Irie and kotoko relationship help

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irie and kotoko relationship help

Call me a cynic but three kisses do not a marriage make. . Oh Kotoko, if you only knew what your Irie-kun's feeling at this very moment. Naoki and Kotoko's last moments together. They was But just like any other relationship, they are also put to the test. And now its to Kotoko. It didn't help that his granddaughter, Sahoko, was exactly like her grandfather. what's up and maybe help them out of it before the person commits themselves to their Why do some people not agree with the Kotoko and Irie pairing in the anime "Itazura na Kiss"? She is basically in an abusive relationship at the end.

What he does in this scene is downright shitty and the more I think about it, cowardly. This is like kicking someone in the gut. You are making it very difficult for me to root for you right now. If you want to talk about challenges, loving Naoki has been a real ordeal for Kotoko and at this point, I just want to give the poor darling a big hug and tell her that there are other men and not just Kin-chan who are far worthier of her love on this planet.

Naoki is not someone who handles emotional stress well. When his emotions overwhelm him, his logic flies out of the window and he tends to do things that are not only extreme but out of character as well. We have seen this happen before.

A normal, emotionally well-adjusted year-old would have figured out a way to talk to his crush alone. Because Naoki is an emotional retard who has no idea how to initiate a conversation with Kotoko without resorting to insults, he has to do this — and then blame her for it, of course.

Dude, she was just stuffing her face and minding her own business with her friends when you decided you could not bear to be ignored any longer. Naoki is obviously suffering from short-term memory loss. Methinks his mother needs to give him more Omega-3 supplements. And how can he not when he sees her walking around the house in those cute shorts and miniskirts practically every single day?

If that little nighttime encounter in his bedroom in episode 3 is any indication, his hormones are in no way as retarded as his emotions.

irie and kotoko relationship help

From the way she speak of the future, he knows that she only wants him and no one else. One pair of Irie brothers like the two of you is enough or I'll go crazy' He was on fits of laughter after that. That is why when Kotoko ask a passerby to take their photo with The Lupa Romana statue, he cannot wipe the smile on his face. They were consumed by a comfortable silence while they both ponder all their memories together. From the first time they met to their love confession after graduation and all the happy memories they made together.

But just like any other relationship, they are also put to the test. And now its time for them to part. Kotoko tighten her hold on Naoki's hand, her left hand now gently squeezing his arms.

Naoki feels Kotoko's sudden tense movement.

irie and kotoko relationship help

He let go of her hand, adjusted himself and put his arms around Kotoko. He feels her encircle him with her arms. Her small fist grabbing the back of his shirt with a force. Naoki could feel her nod a little on his chest. He could also hear the heart wrenching sobs that she is desperately trying to stop. He then puts his other arms around her and hold her as close to him as he can.

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Naoki wanted to cry as well. He wants to take out all the pain he is feeling inside and hearing Kotoko's hopeless cries was just like a salt in the wound. He had hated himself. For once, being genius did not help him at all. Him and his family have no way out unless he marries chairman Oizumi's granddaughter. With Pandai on the verge of bankruptcy and his father's deteriorating health, Naoki doesn't have a choice.

Chairman Oizumi is a wicked man, even evil on Naoki's opinion. He as for Naoki in exchange for his financial assistance to Pandai, fully knowing that he is already engage to Kotoko. It didn't help that his granddaughter, Sahoko, was exactly like her grandfather.

She threatens him about Kotoko's future by telling him she have a lot of connections. Naoki and Kotoko never hides anything from one another so they both agreed to break up knowing that it will better for the both of them and their family. I need a drink.

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Kotoko wanted nothing more than to let herself go a little and for the first time alcohol seemed like the perfect solution to Kotoko.

Kotoko suggested that they all have some shots. Jinko and Satomi were surprised but readily agreed.

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They ordered the drinks and their night of fun truly began. She shouted her goodbye as Narasaki drove away. The commotion of drunk Kotoko outside the door and Satomi shouting had Naoki opening the front door, glowering at Kotoko. He was still in his suite indicating that he himself had just gotten back from his date with Sahoko. Mom was so worried about you. I had to calm to her down and I finally sent her to bed; and you with all this ruckus would disturb her again.

Do you have any consideration for anyone else? Coming home at this time and that to in some strange guys car. He stopped when he saw Kotoko stumble inside the house, while he was speaking, and realized that she was drunk as he smelt the strong smell of vodka on her. His temper reached an unprecedented level.

He gritted his teeth and very slowly held Kotoko by her shoulder. He tightened his hold to an almost painful level said "I can't believe you would get into a car with guys you don't even properly know while being pissed off drunk.

Tell me, Kotoko, are you that desperate?

irie and kotoko relationship help

Kotoko slammed her door shut and leaned heavily against her door. All her bravado left her as she slumped down and tears started streaming down her eyes. Her heart was breaking and she didn't know how much more she could take.

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Naoki who had been shocked frozen by that slap and even more by her words finally moved. He will never learn, Naoki thought to himself. He walked up the stairs slowly, his heart weighed down. Naoki realized that this time he was losing her forever. Maybe this time there was no going back from where they have reached.

He was getting engaged to Sahoko-san. He was so lucky. Then why was he mourning a loss. So this is the first chapter. I would love to hear what you guys have to say.

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