Jace and clary relationship

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jace and clary relationship

Clary and Jace go to the Silent City to get her memories back. Shadowhunters In the alternate universe Clace have a beautiful relationship! Shadowhunters. She doesn't think that Clary and Jace have ever really loved each other. Of course I asked her why on Earth she would think that and she said something along. Given that they're actually brother and sister, "Shadowhunters" is putting Jace & Clary's relationship on the back burner in Season 2.

jace and clary relationship

They return to see the Clave, and Clary uses her rune ability to create a binding rune, enabling Shadowhunters and Downworlders to share powers. All those of age go to the battle on Brocelind Plains, and Clary has to give Simon the Mark of Cain so that the vampires will join the fight. Her real brother is Sebastian Jonathan Morgenstern. It is soon revealed that Sebastian is a spy for Valentine and that he tried to seduce Clary into teaming up with him.

Clary then tries to locate Jace to help him. She runs into Valentine, who ties her down in order to complete his summoning of the Angel Raziel by using her blood. Then, when Jace arrives to rescue her, Valentine forces her to watch as he fatally stabs Jace in the chest.

jace and clary relationship

Upon summoning the angel, Clary changes the marks on Valentine's summoning circle, giving her the ability to control the Angel, and after Valentine is slain, she wishes to have Jace back. After Jace is brought back to life, the two get together. But soon, Jace starts to behave strangely and avoids her, leading Clary to assume he wants to break up with her.

In truth, he has been influenced by Lilith,mother of all demons and former wife of Adam before Eve, who sent him dreams in which he kills or hurts Clary, because when he was raised from the dead by Razielall of his protections placed on him at birth were stripped away, leaving him vulnerable to demonic influence.

During the party, when Lucian's pack celebrated his engagement with Clary's mother Jocelyn, she is kidnapped by a fully possessed Jace and taken to Lilith. Using Jace's affection for her which remains undiminished because his possession has no effect on that part of himshe cuts the rune which enabled Lilith to control him.

Jace and Lilith fight fiercely, until Lilith stops him by torturing Clary. Seeing his chance, Simon comes in the way of Liliths blow to Clary, the Mark of Cain possessed by him returns the blow sevenfold to Lilith,destroying her.

After Lilith's destruction, Isabelle and Alec appear on the scene, but Jace shoos them away since he doesn't want to be consoled as he feels terrible for hurting Clary, in spite of the fact that he wasn't himself.

Alec then shoves Clary back to the room as they get into the elevator, feeling that only she can help him. Clary and Jace reaffirm their love after she convinces him he is not a horrible person. The last words Clary says to him before going down are, "I'll be back. Five minutes," and they share a kiss before she leaves and comes back to find him gone, unaware his rune has healed and he is possessed once again. The Clave was alarmed by the sudden disappearance of Jonathan and Jace and started to search for any signs of them, after two weeks of repeating the same statement about what happened at the rooftop, before Clary left him with Sebastian, alive by Simon's blood.

But other problems come to the Clave and it has to set aside the search for Jonathan. Clary is outraged by the news.

jace and clary relationship

Using the bell given to her by Kaelie Whitewillow, a waitress and subject of the Queen's, she goes to the Seelie Queen's palace where she has to beg for help due to the limited resources. The Seelie Queen has requested that Clary be allowed to steal the faerie rings kept inside the Institute. Clary steals the rings but doesn't give them to the Queen because of the appearance of Jace and Sebastian at the library, all healthy looking and safe.

Afterward, Clary accepts their offer of coming to them.

Jace & Clary’s relationship is officially on hold in ‘Shadowhunters’ Season 2 – Screener

When the plan of Sebastian was finally revealed to her, she couldn't believe what could happen. When Sebastian finds her communicating with Simon through the Faerie rings, he fights her and attempts to rape her. Clary loves Jace so much that she instantly forgives him. Jace, so in love, finds it hard to forgive himself for what he has done while possessed.

Clary is heartbroken and distraught and looks like crap when Jace goes missing. She feels empty and so upset. She risks everything and goes against the Clave law to find Jace even though it means having to be with her enemy Sebastian. Even though Jace is possessed and not himself, he still has strong feelings about Clary that dark magic cant alter or rid of.

These are events that just came off the top of my head and I read this series July ' If i can remember all of this LOVE between them from this far back, Im quite sure that they are actually, and truly in love.

jace and clary network

They find Magnus, lose him and then find him again. Jace will stop at nothing to help Clary get her memories back. Magnus performs a spell and a demon tries to kill Jace! Clary sacrifices her memories to save him! Soulmates Jace is super grateful. Although not grateful enough to take his shirt off Clary gets captured by werewolves and Jace saves her!

Ok, it's possible that Luke did a lot of the actual fighting Jace brings back the cure for Luke and supports Clary in her time of need. The lovebirds break into the police station together.

jace and clary relationship

Also Clary gets to slap Jace as part of the "mission". We're not sure which event is more important! Simon dies and Jace holds Clary as she cries over his grave. Simon becomes a vampire and runs away. Clace kiss away the pain Clary forms an alliance between the Vampires, Werewolves and Shadowhunters. Jace is so proud of her! He loves badass ladies! Meliorn tells Clary how to find her dad but Jace can't go with her. Poor Jace, he just wants to protect her from danger! In the alternate universe Clace have a beautiful relationship!

Which just makes us want it to happen in the real world even more! But we're still glad to see the real Jace show up! He'll always be there for Clary when she needs him. When Jace is injured Clary will do anything to save him!

jace and clary relationship

She rushes into danger to get him the blood he needs. And he's soon feeling healthy enough to get back to kissing! They find Valentine and he tells them they're brother and sister!