Han solo and leia relationship trust

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han solo and leia relationship trust

Han and Leia's relationship is the heart of the Star Wars saga. Yet even after all these years, this iconic love story has a lot of secrets behind it. Han and Leia have formed a sort of antagonistic relationship. So not only does she not trust him, but Leia is going through a rough time. Han and Leia aside, the series saw little to no It's not that Star Wars hasn't shown some good relationships — the timeless relationship is a classic troubled bromance: Anakin lacked trust, Obi Wan kept secrets, and the.

As Bloodline reveals, though, she was very nearly not afforded the luxury of making this decision, as a technicality nearly resulted in her being forced back into the royal line of succession. When the Supreme Governor of Birren, Lord Mellowyn, passed suddenly without leaving anything behind to suggest who his heir should be, Leia, as a relative of his through her adoption by the Organa family, found herself faced with the possibility of taking up the royal life once more.

Of course, things soon worked out in her favor, allowing her to remain as a member of the Senate. One of the proposals that was suggested by an especially nefarious member of the Centrist party would have introduced the position of First Senator in the place of the Chancellor position of old.

Leia, as a highly revered figure at the time the position, soon found herself tasked with running for the position, until her true lineage was publicly revealed and fundamentally prevented her candidacy for the role. But as Bloodline by Claudia Gray reveals, Leia even lost control of her own life story. Leia had been an esteemed member of the Senate at this point, and understandably, this caused quite the shift in the public opinion of her. Bloodline touches on her hesitance regarding the decision to tell him, as she had always worried that he was too young to understand it.

As soon as the truth is made public, however, she tries to reach out to locate either Ben or Luke, but is ultimately unsuccessful. As a result of her determination, she formed, alongside her group of friends and coworkers, the new Resistance, which has become such an integral part of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, before working her way up to General Organa. Leia lived a very grounded life as a senator, and eventually as the head of the Resistance. When she would travel, it was for a mission, and her absence would be for a set period of time.

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Han, however, remained defined by wanderlust and the need for adventure. However, she became shocked upon learning of her true relationship with Vader from Luke - that Vader was in fact, her father. She likely had mixed feelings for her father after this discovery; until learning of Anakin's ultimate sacrifice to save her brother's life, Leia now realizes that her father was never the monster she believed him to be and all her beliefs about him were wrong, it is very likely that she now has great respect for Anakin.

han solo and leia relationship trust

Bail Organa After Padme's death, Bail took Leia in and raised her to devoted her life to overthrowing the Emperor and restoring the Republic he had destroyed but to keep this part of herself to herself so their people don't get in trouble.

After Bail was killed when the Alderaan system was as destroyed by the first Death Star, as Bail was on the planet Alderaan; when it was destroyed, Leia grieves over the death of her adopted father.

Luke Skywalker Leia and Luke were separated after they were born, she did not meet her older twin brother until nineteen years later.

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Luke, along with Han Solo rescued her from the first Death Star; after Luke becomes a member of the Rebel Alliancethe two became close friends. In The Empire Strikes, Leia only considers Luke a friend, however, she kissed him in a failed attempt to prove she doesn't have any romantic feelings for Han; much to Luke's annoyance.

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Leia is not overly surprised as there was always a part of her that suspected the relationship between herself and Luke. After the second Death Star - Luke joins the rebels in their ultimate victory against the Empire. Leia and Luke lovingly embrace each other as brother and sister. In The Force AwakensLeia's faith in her brother, has increased to the point where she believes that the Resistance cannot defeat Snokethe First Order and the Knights of Renwithout Luke's help.

Unfortunately - Luke was not able to prevent Leia's son from falling to the Dark Side - as Snoke preyed on Ben's internal conflict.

han solo and leia relationship trust

Ben, upon conversion to the Dark Side, became known as Kylo Ren. Leia was devastated that her son had become evil and mourned him bitterly, yet, despite the atrocities that Ren had committed over the years - Leia still believed that Ben could come back to the Light Side and be redeemed.

However, she was left with no choice but to reluctantly renounce her belief of her son being redeemable after he killed Han, although she was clearly saddened by this when referring to her son upon meeting Luke.

han solo and leia relationship trust

Despite this, it seems Leia still remains unsure of her forced acknowledgment of her son as an enemy, as she did not act when Ren's ship approached her due to her sensing her son's presence. It is proven to Leia that her son still loved her when he chose to spare her only for his wingmen to fire on her instead, although whether this affected Leia's belief of his son's redemption being possible remains uncertain.

After Obi-Wan was killed by Darth Vader, she was upset over his death, Leia named only son and child after Obi-Wan, albeit after his alias; "Ben Kenobi", despite the fact that she never personal known the elderly Jedi Master.

Lando Calrissian Leia didn't trust Lando at all when she first met him.

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Her doubts were apparently justified when he helped Vader capture Leia and her friends unaware that he only did this; because Vader, under the orders of Palpatine, threatening to take over Cloud City if he didn't help them Leia forgave him after she learned why Lando did it, especially after he helped rescue Han. He also taught her to keep these sentiments to herself so Alderaan would not get into trouble.

When Leia was discovered to be a Rebel - Palpatine used her allegiance as a pretext to do what he had always intended - to dissolve the Imperial Senate permanently and destroy what was left of the Old Republic's bureaucracy - making himself an absolute monarch.

Wilhuff Tarkin Leia being threatened by Tarkin.

han solo and leia relationship trust

Leia and Tarkin did not have much interaction with each other, however, when she refused to give the location of the rebel base - he threatened to destroy her home planet Alderaan.