Izaya and shizuo relationship memes

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izaya and shizuo relationship memes

For all those fics centered around the wonderful crack couple Shizuo/Izaya of Durarara! Shizaya ; kink meme fill Now in a relationship Izaya realizes while vacationing with Shizuo that he can't take anymore harsh nicknames like he used . Original prompt on LiveJournal DRRR Kink Meme: Shizaya-Royalty, Shizuo and Izaya hate each other the moment they set their eyes on. Shizuo and Izaya's relationship pretty much summed up Durarara funny Izaya Orihara, Shizaya, Durarara, Anime Meme, Anime Manga.

izaya and shizuo relationship memes

You're getting them whether you like it or not. Izaya struggled vainly, knowing how useless it was due to the brute's strength.

I'm only on my second. He wasn't ready for this mentally. True, he had invited Shizuo to stay and he knew what that meant but… His grip on Shizuo's hands faltered, losing more strength as Shizuo's hot breath was on his neck.

A third bite and Izaya shivered, craning his neck to give him even more access as the grey hoodie drooped down one shoulder. It immediately grew taut with just a touch. His toes curled as his legs wrapped around the debt collector's thighs. Shizuo pulled down the hoodie with his spare hand to suck and bite more down Izaya's exposed shoulder.

Once Shizuo had covered Izaya's nape with bite marks and massaged both nipples, he pushed his smaller boyfriend down on the couch. What are you planning? Izaya flushed at those words. Shizuo couldn't help but want to see more of him. There was no turning back now.

Shizuo took off one of the socks and started to lick between his toes. Then he nibbled lightly on the pinky toe, earning a groan from his boyfriend.

izaya and shizuo relationship memes

Sometimes Izaya giggled from being tickled as Shizuo licked his ankle and then quickly became a moaning mess when he started sucking on his toes again. After each of his feet were kissed, Shizuo lifted up Izaya's shirt to see his perky nipples.

Stay the Night With Me, a durarara!!/デュラララ!! fanfic | FanFiction

Licking his lips once, he spread apart Izaya's legs to invite himself in and sucked on one of the pink nipples. Izaya's gasp was loud and audible despite the T. The informant wrapped his legs around Shizuo's waist instinctively. This proved to be a mistake as he arched when his cock inside his pants brushed against Shizuo's own tight erection. The raven clutched onto the blond's head, his fingers tangling in his locks. The debt collector growled, unable to contain his lust as he grabbed his own arousal under his pants and Izaya's erection and started rubbing them together.

The friction was sweet, finally feeling a bit of relief. His mind did not want to go further, this has already gone too far. Sweet lord, his body wanted to go much further than this. He wanted to plunge himself into this pleasure, dive into the abyss and forget everything else save for this sweet sensation that Shizuo was delivering him. Izaya arched into him, also moving his hips in tandem. God his body needed this, but… "N-no.

Shizuo swallowed hard, caught between wanting to say 'fuck it' and just fuck his boyfriend senseless until he gave up… and stopping himself before he truly turned into a monster.

With a deep sigh, Shizuo hooked the hem of his pants and lowered it, freeing his erection. Izaya's eyes widened at seeing Shizuo's cock for the first time. No way that thing could enter inside his… "I won't, flea. But let me at least do this. He groaned at the sensation, as he started to masturbate, jerking his hands swiftly. Izaya gulped, his own cock twitching with need, crying from the lack of friction.

Izaya groaned, trying not to thrust his hips into that delicious mouth and that pleasure-inducing tongue. But even this wasn't enough anymore. And he knew it. I said I need this," he grunted. I … I want you to… turn around. Izaya struggled to get up, pushing down Shizuo back on the couch.

izaya and shizuo relationship memes

And to the blond's surprise, his boyfriend took off his own black pants. Izaya's face was burning with shame, but there was no turning back now. Feeling nervous and still uncertain, Izaya turned his body as he straddled Shizuo.

The blond's eyes widened as Izaya lowered his cock near Shizuo's mouth as he himself wrapped his hands tentatively around the blond's arousal. Shizuo smirked as he licked his lips. If Izaya was afraid of penetration, this would suit them well.

The debt collector immediately leaned forward to take Izaya's cock into his mouth. Izaya moaned loud, his hips bucking as his boyfriend sucked him so deliciously. He hadn't even fully wrapped his hands around Shizuo's cock and already he was devouring him. Izaya trembled as he tried to concentrate, his hazy mind telling him he needed to focus on giving some pleasure back to Shizuo.

