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The reason why Keima isn't being friendly with us, is because he likes us!! . Perhaps my issues with closure were not because Keima chose Chihiro but . has a bunch of extra chapters featuring relationships with other girls. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - Keima K., Haqua - Chapters: 3 - Words: 5, There's no way that anyone would love a man who's in a six timing relationship or so he thinks." "That's not the problem!" ". Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - [Kanon N., Keima K.] - Chapters: 13 Without it you might have serious trouble understanding what's .. won't be too much of a bother, nor will it upset your relationship with Chihiro-san.

The most depraved one is you! Disregarding your host, you fell in love with Katsuragi yourself!

Chihiro Kosaka

Mercury yawned, "So what? Katsuragi is Ayumi's husband. You are all so innocent," said a voice. The Jupiter Sisters looked at the source of the laughter. She sat down on the couch.

The Jupiter Sisters looked at each other and then back at Aphrodite, who was taking a look at the snacks on the table.

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She smiled at the Jupiter Sisters. And Diana, you are in love. She glared at Aphrodite. Are you still angry about that one time when I -" "N-Never mind about that! Lightning was cackling from her hair. I would love to hear this story! Especially if Mars is embarrassed about it," said Apollo.

We were talking about how we would kill Katsuragi-san in the most painful way possible," said Vulcan. We weren't doing that!

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She glared at Apollo. She laughed nervously as she glanced at Aphrodite who smiled at Apollo. I will be a love patron just like all of you. I have been watching all of you, and I have to say this is the best drama I've seen in centuries! Diana and Tenri, the childhood friend! Apollo and Kanon, the super idol! Mars and Yui, the bold tomboy! Minerva and Shiori, the bookworm! Mercury and Ayumi, the popular high schooler!

In the third season, the scenario changes for Keima. Instead of any woman, the targets are now those he once conquered before and they have retained all memories of him flirting with them.

This prove problematic since after a conquest, the woman possessed would forget any memory of Keima. Keima deduced that those who weird acting flustered around him could possibly be his new targets as they could be possessed by goddesses who did the reverse of loose souls. Instead of sucking up the love in them, they fill these women with the emotion of love.

Unknown to Keima though was that Chihiro was not flustered because she remembered Keima and his flirting but it was because Chihiro was genuinely in love with Keima. She had feelings for Keima even before her conquest.

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 8

This somewhat breaks Keima a little bit inside and forces him to shove her away for her own safety. He rejects her when he realizes this and resulting into Chihiro breaking into tears. All throughout this anime series, Keima had this attitude to complete these conquests and treated every woman as another dating sim to finish. But this was a special case — someone was in love with him and for reasons he thought were impossible. Chihiro loved Keima just because she did.