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Always on the look-out for amazing new Sailor Moon doujinshi on the market, and Kioku) was the doujinshi that turned me into a Helios x Chibi-Usa fan. Doujinshi by Studio Canopus are mostly about the relationship. on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Sailor scouts, Illustrations and Sailor chibi moon. helios & Chibiusa sailor moon fan art - Google Search. Sailor Moon. Peruru, Chibi Chibi and Kousagi are Helios and Chibiusa's kids? .. Sailor Chibimoon (Who has always had a connection to Pluto, Usagi, Helios and Mamoru) Kodansha went the extra mile to research the animal for the US market.

Remember, as Sailor Venus made mention of in Sailormoon graphic novel 11, nothing is set in stone, the future can change if you're not careful. So yes, it is possible for both girls to exist, and since Naoko thought the Parallel story was good enough to reprint in Sailormoon Short Stories Vol.

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I actually saw this on a Spanish site. I can almost see it Peruru is NOT related to any of the "main" characters and this includes Helios. Peruru does have brothers, but that's all the relations the fairy kid gets. Pretty sad if you watch the movie.

And as for the other two So what about Sailors Sun and Earth, where are they? Actually, you've seen them in the anime and manga. They are Tuxedo Mask!! Y'see, Naoko once explained in an interview that Mamoru counts as both "Sailors", which makes total sense when you realize that a. All of the Senshi's astrological signs correspond to their planets Mamoru's a Leo, and is ruled by the sun c.

This also explains his connection to Earth and the ability he has for feeling out when it's been damaged by the enemy in the manga. So what about Princess Serenity's dad? I have personally scoured all of the Sailormoon graphic novels, and watched all the episodes about the Silver Millennium era In fact, until Serenity meets Endymion, and until Chibiusa finds Helios, the only other male we see in all of the flashbacks is Artemi-Artemimu-Artemi-mu-mu No more clowning around, I'll debunk myself.

If he did, that would make Diana Usagi's little sister. Or maybe something happened to the original King? We may never know Chibiusa and Kousagi are half sisters? I don't know where this came from, but lemme assure you, Kousagi is Rini's full sister.

Chibiusa's only visiting and is only playing big sister? This rumor was started by someone who refuses to read the original works by Naoko, in favor of fan-made doujinshi.

Now read a book. Although they share the same name, blood type O if you're interestedand the same birthday June 30ththe two girls are entirely different people. I assure you that although it's a little obvious that 30th Century Chibiusa was around at the same time that her Parallel counterpart was conceived Sailor StarS manga if you'd like to know. Kousagi and Chibiusa are not one and the same, they are just two cute sisters. Lethe and Mnemosyne are sisters or lovers?

Okay, I think I made a small boo-boo with the Senshi page. In the Materials Collection artbook, it's stated that Lethe and Mnemosyne are twins, but it the manga, they appear as um They don't last long enough for an explanation in the series, but yes It's easy to get this mixed up, as they only mention each other as "beloved," so whether you take that in the literal or the metaphorical sense, in the end, they love each other In the manga, Rei is an only child.

Rei's mother died, and her father is a politician, who rarely sees his daughter. The two share a very strained and distant relationship, since he was not there when her mother was sick. This was addressed in the manga, and in one episode of the live-action series, but not in the anime, except for the character book. Rei was then sent to live with her grandfather, shortly before she began school, at around age 4 or 5 Many have asked what her dreams are.

Unlike the other Senshi, her desires change between the anime and manga In the manga, Rei wishes to become Priestess to the shrine her grandfather owns. At first, she hates men, after suffering a nasty heartbreak at the hands of her father's assistant, Mr. Kaido, but later Rei marries an unseen Shinto Priest in the Parallel manga. They have one daughter, Rei Jr.

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In the anime however, Rei is a boy-crazy teen priestess, whose dream changes each season. Her more prevalent dream is to become a songwriter, and on rare occasions an idol like Minako, but in SuperS she also dreams of becoming a businesswoman and marrying a rich man. As for her living arrangements, she originally lives with her grandfather, Phobos and Deimos.

TOEI animation however, thought her to be too lonely and too much of a recluse, and thus they took the liberty of adding a whole load of crap that shouldn't have been there. They shrunk her grandfather from 5'8 to 3'0, erased his hair, gave him wrinkles and had him appear as a rip-off of any elderly character of Rumiko Takahashi's works. They also made him a terrible leach, even having him leer after men in one episode. Though young girls are his favorite snack.

In one episode of Sailormoon StarS, she has a mentally challenged cousin named Kenko Ibuki, who sculpts for a living, but hates all of his own work. Yuuchirou Or Chad for the U.

