Imran khan and reham relationship goals

Imran Khan, Reham divorce with mutual consent - Pakistan -

imran khan and reham relationship goals

Reham spills the beans on divorce with Imran Khan . after media reports there may have been physical altercations between the couple She is power hungry and wanted to use Imran khan for that purpose and she will not. Imran Khan news: The life of cricketer-turned-politician, who is the next Prime note about witnessing Khan's year-old struggle to reach his goal. Reham and Imran divorced 10 months after their marriage and the. Imran And Jemima Khan's Adorable WhatsApp Exchange Gives Us Ultimate Friendship Goals their separate ways. Though Imran Khan married Reham Khan and later got separated, people still idealize Jemima and Imran Khan as a couple.

While the couple was seen together on occasion, Imran last month tweeted an apparent refutation of the rumours: I strongly urge the media to desist from such baseless statements.

She just did not want to sit at home," he told Dawn. Despite several attempts, Reham could not be reached for a comment, but posted an announcement of the divorce on Twitter: Sources said Reham has left Pakistan for London and is expected to address a conference there. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has also asked party leaders to refrain from commenting on Imran Khan's personal life. The announcement today stirred a fiery debate on social media, with fans and naysayers of both Khan and Reham posting their two cents and taking sides.

Istakhara to Bani Gala: We reached a dead end.

imran khan and reham relationship goals

You dig deep, you soul-search and you come out a better human being, with more depth, more understanding. You obviously had faith in the institution of marriage, because you attempted it a second time Every young Pakistani wanted to be me, and yet, given the choice between someone to live happily with and the bachelor life, I would always choose married life. Because bachelor life is: It is very shallow and empty.

It is a superficial existence. You cause a lot of pain. As a bachelor there were a lot of heartaches, and I regret that.

Indian kids, sex, debauchery: Five things from Reham Khan's book on Imran

Imran Khan lashes out on Sharif family over Panama Papers Were you able to detach yourself in a relationship more than the women could?

In my cricketing days, I would avoid the subject of marriage because I knew the two did not go together. All my cricketing colleagues had disastrous marriages.

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Three years later I did get married. I had told myself I would not indulge in infidelity and I never did. It is the greatest pain a human being can cause to their partner, which is why in all religions it is a sin. The second time was much more difficult. So their happiness came first.

imran khan and reham relationship goals

It was too complicated. Listen to Khan talk at a Lahore rally Would you contemplate marriage a third time? But it takes a lot.

imran khan and reham relationship goals

So I would be a bit more careful. But marrying at 60 is not like marrying at But the faith in humanity and the faith in love that you lose can never be replaced. The striking fact is that in the 10 years previous that I was unmarried and on my own two of those years in PakistanI felt more secure and protected.

I went and got married to the strongest man in the land, idolised by millions, only to face a barrage of abuse.

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It still surprises me how people I have never met and who are sitting miles away, are capable of giving reliable information about me. As I met different diehard professional female PTI supporters, I urged them to come forward and become active in politics.

The answer was always the same: We cannot tolerate the attacks you put up with. Is it possible that family disapproval played a part? A bond that is strong can withstand any attack, rumour or pressure.

We are both mature adults who, between us, have an accumulated wisdom of more than a hundred years.