Hyungsik and jihyun relationship tips

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] The Final Selection and a New Beginning

hyungsik and jihyun relationship tips

Regarding questions about pairing up with Nam JiHyun as a couple in “We are in that type of relationship where we give support and advice to each other. Regarding thoughts about being in a relationship, Hyungsik said. 4minute's Nam Ji Hyun cleared up her dating rumors involving ZE:A's Park Hyung Shik. Park Hyung Shik, “As mentioned in Park Hyung Shik's interview, we are not dating. Pick-Up Lines and Dating Tips, K-Drama Style Park Hyung Sik to Cameo in First Episode of “Perseverance Goo Hae Ra” to. Girl group 4minute's Nam JiHyun has clarified her relationship with ZE:A's Park Hyungsik. All for you, Nam Ji Hyun & Park Hyung Sik · jihyungsik ep 1 cut 4 Digital Marketing Tips for Your E-Commerce Shop · shopping Jan.

Mir has reverted to his class clown self, and Seung Ah is once again the butt of the joke. Even though we bumped heads, it was fun.

hyungsik and jihyun relationship tips

The break-up-when-you-were-never-actually-together-to-begin-with talk trumps all. JB to decide whether they want to stay or move on.

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The staff member counts to 10, and Hyung Sik takes off as Mir follows closely behind. Was your choice based on sympathy? Did anyone else find this question extremely dramatic and hilarious?

Now I feel bad. I thought you really hated me. You know that feeling. I was thankful too. All these thoughts ran through my mind. I think JB really is a bad boy. Alas, there are two more damsels awaiting their Prince Charmings, so we move on to Jei. Mir, apparently weak in the knees, crouches down in the field. But thank you for liking me, and it was romantic. I liked him more after seeing those sides.

After some small talk, Hyung Sik says his final words. The couples have finally regrouped and after freaking out upon learning that Seung Ah and JB are a couple, all of the boys turn into Hyung Sik clones, grabbing blankets and jackets left and right to cover up their partners, who are shivering in the cold.

Na takes the hot seat first. This is what you call a twist. The fire in your eyes has burned out. Dal Bong gets in trouble with the shady direct sale company that hired him to sell vitamins since the supply he took was ruined in the park in the rain. Seo Wool asks Dal Bong to let her live in Seoul at his house until he can pay her back.

The Cha family finds out Dal Bong has stashed Seo Wool in the house when she sneaks in the kitchen starving to look for food. Seo Wool is adorable, earnest and considerate, and pretty soon she has Daddy Cha and even Auntie all warming up to her. She disagrees since he promised and makes a bet with Dal Bong, if the other Dal Bong agrees to marry her then Dal Bong will have to get on his knees to bow to her times and say I was wrong times, if not then Seo Wool will forgive the debt Dal Bong owes her.

Dal Bong takes a part time job at Dongdaemun Market delivering wares to the clothing stalls. She tussles with him and gets her shirt ripped while Dal Bong chases after the thief. Eun Ho tosses his jacket over Seo Wool and when her knees are still weak, he picks up her in a princess carry off to the nearby cafe to calm down. Dal Bong is antagonistic towards Eun Ho who wonders why Dal Bong is still harboring a grudge since junior high.

Dal Bong drags Seo Wool out of the cafe but she leaves the shoes that she bought for his dad on the chair.

hyungsik and jihyun relationship tips

Eun Ho notices and takes it for Seo Wool, leaving a note with the cafe for her to come find him to get it back. Eun Ho seems intrigued by Seo Wool and flirts with her to thank him for helping her and for taking the shoes for her. Dal Bong starts getting jealous and also starts to realize that he really likes Seo Wool. In fact, twelve years also Dal Bong did have a crush on Seo Wool and Eun Ho found out which is a reason why their friendship ended. The next day Eun Ho gets sick and Seo Wool finds him feverish in the office and takes him to the hospital.

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Initially Dal Bong refuses to work for Eun Ho but finally swallows his pride because he wants to do more with his life. Seo Wool is happy to see Dal Bong working hard at the restaurant and she waits for him after her shift is done to go home together. Initially Eun Ho was just curious about Seo Wool showing up in his life again but in spending time with her he gradually has fallen for her.

Seo Wool decides to give up on her Seoul dreams and go back to the countryside to see her haraboji.

ZE:A′s Park Hyung Sik and 4minute′s Nam Ji Hyun Deny They′re a Couple | Mwave

She left her cell phone at work so Eun Ho answers and he goes to the train station to bring haraboji to the Cha house.

Dal Bong tries to impress haraboji by pretending his the head chef at the restaurant rather than just a busboy but is busted. Haraboji is furious that Dal Bong is so boastful. Seo Wool asks why Dal Bong lied to impress her haraboji and he admits that he wanted to keep her in Seoul so thought he needed to be successful so her haraboji would approve of him. Seo Wool is so touched and they hug and haraboji sees this. Haraboji leaves the next day and tells Seo Wool to stay in Seoul.

Dal Bong goes to the train station to send him off with snacks to eat on the trip.