Kourtney and scott relationship status sayings

Kourtney Kardashian Has 1 Thing to Say About Scott Disick and Sofia Richie's Relationship

kourtney and scott relationship status sayings

The tale of Kourtney and Scott's ever-changing relationship, rejected the idea of a proposal, and told Scott that she was not looking to get married. On the show, Scott brushed off those concerns, saying that he needed to. 29 Times Scott Disick And Kourtney Kardashian Gave Us Relationship Goals. N3ssa · Scott They would never turn a serious situation into a joke. Scott Disick . There's a hilarious Kardashian meme for every situation, and we're super grateful . get married, and even have children — we're emotionally attached, and sorry, . Current mood: Kourtney Kardashian's son Reign getting a ponytail Jenner # Kris Jenner #Scott Disick #keeping up with the kardashians.

This one has us dying! Let's take a moment to talk about Kourtney in this picture. She really does look like a portobello mushroom, but in her defense, she was kind of forced to have this haircut.

Parents always cut their children's hair in the worst ways. Not to mention, it was the early '90s! This mushroom cut hair-do was totally in.

How Scott Disick Feels About Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima's Breakup

We're not sure if anyone could rock it quite like Kourtney, either. We'd love to see some baby pictures of Scott, now that we're thinking about it.

kourtney and scott relationship status sayings

He probably looked worse than Kourtney. We love how Khloe is just sitting there dying of laughter, too.

kourtney and scott relationship status sayings

If you can't laugh at yourself and your siblingswhat's the point? What a wonderful time in our lives. When Kris and Scott were talking about the age gap between Kourtney and himself, he got a bit defensive as well as funny, of course. Clearly, Kris wasn't trying to push him on Kendall or Kylie, but the fact that he even had the balls to say this makes us laugh. We think Kris has had a vendetta against Scott since she first saw him.

He's not exactly well-liked in the Kardashian family right now.

kourtney and scott relationship status sayings

Cheating on Kourtney multiple times will do that to a person! However, Kylie tends to overdraw her lipstick. When Scott was watching her apply her lipstick, he made sure to give her some quick tips, one in particular: It's no secret that she has her lips filled they used to be as thin as dental floss. Her lips are probably her biggest weakness. Leave it to Scott to be a total jerk a totally funny jerk, that is. Let's hope Kylie can take a joke! They'll fall for literally anyone in any amount of time.

They do have high standards. Because they all share this trait, none of them really have any right to tell each other how slow they should take their relationship. When Kim was explaining to Scott that she was worried about her mom's relationship with Corey, he spat out a comment that really wasn't needed. He explained to Kim that she basically doesn't have a place to say anything because she's the exact same way. Like mother, like daughter, right?

kourtney and scott relationship status sayings

We feel like Scott really helps the Kardashians grow with his truth bombs. Don't you wish you could shut someone up like this The next time that your mom bugs you about those five pounds you put on recently hey, you pretty much live for chips and guac and you don't care, because life without chips and guac is just not worth livingyou should just say this.

You can also use this strategy when someone is annoying you and talking about something that you really don't want to talk about. So you can say "Enough about There's just nothing like it. We are totally into this idea because we completely agree. Admit it, you know that you have more feelings and listen to your gut a lot more than your dad, brother, boyfriend or male best friend. Hey, we're not being sexist here!

kourtney and scott relationship status sayings

It's just a fact of life. They do it call it women's intuition, after all -- it's not like the phrase is men's intuition. This is a thing and it really does exist. So we give Kourtney major props for telling it like it is and admitting what all us females know is completely true.

The next time someone tells you you're being paranoid or freaking about something, then just go ahead and repeat this awesome quote. It really will work because no one can argue with this statement. Well, if they know what's good for them, that is.

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She has this ugly crying face. We're laughing because, well, we laugh at Kim's crying face too. Her crying face has become a gif or meme or whatever you want to call it and however you want to pronounce it, of course -- the jury is still out on how the heck you say 'gif'. It's pretty impossible not to think that Kim's sobbing face is not completely ridiculous and over the top. It's like she's just begging for attention and like she's a little kid crying and screaming because they just face-planted onto their driveway or something.

Really, you have to laugh or even smile. You can't just act normal. We love that Kourtney is so normal and real and just admits that, yeah, Kim may be part of her family but she's not going to lie, she has to laugh at her crying face.

No two ways about it.