Him meet and greet 2014

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him meet and greet 2014

Meet-and-greets are weird — we've gathered the highs and the lows. them all can't last forever — as evidenced by this Vine from Had many meh meet and greet experiences but my two favorite ones Mayday Parade is literally the nicest band ever, met them in on. Home - VIP Nation premium concert ticket packages providing preferred seating, VIP treatment, and access to your favorite artists. Exclusive VIP ticket packages.

It is pretty regulated. We are assuming that Kenny Camp thinks it may be better to let the radio stations and local venues deal with everything. Kenny probably gets thousands of requests and to regulate them would be almost impossible.

him meet and greet 2014

The No Shoes Nation is a huge group of people. We actually get asked all the time if we can help someone get meet and greets. So, How did we get yet an0ther meet and greet? We have a great relationship with both our local country radio stations and they completly get our love of Kenny and his music.

Connie even worked with radio and her company to help sponsor adoption fees and rescue over Love For Love City pets from the Virgin Islands, all with the help of our local shelter Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. We contacted our local country staions to get the word out so the pups could get adopted quicker once they arrived in Orlando. Michelle even made sure the story hit the local news too. He pulled a few strings and surprised us during our tailgate with meet and greets once again with Kenny.

But, this time Kenny knew we were coming. When we got to the meet and greet they put us to the end of the line. The familair faces from Kenny camp were so gracious and made us feel so special.

The Rules:

He is so humble and he just simply wanted to thank us for being good stewards of the No Shoes Nation. Our time with Kenny was amazing! John and the islands we all love. We told him how much his music means to us! He even knew about our tailgate and the money everyone had raised. Kenny really spent way more time with us that day then we could have ever imagined!

Some special people made our whole expierence the best ever. Earlier in … Michelle and Connie donate every year to St. Jude, but that year due to the hurricanes, their annual walk in Orlando was rescheduled and we were unable to go and raise money for them.

We believe in fate.

him meet and greet 2014

Our friends at St. Jude know how much we love Kenny. The money raised would go to St. So I did what I do when faced with a decision like this. I pictured myself sitting in the nose bleed section again. I pictured myself after the concert. I tapped into how I would feel.

When I got home, I bought the ticket. I had a moment of panic. Then I jumped up and down, let out a yelp, and cried in relief.

him meet and greet 2014

We packed the car—suitcase, pillows, drinks, concert clothes. The reservation was for Friday night. Was this a bad sign? We headed to Portland without unpacking. Following the email instructions that arrived three days earlier, we waited at the box office for the VIP guide who would arrive at 4: A crowd of forty people slowly amassed and I talked to a few.

One couple our age took Rock Legends cruises; a young woman, Stephanie, had been to a Fleetwood Mac VIP meet and greet and told us a little about what to expect; a woman in a Stevie Nicks ensemble came over, gave me a hug, and told me she loved my outfit.

Dan waited with me. I needed to change for the concert and figured I had enough time between the VIP event and the 8: Justine said to follow him and we headed to the entrance, where he informed us once in the Moda Center, we will not be able to re-enter if we left.

Now I wouldn't be able to change into my new concert jacket.

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At least we could be together just before the show. Inside, Justin gave us a bathroom stop. Then we followed him down to the front rows, took seats in the middle section, and were told that we would go onstage to meet Mick Fleetwood. Leave your coats and purses, all cameras and phones, on your seat.

him meet and greet 2014

You cannot use audio or video during the meet and greet. The whole family would be there tonight, but up in the nosebleed section. So was the inlaid Koa wood kit. More like jewelry than drums. Mick said hello with a big smile.

He was laid back. His white hair was messily pulled back in a ponytail. Most of what he said has to do with the excitement and rejuvenation of the band with Christine being back. Mick was generous with his energy. He told us about his drums, said one of our VIP members was a friend from Maui who had designed the inlay for the wood drums. He was three feet from me. The loafers were so close, I could see their high arch supports.

Then photos with Mick began. Justin with a professional digital camera called people up to stand next to Mick. Photos would be posted online. Our instructions had given us a link where they could be downloaded.

But that was fine. They were dancing in the aisle. When photos were done, Mick joined us off stage to answer questions. They were his good luck totem. He told the story about the early days with Peter Green while playing the blues in small joints in Europe and hope the band made the Sex Pistols look tame. I thought he said that Peter Green actually let his balls, his real ones, hang out of his pants while playing. That had been the first time he wore them on stage. He lost that pair, but he kept others in a safe backstage.

He wouldn't go onstage without them. This interview with the CBC Q program covers most of what he talked about onstage. When he finished and went backstage, most of us headed to concessions to buy food, cocktails and water. I met Dan when they let the rest of the ticket holders in around 6: