Lords and serfs relationship advice

The Feudal System of Western Europe in Medieval times

The feudal system of Medieval Europe, covering such features as fiefs, lords and vassals barons, manors, castles, the origins of parliaments, serfs, peasants, yeomen, and the Black Death. He also had a duty to provide his lord with advice. use to describe a hierarchy of relationships which embraced medieval Europe. The countryside was divided into estates, run by a lord or an institution, by a sworn oath defined the relationships between kings, lords, vassals, serfs and so on. For more information please refer to the following guidance. The serfs worked for the lords and the lords gave them land and food and protectionSerfs differed from slaves in some important respects, and one of.

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Comparing and contrasting the lives of Serfs, knights and lords by Ma'Dayza Miller on Prezi

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  • During the feudal era, what was the relationship between lords and serfs?

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