Lavan davis and cassi relationship with god

Married With Children Actress Cassi Davis Has A Husband In Real Life? Still Focused On Career?

Cassi Davis talks marriage, movies, Madea and more with The newly titled show, “The Paynes” will reunite Davis with her TV husband, LaVan Davis and twenty years and divinely God brought us back together in Tyler Perry's House of Payne is an American sitcom television series created and produced by . Curtis Payne (LaVan Davis) is the show's main protagonist. as Ella Williams in episode "Til Payne Do We Part") (Cassi Davis), is Curtis's wife. In the season 8 episode "God Bless the Paynes", Calvin gets shot by a man who . When she lost out on a role to Mel Carter, Cassie got mad with God again but stayed in relationship with Him. In she got out of the business and worked as.

Married With Children Actress Cassi Davis Has A Husband In Real Life? Still Focused On Career?

In a later episode, she visits the new twins and constantly criticizes Janine's parenting skills, going as far as to try to change the babies' names. When Janine finally confronts her, Liz reveals that her mother was the same way with her.

Liz shows a more compassionate side during her visit in Season 6 after reading a letter to C. She shows strong dislike toward Curtis, but takes a liking to everyone else. Her last name is only revealed in Season 6 when Ella's maiden name is finally revealed. She reappeared in the Season 8 premiere episode "A Mother's Payne", where Ella and her sister Evie decided to put her in a nursing home after a frightening episode resulting from her Alzheimer's disease.

In the episode "Amazing Matriarchs", Eunice passes away offscreen. Evelyn "Evie" Williams played by Janet Hubert-Whitten is Ella's older sister who helps takes care of her sick mother and wants what's best for her. Miranda's wealthy parents who have appeared in Seasons 4—7. Jeffrey is a doctor and Sandra is a lawyer. In season 6, Sandra thought Calvin had something to do with Miranda's disappearance until she resurfaces.

In the aftermath, she acts cold towards Calvin but Miranda makes her see reason and change her ways. However, she later confessed to C. She then breaks up with Calvin to reconcile with her old boyfriend. In Season 5, she returned and tells Calvin that they have a son named Calvin Jr. In Season 6, she was in a car accident which claimed the life of her husband. She then asks Calvin and Miranda to take care of Calvin Jr. She make a pass at Calvin on two occasions: After Calvin pushes her away, she takes Calvin Jr.

She then clears Calvin's bank account for back child support, the latter of which Calvin then gets arrested for.

lavan davis and cassi relationship with god

Her son is with Calvin for the weekend and when he goes to work and Miranda is asleep, Calvin Jr. Tracie shows up at the hospital, with her new boyfriend, after she gets a call and tells Calvin she's getting full custody of their son and she attempts to fight Miranda and Janine. But soon her son wakes up from the comaand she neutralizes her problems with Calvin. Until she checks him out and makes it difficult for Calvin to be a father to their son. Nicole Jamieson played by Robinne Lee was C.

She first appeared in the Season 1 episode "Teacher's Pet" where she visited the Payne household to bring back a hamster Jazmine took from the school. They were trapped inside the school building due to a storm that hit Atlanta. From there, sparks started to fly between her and C.

Their relationship soon hit a bump when it is shown that Nicole is mentally unstable. It is most evident as she extremely jealous when C. In one episode, it was shown she even gets upset when C.

lavan davis and cassi relationship with god

Nicole has not been seen since Season 2. In her last appearance, she revealed that she was dating Calvin but that was never addressed again, and she hasn't mentioned since.

In the test pilot episodes, Nicole Jamieson was originally portrayed by Rochelle Ayteswhere she was Malik's math teacher and was normal and rather soft-spoken. Kevin played by Kyre Batiste-Loftinwas Malik's best friend who was a recurring character from Seasons 1—6.

He was much like Malik in personality though slightly more dimwitted. He was very kind-hearted and generous despite the rare times he behaved selfishly. He often was involved in Malik's crazy schemes to get girls. He is last seen in the Season 6 episode "Drinking Game" where he and Malik were drinking when they were left alone in the house. He hasn't been seen or mentioned since. Pookie played by Quincy Bondswas one of Calvin's closest friends since childhood; he and his younger brother Peanut act nothing like Calvin as they are both ghetto and appear to be thugs.

They are still friendly but can be rough at times. He is last seen in the Season 6 episode "Payne Showers", in which Curtis throws a "man shower" for Calvin.

In the Meet The Browns series, Nurse Renee is seen talking on the phone to "Pookie"—this is probably him because the Browns and the Paynes knew each other. Peanut played by Clayton Englishis Pookie's younger brother; unlike Pookie, Peanut actually has a real name, Clayton. He, along with Pookie, was last seen in the Season 6 episode "Payne Showers".

He hasn't been seen since. He appeared from Seasons 1—2. He is originally from Bronx, NY. Like Malik's mother Janine, Kyle's mother had a drug problem, and he was living with Aunt Tracie while his mother was battling her addiction.

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He and Malik stole Curtis' motorcycle and Curtis pressed charges against both of them, later dropping the charges when he realized that they were too extreme. It is hinted that Kyle dropped out of school. He was last seen in the Season 2 episode "It's a Boy," playing video games with Malik. Tanya played by Robin Givens was C. She started dating C. He was a former star football player turned investment banker. His first appearance was in "Stop Being All Funky", when he was taking Janine out to dinner with Malik and Jazmine and tries to favor the kids, which irritates C.

Originally, believed to be the father of Janine's unborn child, Janine revealed that he is sterle which the baby is C.

lavan davis and cassi relationship with god

Revealed by Janine, Bryan breaks up with her after learning that C. He was introduced in the Season 5 episode "Surprise! Part 1 ", he is referred to as C. In Season 6, he stayed with Calvin and Miranda while Tracie was recovering from an accident.

