Heero and releana relationship with god

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heero and releana relationship with god

Sunday, May 27, orney For a Per son Wanted in Joliet, And Allen Has Filed a Habeas Corpus Case. Hoock Says More Appoint ments Arc Abont Dae, Brit ft. He pushed her off of his arm when he spotted Alex, Usagi, Heero, and Wufei She raised her fist ready to make a connection when a hand "Oh My God!!" Now Releana made her way through the crowd of kids and took one. Sunday, March 22, l41 3 5 llt a 1 If CWj v n di y 1 l Known .

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I do not own Gundam Wing or anything else copyrighted in this fic please do not sue this story is purely for entertainment purposes I receive no profit I reiterate please do not sue Chapter 3 By The Pretty Penwriter Cressa had now been watching over Releana for two and a half years now this woman had determination she blocked the kick that Releana had just launched at her it nearly made her lose her balance she smiled Releana was finally learning how to put power behind a kick Releana threw a punch at Cressa who ducked and punched Releana in the gut it nearly knocked the wind out of her Releana stopped for a moment to gain her breath and then started to move dizzily Cressa approached her.

Cressa smirked and wiped the dribble of blood from her lips she jumped back up and flipped landing behind Releana and kicked her Releana was hurled across the room and landed with a thud on the mat as the buzzer sounded the sparing session was over for now. Cressa walked over and reached her hand out to Releana who accepted it. She looked at Cressa the girl she had once thought cold and brutal was actually nice, kind and funny but she could not show her real personality to her subordinates or they wouldn't respect her orders.

Cressa frowned "um then I guess we'll have to buy something when we get there but I have only two pairs of jeans we can wear the same shirts.

An hour later Releana had dyed black hair and green eyes she and Cressa were dressed almost similar white sneakers jeans and tank tops except Cressa's was a dark red while Releana's was blue.

heero and releana relationship with god

Releana slung the duffle bag with their nightclothes and some of their weapons over her arm. After the funeral Heero had set about trying to find Releana he believed that she was still alive that she was somewhere out there he hadn't taken care of himself very well his hair growing almost back length his beard had grown out he hadn't shaven in three weeks that was how long it had been since he left the side of his laptop searching for anything.

The words became blurred he blinked and continued working still looking for any leads yeah sure once in a while Duo came over trying to drag Heero outside but with no avail Heero shook his head and asked himself why did I break up with her in the first place?

heero and releana relationship with god

He shrugged his shoulders he didn't know why. Milliardo smiled as he glanced over at his wife her stomach had ballooned out with carrying their unborn child he rubbed her stomach gently and placed a kiss on her cheek she smiled in her sleep.

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Milliardo's mood changed from cheerful to sorrow when he thought that it had been two and a half years since the death of his sister and still no body he was beginning to think that she was still alive somewhere out there she was still alive he knew that she was strong maybe she was strong enough to swim against the currents maybe she made it and she just couldn't remember who she was.

Milliardo was snapped out of his reverie by Noin grabbing onto his hand tightly he turned to her quickly her face had gone pale and was contorted in pain…she was in labor. His eyes widened as he looked at Noin as he threw the duffel bag they had recently packed over his shoulder and he carried her down the stairs and out the door. Releana and Cressa arrived in the Cinq Kingdom two hours later Cressa stood there as a strange feeling came over her a feeling of home which was pretty silly since she had been an orphan since she was fifteen and lived no where near the Cinq Kingdom and that was when she joined OZ and when they were defeated she turned and joined the Marimaea army then she joined up with Jonathan it had seemed that as long as she could remember she was fighting.

She turned to Releana who looked like she fit right in Releana was looking back at Cressa a weird expression written all over her face. Cressa smiled at Releana to let her know that she was okay Releana nodded at her and they made their way to a small hotel close to the Peacecraft Estate. Cressa checked in with the name Rachel Crofton Releana's disguise name she asked for a room with two beds and that they'd be checking out in two days.

heero and releana relationship with god

Releana and Cressa decided to buy some clothes since they were staying here they already had nightclothes. They left their room when they were greeted by a parade of people dancing down the street Releana tapped one man on the arm.

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And I've decided to let you know. Neither of them heard the knock on the door. Usagi gave her sister a look. I'm allowing him to find out I'll probably kill Hilde off The page itself is odd but click this link then put in both of these names It seems that Darien has become smart and shows up when he knows when the worst time to come is. I'd have already killed that Hilde chic and probably get deathrow.

He fell asleep and drooled all over his note book which didn't bother him all that much because he already memorized the notes and he covered it in plastic wrap from past experiences. Slowly his mind started to wander to the one who rules his heart. Then he remembered their previous conversation and how confused he had been. He fished out the paper she gave him and logged onto the site.

He frowned and checked the address. Untrustworthy creatures that can easily fool the human race and suck them dry. He immediately found the search box constantly reminding him self.

heero and releana relationship with god

He put in the Two names and this came up: Killed by Darien Chiba. Started infecting Humans with the promise of eternal youth not telling them of the consequence that were there. Alucard Tsukino 8th cousin to Elizabeth Bathroy Helped Elizabeth spread the infection of Vampires promising them eternal beauty.