He debuted half-awake at Rei's door in the first season, but bowed out by StarS. The anime often teased a relationship between the two, but never did they finish the already botched storyline. In the first season, she even dated Mamoru! She was dropped the day they discovered that Usagi was the Moon Princess however, leaving many a Mars fan in tears as she was utterly ignored by her "comrades," but in the manga, the only woman Mamoru ever saw was Usagi.

In fact, Sailor Mars didn't even start liking him as a future king, until well into SailormoonR. Ultimately though, one truth prevails over the whole series, both anime and manga. Her ultimate goal and sworn duty, is to protect the Moon Princesses, as Sailor Mars. So if 30th Century Chibiusa is years old by the end of the manga, then why doesn't she look all wrinkly? As explained in the manga, those who gain access to the Silver Crystal gain a lifespan of around years.

At some point in their lives, their bodies will stop aging, and will retain a youthful appearance for the remainder of their lifespan. Chibiusa stopped growing when she was 6 years old, and her body did not begin to age again, until after her powers manifested. But after she became Sailor Chibi Mini Moon, Chibiusa's body began aging in wild spurts, until Sailormoon StarS, when her body age was that of a year old.

Ironically, the same age Sailor V was when she found Artemis. Each of Chibiusa's actions however, allowed for Parallel Chibiusa and Kousagi to age normally, supposedly until they are fully grown.

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So why is the Parallel universe so much different from the 30th century one? Remember, 30th Century Chibiusa changed much of the timeline continuity just by visiting the past. By showing the Senshi what was to become them, she was able to help them alter the choices they made along the way.

For example, if you'll recall, Usagi never really wanted to take the throne. That's why when she was first given the chance in the manga, she instead chose to continue being Sailor Moon on Earth, at Mamoru's side.

Through Chibiusa and Chibi Chibi, she saw what could happen, if she ever gave up the fight as Sailor Moon or made the "wrong" choices. At the end of StarS, Usagi chose to have herself and the others "live as they are". Each little step, every little glance at the future that could be, allowed all of the Senshi to make all the many choices that led up to the Parallel manga.

And aside from her visits easing away the tension between the Inner and Outer Senshi, 30th Century Chibiusa in her own tiny ways, brought her parents closer together, faster, hence her Parallel counterpart being older than the 30th century version.

And since Usagi and Mamoru had become closer, and had shared their feelings for one another sooner, this made their relationship stronger, and thus made it easier for Kousagi to be born.

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All of 30th Century Chibiusa's efforts, led to a more peaceful future for her kingdom, and a happier existence for the Inner Senshi, since instead of living out their days as guards for Neo-Queen Serenity, they can now live peaceful lives as housewives, mothers and Sailor Senshi, alongside Sailor Moon.

Diana and the pink cat are the same character? Okay, where did THAT come from?? In the Parallel manga, Diana is seen on the first page with her mother and father. She is quite visibly older than her anime counterpart and is smooth and gray The pink cat is a very young kitten, with bright flipping polka dots.

In the handful of colored manga pictures that I've seen of Diana, she appears either lavender or gray, and is very smooth. In the only colored picture of the pink cat that I've seen, she appears purple, but throughout her manga stay, she is described as "Dental Candy Pink" Also, when in human form, Diana has lavender hair, done up in four little Odango on either side of her head, wears a little skimpy outfit, and retains her tail.

The pink one has very large cat ears, two heart shaped Odango like Chibi Chibi, wears heart shaped earrings, a smile and not much else But for those whom may still be scratching their heads, then let the following picture serve you as a reminder: Does Kousagi's cat even have a name?

Not once throughout the Parallel Sailormoon manga is there even a hint at a name for the curious kitten. Many fans assume her name is "Pink Head", due to the panel in which Kousagi screams "Your head is pink?! Another theory was that her name was Pink Cat, but that's more of a description than a name. Other names that I've heard are: Nadeshiko Neko Pink Cat in Japanese. Tsuki Japanese for Moon. Pink Moon Kitty Really now.

Moon Pink Kitty I was unaware that that was a color. To this day, there does not appear to be a name, as Naoko has yet to produce one. Perhaps someday if she so chooses, she may return to the Parallel Universe, and grace us with more of Kousagi Kodansha's US translation adds one more from Kousagi: We still do not have an official name.

Emotional development is something that should be celebrated. It is just one example of a wide range of emotions that are perfectly normal.

If she wants to cry, let her. Being jealous of the love lives of teenage girls is a little strange for a middle school teacher and even weirder when she insists to come along. There are many subjects that we can excel in while being poor at others, but Serena excels in saving the world, helping people, and keeping the universe in tact. Chosen ones simply have little time for academics. While Serena may not be getting A's on her papers, she is still a strong, compassionate, and loving example of how women can save the world.

No matter their size, most teenage and pre-teen girls think they are fat at some point in their life. When rescuing Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask carries her away from danger and tells her rather brutishly that she's gained weight again. The last thing a year-old girl needs is to be body shamed by her boyfriend.