He stroked Shizuo's cock, rubbing the foreskin up and down the shaft. He just couldn't bring himself to suck on Shizuo's erection like his boyfriend was doing but he should at least try to lick him. He brought his tongue to the tip of the erection and licked at the pre-cum. For Izaya, it meant building a new life out of the ashes. Shizaya ; kink meme fill Durarara!! Crackfill for the meme.

Warnings for Shizu-chan's pottymouth and bastardized Biology. T - English - Humor - Chapters: How will Shizuo help Izaya get over the issues of his past? READ to find out: Disgusting by Heki reviews "Orihara Izaya had fallen in love, with his nemesis no less.

Thought of while listening to Disgusting by Kesha. Not to mention that it was Christmas too. Shizaya relation-ship established, boy x boy don't like don't read Durarara!! Izaya is afraid of the dark. K - English - Romance - Chapters: Shizuo takes opportunity in this situation to attack Izaya when he wakes up.

Then something unexpected surprises Shizuo. Shizuo and Izaya are best friends for a few years now. Shizuo and Izaya hate each other the moment they set their eyes on each other. For the sake of X's country and Japan, they get forced to marry, and have to deal with marriage, slowly falling hopelessy in love.

Izaya and Shizuo

I want to see how they deal with each other, and for example, Vorona, flirts with the soon-to-be-king, prince Shizuo, and then Izaya gets jealous and realizes he doesn't exactly hate the protozoan king! So I've decided to post my fills on Fanfiction: This is also Yaoi, which is BoyxBoy, so if it does not suit to your tastes then what are you still doing here reading this?

You have been warned Orihara Izaya was busy sitting on his living room couch munching on some rice crackers as he watched the morning news.

izaya and shizuo relationship memes

It was a Saturday, Mairu and Kururi were out and his mom and dad were working, so he had the whole house to himself. He had just taken a sip of his drink when they announced the result. Did he hear right? Out of everyone in fucking Japan, his name was picked out! This had to be some kind of sick joke.

He quickly whipped his head around to face two brunettes, who had big grins on their mugs. Then everything after that happened so quickly, too quickly.

izaya and shizuo relationship memes

You get to marry a prince! Kururi started packing a duffle bag for Izaya as Mairu began spinning him in circles in his room. Izaya was too dazed and confused to have done anything in protest. But as they were dragging him out the house and down the streets of Ikebukuro he started to snap.

Let me go Kuru-nee, Mairu-nee! How could you just send your big brother off to marriage! Plus I'm still underage to marry," Izaya dug his heels into the concrete making the twin brunettes stumble. They tried pulling the raven and it turned into a mini, but a strainful, tug of war. I bet he's handsome and so prince-like! Here's your chance on being a princess! So stop struggling," Mairu huffed as she gave a strong tug on one of Izaya's wrist, making Izaya slide a few inches toward their original direction.

Izaya's face scrunched up at the thought. After Shizuo's father ran away from the royal life, along with his mother, the court has been controlling Country X. Being the oldest son, Shizuo was destined to take the throne at the earliest age possible. Which just so happens to be when he turns 19, the minimum age for him to marry, which he had just recently, came about. In order for him to completely take the throne though, he must have a queen.

Which is exactly what the court had just informed the eldest Heiwajima. The blond scowled as he clenched and unclenched his fist.

Those on the council that feared the prince-soon-to-be-king, shrunk further into their seats. Hell, Kasuka would be more fitting to be king than me. Wait- Never mind, I don't want you forcing my little brother to an arranged marriage. Fuck," Shizuo could feel his head pound. This was so perplexing, he didn't want Kasuka to burden the duties of being king, though he would be exceptionally be better at it than Shizuo.

But he didn't want to marry out of duty or custom either. He glowered at the court members, excluding Celty. She looked like she was choosing to either be angry at the court or worry for Shizuo.

He'd had enough, he knew it was childish but he stormed away and stomped down the halls of the courthouse to his part of the mansion. What's the matter," as Shizuo neared his room, Tom, one of the butlers, was standing next to his door. He felt a little more relieved as the dread-locked man came into his view. Despite Tom being his butler he looked on to him as more of a friend. A lot of stuff just got dropped down on me at the courthouse," he let out a sigh.

His expression turned troubled as he kept his gaze trained on the floor.