Love and relationship collage

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love and relationship collage

A real relationship is a beautiful collage of love, trust, honesty, patience, conviction, dedication transparency, acceptance, communication and faith. To prepare for new love, there is literally "homework" that you can do relationship) is to make a list or collage of all the things that make up the. Free love collage maker from Smilebox lets you express your feelings. You don't need a special occasion to use online love collage maker. Take any excuse to.

Draw out your design in pencil. It's often best to start with an easy design made up of fairly simple shapes, as you will be cutting it out of a sheet of paper and it's easy to chop bits off with a very fiddly picture. Draw over the lines on to one of your pieces of coloured paper.

Place a sheet of tracing paper over your illustration and draw over the lines of your design in pencil. You will need to press quite hard. Turn over your sheet of tracing paper and draw over the lines onto one of your pieces of coloured paper you will be drawing on the back so the final image won't have any pencil marks on. It's a good idea to have a think about what colours you want in your design before you start this.

Cut out the traced shapes from the paper. Very carefully cut out the traced shapes from the paper using either a craft knife or scissors. Turn over your cut-out shapes, so that the pencil marks are on the back, and start to arrange them into your picture.

Romantic Collage Ideas

A good tip is to Blu-Tack your shapes down to get them in the right place before you get out the glue. When you are happy with your picture start to glue all the bits into place Add your final touches.

Add your final touches, using fineliner pens, ribbons or beads. On the cat design, the cats' faces, arms and legs are drawn on with a fineliner pen, while their bows are made using little bits of blue and pink ribbon. A romantic collage should include photos of you and your significant other. Meet Singles in your Area!

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Photos Photos make up an integral element of any collage, and especially a romantic one celebrating the love between you and your significant other. Browse through photo albums or digital photo files to choose a variety of photos that you show both of you together.

love and relationship collage

If you have been in the relationship for a long time, choose photos from throughout the years. Select photos of you doing fun or romantic things together and from special occasions, such as weddings and anniversaries.

love and relationship collage

Wording Adding the right wording to your collage is an effective way to spread the message of love with your partner. Pick a number of words that are important to your relationship, such as "Love," "Fun" and "Honesty," for example.

love and relationship collage

You can apply these words to the collage in different manners, including with colorful markers, paint pens, glitter paint or clipping phrases from magazines. Mementos No romantic collage is complete without mementos gained throughout your relationship with your significant other.