Macbeth and banquo relationship essay

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macbeth and banquo relationship essay

When we first meet Macbeth and Banquo we see their friendship in full strength although during the play we see their relationship drastically change. The first. Prior to the prophecy, Macbeth and Banquo are introduced as admirable the characters of Macbeth and Banquo is their different relationships with God. Throughout the play, many characters portray the impact power has on a relationship: Lady Macbeth and Macbeth, Banquo and Macbeth, Macduff and Macbeth.

After committing the murder, Macbeth attempted to pray but failed, suggesting he has lost all connections to God and religion. By murdering an important religious figure, Macbeth has been isolated from God from this point forth.

macbeth and banquo relationship essay

This isolation from God portrays the theme of the corruptive powers of unchecked ambition as Macbeth is very lonely in such a religious world. Another clear point of contrast between Macbeth and Banquo is their ability to quell their inner dark thoughts.

But hush, no more. This reinforces the idea of Banquo being able to check his ambitions and remain loyal to the king. Contrastingly, Macbeth has become fixated on the prophecies. Even though he has been crowned king, he is still not content. Macbeth is unable to rest in peace: The extent of this suffering is reinforced by the fact that he claims it would be better to be dead than to continue to suffer his current mental torture.


This illustrates the theme of the corruptive powers of unchecked ambition as his never ending ambition has made him tormented by paranoia, which will ultimately lead to the murder and Banquo.

The contrast between Macbeth and Banquo is further illustrated in the key scene Act 3, scene 4 after Banquo is murdered. The central concern of the corrupting powers of unchecked ambition is shown through the paranoia, guilt and fear Macbeth suffers due to his great ambition to remain King.

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macbeth and banquo relationship essay

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macbeth and banquo relationship essay

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macbeth and banquo relationship essay

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Their love disintegrates and their relationship turns the perception of ambition into a powerful enemy. Should Macbeth have paid the price for what he wanted? He does exactly this when he is told he would be King. However, his friend Banquo does not want to dishevel his code of honour. The theme of ambition requires an essential contrast to the power-hungry Macbeth.

Macbeth and banquo relationship essay

The relationship between Macbeth and Banquo is one of friendship. They fight together and are honoured together. Both men receive prophecies, but their lives conclude very differently.

Banquo's passive personality blocks him from making his own decisions to fulfill the prophecies. Why, by the verities on thee made good, May they not be my oracles as well And set me up in hope?

But, hush, no more! Both possess it, but Macbeth has a superior desire for power. Banquo wants his prophecies to come true, but he lets nature take its course.

Unfortunately, Macbeth kills Banquo before Banquo's prophecy comes true. Macbeth feels threatened by Banquo, as his son would take over the throne in due time. This jealousy leads to more evil, lies and eventually to murder. Even though Banquo goes to his grave, he lives and dies a greater man than his friend, just as the witches had said.

Consider the nature and significance of the relationship between Macbeth and Banquo

This relationship alters ambition yet again into an unstable theme, where no one should trust each other. Macbeth's zealous desire for power controls his life and develops the theme of ambition more than any other relationship. Macbeth cares about nothing else but the throne and he wouldnt let anything obstruct his path to power. After being pushed to evil by his persuasive wife, Macbeth's ambition for power increases until he does not need to be told what to do next.

macbeth and banquo relationship essay

He starts plotting his own deeds and shocks his wife with his new attitude. He appears bold and brave on the outside, but his insecurity seeps through his personality in his soliloquies, I am in blood Stepped in so far that, should I wade no more, Returning were as tedious as go oer.

This ambition overpowers Lady Macbeth's desire and eventually he doesnt care about love, loyalty or justice. His relationship with power becomes so fanatical, it overcomes all other elements in the play.

Ironically, Macbeth knows very little about real power at all. As Magnus from Shakespeare's Discussion Desk states: