Hayate and nagi relationship counseling

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hayate and nagi relationship counseling

Dec 8, For chapter of Hayate, the results of the new popularity poll are up. given advice to a lot of characters like Hayate, Nagi, and Hinagiku. . to support Hayate's relationship with Athena despite making her depressed. Hayate, her butler, is indebted to her, so Hayate always saves Nagi from any accident, . At the end of the year, after reading a comic about a couple watching sunrise decided to engage Wataru as Nagi's fiance without consulting Nagi. Apr 28, "Look, I am not trying to give you relationship advice which you probably Nagi sat next to Hayate on the steps to the backdoor of the cafe.

Despite all this the number of votes she gets compared to Isumi is quite large. But again, last time she actually ranked 8th place with votes but she still remains in the top Harukaze Chiharu votes — Now this is a surprise, despite being absent for the entirety of the Golden Week arc, the lovely otaku maid Chiharu manages to one up Sakuya and take the 8th place she owned last time by upped her vote count from her votes that earned her 9th place long ago.

hayate and nagi relationship counseling

Nishizawa Ayumu votes — And then comes the hamster, if there is anyone that has remained consistent throughout the series…. This is the 3rd time in a row that the poor Ayumu gets the 7th place in the popularity contests and with almost the same number of votes as last time votes. However that placing itself is not bad, but I really wonder if she will ever break her 7th curse in the future.

As for her involvement in the series…she has actually done a lot of things that have truly made me like her a lot more than before. She has almost taken the role of the life counselor…having given advice to a lot of characters like Hayate, Nagi, and Hinagiku.

I would love to see her interact with Athena in the future. Despite her lack of involvement in the most crucial moments, when it comes to reaching out to other characters Ayumu is a shinning star amongst the cast.

Her involvement in the manga since last contest has not been that high, with only a small mini-arc with her raping Hinagiku as her main source of focus.

Hayate Ayasaki

But despite all that she manages to regain her 6th position and up her vote count from the previous ballots. As far as character goes, Izumi really isnt that very well developed, but if you want to get into how cute she is overall…well she is pretty much one of the best and despite not being able to fully understand why she is so popular, seeing her in 6th place is absolutely OK with me.

Maria votes — This is where the biggest change happened. If you were to ask me what Maria has done in the past chapters of the manga that was significant make that even …I probably could not be able to answer. In fact, her role in the manga has almost but disappeared, with only the occasional comedy chapter. I really wonder why Hata has shafted her so hard for so long, yet despite all this Maria still continues to be one of the most popular characters in the series. It is as if Hata has taken a page from Avengers: If so, it might be some kind of mercy for Hata not to show us that.

Rather, by admitting that she failed her first love, Hinagiku has completed her character development. Throughout the series she has been made fun of her two glaring weaknesses: Yet she successfully overcame both her weaknesses, and ended up being a more mature person who would be more ready for a better future.

Seems like she has overcome her fear of height already! Well then, his loss; Hinagiku should just walk away from his life with dignity. The same goes to fellow Hinagiku fans. All her struggles and development proved that Hinagiku is an amazing character, and I am proud to be a Hinagiku fan. And then there comes the one thing that I hate most: Instead of being satisfied with a proper ending, people are now once again bound to ask: Maybe this is the purpose of the additional content, after all, as everyone would want to know what their beloved characters would be doing after the time skip.

Well, at least we do know the whereabouts of Chiharu and Kayura: Nagi served as some sort of butler herself for the two, waking them up in the morning and preparing breakfast for them.

Worse, the inconsistency is noticed on the same page. Now that Nagi had no money and no Hayate for nowshe finally dedicated herself to be a better person and her efforts paid off. She might still not be at the absurd levels of Hayate, but she has done reasonably well. And so we reached the final nine pages of the entire series, which are dedicated to the final reunion of Hayate and Nagi. Apparently Hayate had been secretly protecting Nagi in the dark; Nagi might have noticed this for some time already, but she finally called him out this time.

Nagi proudly declared that she had done very well on her own in the past two years, only for Hayate to express his own feelings that he wanted to be with her.

After discussing over Nagi's misunderstanding with Hayate and timeskip through her fourteenth birthday, Maria leaves a letter behind. Inside contains a photo of the trio together. Kenjiro Hata envisioned that Maria's last name is Ayasaki, indicating she is Shun's daughter from a different mother then was unknowingly abandoned like Hayate and Ruka ; making her Hayate's older half-sister.

He lives in a mansion much bigger than Nagi's mansion with many servants. It is unknown where the Sanzenin fortune comes from but Nagi calls her grandfather an oil tycoon. He has the ability to judge a person's character just by looking at them. From what he saw in Hayate, he gives Hayate a pendant that is supposed to be his compass for life but turns out to be a cursed pendant.

Even though Mikado is Nagi's only direct relative, they do not get along. This is evidenced when Nagi continuously hits him when Mikado says something that she dislikes.

hayate and nagi relationship counseling

Episode 11 Nagi dreads going to the main house to visit him. As a result, Mikado is not seen many times after his first appearance, although he makes a brief appearance in volume 12 when Nagi states that although she knows that no matter how much money she has, she cannot bring back her mother; there may still be some people in this world that do not understand this. This further changed in volume 21 of the manga, that the inheritance will be granted to the one who manages to steal or destroy the King's Jewel Mikado gave to Hayate.

In episode 51 of the first anime, he hatched a plan to fire Hayate, although it failed to materialize. After Nagi lost the inheritance when she destroyed the King's Jewel for Hayate's sake and Athena, Mikado reveals the best way to have Nagi as his successor again is obtain another King's Jewel.

Mikado later reveals that the true inheritor of the Sanzenin will be the one who write their name in his will, which is contained in a case that can be only opened by a special key, known as the "Loto's Key", which is later revealed to be hidden in the Royal Garden. Mikado personally tasks in foiling Hisui and Himegami's plot to access the Royal Garden.

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He is shown to be not very fond of Hayate, mainly because Hayate's dream has nothing to do with gaining big money, or marrying Nagi. He is aware of Nagi's crush on Hayate. It appears that he was the Santa Claus whom Hayate met ten years ago in chapter According to Hatsuho, Yukariko appearance resembles Hayate's. Yukariko appears in Nagi's dream and Hayate's illusion in 2nd Season. The reason why he helped her is still unknown but the person was definitely Yukariko as her scarf is seen.

It is implied that was how she entered the Royal Garden and gained the "Power of Royalty" since she was the "chosen one by God".

She often said to Nagi that she would always look after her as the sky and the stars. She died of sickness when Nagi was about 5 years old.

According to her character profile, she didn't die because of sickness. Her grave is in Shimoda, and Nagi visits it every year. Tomokazu Sugita Shin is Yukariko's late husband and Nagi's father. He was adopted into the Sanzenin family after marrying Yukariko.

Nagi was about too young to remember him. He is also Mikado's son-in-law; he has a similar hairstyle like Hayate's. After losing his parents at a young age and growing up in a very poor environment, Shin always dreamed of becoming something big.

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Spending his adolescent days stealing from others, Shin grew into a well-known American thief until he met Yukariko. He proposed and they ended up getting married, and spent their honeymoon in Shimoda. In the 3rd season, Shin had served Yukariko as her butler while planning his escape with the Kurotsubaki Black Camelliaa clock that brings bad luck but can grant the owner a life full of miracles.

However, he eventually fell in love with Yukariko and instead wished to be the man worthy of her. He died in a car accident in Las Vegas. Mikado reveals that Shin was a con artist who married Yukariko aiming for the Sanzenin fortune, or so he thought. In episode 11, reveals the Black Camellia is a magical sword that exchanges a person's soul, Shin was really inside the Black Camellia for 13 years until Hayate got stabbed, they switch souls, and Nagi finally meets her father in Hayate's body.

hayate and nagi relationship counseling

Shin wanted back the ring stolen by his former employer Dolly that signifies his and Yukariko's eternal love. At the end of the series, Shin reunites with Yukariko in the afterlife. Kenta Miyake JapaneseMike Brooks English Klaus is the year-old head butler of the Sanzenin family, who is usually away on business. He was Yukariko's butler when she was young. He is jealous of Hayate because he does a better job than he does.

He had made several plans to fire Hayate, but they all failed, a similarity to Mikado's failing idiotic plans. He saw Hayate crossdress as a catgirl without knowing that Hayate was forced to by Nagi and Maria. He is self-centered, has a low alcohol tolerance, doesn't do well with tobacco or women, and likes cars and bikes.

Klaus once had a dog named Lucky that used to live in the Sanzenin garden, Lucky appear in chapterchewing Izumi's doll before attempting to attack her, Hayate saves her by hitting him with a large stick. Klaus always gets beat-up by Nagi when he tries to fire or discourage Hayate. In the later series, Klaus swaps places with Hayate to serve the tenants at the Violet mansion.

He is currently in love with Hayate's female character, Hermione Ayasaki. Mitsuo Iwata Akane was Nagi's former butler. A torn corner of a picture recently discovered chapter shows Himegami as a child. Judging from the way Nagi and Maria speak of him, he quit due to a problem related to Nagi's personality traits. Neither Nagi nor Maria seem to want to elaborate on his departure.

Also with references from the first volume he was close to Nagi.