would spend the rest of her life as a nurse maid.

MacClare family

Later, when Richard Carlisle announces he is leaving and that they will not likely meet again, she replies, "Do you promise? Violet admits that she is the one who sent Sybil and Branson the money they needed to return to Downton for the wedding. Her lady's maid, Smithers, wrote the letter, so that the handwriting could not be identified. Violet does not approve of Edith's pursuit of Sir Strallan, and tells Robert to tell Strallan to stay away. Robert gets him to write to Edith and end their relationship, but Edith is devastated.

When Strallan is at the dinner, Violet voices her surprise, and Robert tells her that he relented and re-invited Strallan due to Martha's interfering. Sybil dies from eclampsia, after having given birth to a girl, and Violet is utterly smashed; giving a gasp and hobbling - old, worn down, and devastated - across the hall, she comforts her son when Cora blames him for Sybil's death.

She tells Robert that blaming themselves is wrong. By pressuring the family doctor, Richard Clarksonto explain to Cora and Robert that Sybil's chances of survival would have been almost nil even if she had had a Caesarian, she helps her son and daughter-in-law to overcome their estrangement.

Violet after Sybil dies; old, shattered and emotional. Her niece's daughter Rose comes to visit her. When Violet overhears that there is a secret about Rose's behavior in London being kept from her, she tricks Rosamund into filling her in about the details Rose's unsuitable relationship with Terence Margadaleby pretending that Edith had already told her, which she had not.

Violet arranges with Rose's mother to have her sent north to Scotland early. On learning from Robert that the estate's agent has resigned after a heated argument with Matthew over the running of the estate, she suggests making Tom Branson the new agent, because this would ensure his staying on at Downton together with his daughter, her great granddaughter.

While in Scotland, she realizes just how frosty the relationship between Rose MacClare and Susan is, and realizes Susan does not handle it well. She also comforts Cora, who is still feeling sad over Sybil's death. Edit Violet seeks to bring her granddaughter Mary out of mourning following Matthew's death by insisting she take a more active role in running the estate, insisting Tom be her instructor.

She also puts Robert in his place when he tries to fight the fact that Mary owns half the estate per Matthew's wishes, as well as her attempts to take a more active role in running the estate.

Violet meets a number of old friends, including Lady Shackleton and the Duchess of Yeovil. But when two valuable possessions of hers go missing, she becomes convinced Pegg took them and fires him. Isobel protests, but Violet is adamant in her beliefs. She later rehires him after the items were found, Violet herself having simply mislaid them.

Violet continues to push Tom into mingling with the upper classes, such as when she urges him to dance with the Duchess of Yeovil, and to not call her "Your Grace", as a servant would. Later, after her son leaves for America to visit his in-laws, Violet suddenly falls ill. Isobel selflessly nurses Violet through her illness, never leaving Violet's side. After she recuperates, the two women play cards together. Rosamund had proposed that Edith go abroad in order to cover up her pregnancy and have the child adopted.

Violet admits, though she does not often agree with her daughter, in this case she does because Edith's reputation shall always be tarnished otherwise. Edith is not so keen on giving up her child and never seeing it again.

Violet offers to pay for Edith's travel expenses, and also to support Edith if she decides to go searching for her love. Violet comforts her also in her grief, remarking that life is a series of problems that must be solved. She is unhappy upon hearing from her son upon his return that the Levinsons are planning a visit in the summer of Edit By the time ofeight months have passed. Violet tries to cheer up Edith once she returns from Geneva, having left her newborn daughter there.