However, Tracie takes him back home after Calvin rejected her advances. He was playing with matches while Miranda was sleeping, which caused a fire in Calvin and Miranda's condo. Tracie checked him out of the hospital when he awoke from his coma. Roland played by Rick Fox is Janine's boss, and head of public relations for the fire department. He was introduced in Season 6. His romantic interest in Janine has caused some clashes between him and C.

lavan davis and cassi relationship with god

It is revealed that Roland is a widower and a recovering alcoholic. Monica played by Essence Atkins is an old friend of Janine who appeared in 5 episodes of the 6th season. She first stayed at Curtis and Ella's house when Ella bought her home from the help center.

She was a victim of domestic abuse from her ex-husband. She then stayed with C. She was last seen in the Season 6 finale where she told C. Jayden Payne is the older twin brother of Hayden Payne, the younger son of C. In the later seasons after his birth, he has grown more than Hayden.

He is seen more than Hayden. In Season 7, he is seen with Hayden where it was discovered that he may have autism. Hayden Payne is the younger twin sister of Jayden Payne, the younger daughter of C. She was the baby of the Payne family until Miranda and Calvin's baby was born. She is seen less than Jayden. In Season 7, she is seen with Jayden where she appears normal. Christian Payne is Calvin and Miranda's newborn baby boy. He is also Calvin Jr. His name was revealed in the Season 7 episode "Payneful Visit".

His name was not revealed when Miranda gave birth, but Calvin is heard saying his name when he tells Miranda that Christian is sleeping. Reilz Joyce Giraud was the co-worker of Curtis, C. Angel is the only female of the firehouse and at times get upset with the guys for being inconsiderate of that fact.

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At one point she got so upset that she thinks about switching to another engine company and suing them. Angel and Calvin had a tendency to argue all the time; according to Calvin it was because she loved him. When Angel was upset she usually began to speak Spanish. Angel was also known as the best firefighter as evidenced by her several awards and medals. When the guys first meet her they assumed she was going to be a man Curtis had read the "O" of her middle name with Angel, making it appear as "Angelo" and threw water on her as a joke.

The character has not been seen or mentioned since Season 4. The character has not been seen since. Delante Jason Dirden used to cut hair at the barbershop. He was also one of Calvin's friends. In later episodes, Delante lived in the barbershop until Floyd found him and invited him to live with him. He had a brief relationship with Dana.

He got married to some girl he met at the skating rink and moves away to Arizona at the beginning of Season 5. He has not been seen since. Kiki Bobbi Baker is a barber at the Barber Shop. She isn't afraid to ask questions that others are thinking and is very abrupt. In Season 5, she helped get her brother hired, but he turned out to be a drug dealer, dealing drugs in the Barber Shop. She finds out in a later episode that he was shot. Kiki hasn't been seen or mentioned since Season 5, except for a brief appearance in the Season 6 episode "Rehabilitation".

She is usually seen watching clients storm off angrily, not knowing what she said to anger them. In one episode her parents visited, thinking she was a doctor on vacation. She is of African American and Korean ethnicity. Dana hasn't been seen or mentioned since season 5. Zack Gary Owen Season 5 is the white barber who replaced Delante.

He is a nice guy but he has trouble fitting in with black people, although they do like him. It was revealed that he had a date with Kiki prior to working at the barber shop.

He was interested in Floyd's daughter Olivia. Zack hasn't been seen or mentioned since season 5. Deshawn Spears Bobb'e J. Thompson is Curtis and Ella's recently acquired foster child. Deshawn comes from a broken home, and was initially hostile towards the Paynes, as he has had trouble with foster homes in the past. He later comes to accept that the Paynes are nice people that will take care of him.

However, in the episode "In Payne", he decides to live with his mother. The Hernandez family[ edit ] The Hernandez family were the Paynes' new Hispanic next-door neighbors who move into Claretha's old house, bringing their own family drama in the fifth season.

Carlos Hernandez Mel Rodriguez is the patriarch of the family.

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He works as a police officer and he and Curtis often fight over petty things but eventually, the two began to bond and they show some similarities to each other. Her and Ella became friends and they briefly worked together in a boutique retail store called "Ginger Pink".

She was last seen in the episode "Moving Out". She is usually seen drinking beer and watching TV, who shows some similarities to Curtis. Ramirez is the eldest Hernandez child. He had problems with his father; mainly due to his anger and depression from being in the war in Iraq.

He also becomes a close friend to Calvin. To know more about Lavan's dating life, relationships and career stay with us!!!!! Lavan Davis; Dating Life and Affairs We all agree that the year-old actor with his charming and dashing personality can impress anyone and any girl would be lucky to have him.

But the story is different here. Lavan is still single and is not dating anyone. On the other hand, considering his private nature we can imagine that he is hiding his personal affairs from us and does not want to reveal his relationships. Whatever may be the reason as of now we can call him a single man enjoying his singlehood. He was once rumored to be married to his own co-star from the multiple series. Lavan and Cassi in an event, Source: ECelebrity Facts Lavan worked along with an American actress, Cassi, an American actress plus singer in multiple series including Tyler Perry's House of Payne where they appeared as a husband and wife and similarly also worked together in another series, Madea Goes to Jail and Daddy's little girls, where they appeared as girlfriend and boyfriend.

Their chemistry was flaunted in an amazing way that everyone loved to see them together. This might be the reason that they were linked together. The audiences could not stop them to make a buzz about them as a couple that's why they are rumored to be married. Frostsnow In their several interviews, they were often asked about their marriage rumors and dating where, Lavan appeared as he didn't want to deny the buzz whereas, Cassi was really shocked and totally denied the rumors and also mentioned that she got a sweetheart as well.