Male and female relationship dynamics

male and female relationship dynamics

People automatically assume masculine is male and feminine is female. My ignorance of this dynamic in relationship has cost me so much in terms of joy and . Understanding Relationship Dynamics Essential to Success in Dating Dating has changed a lot in recent years, causing men and women. A call for women to embrace their femininity and for men to step into it comes to relationships and to sexuality, does more harm than good.

Male and female energy in relationships

When I observe deeper what this pattern is about, there are several dimensions. I saw myself as knowing at all times what was best for our cats and that he was a brute, was inconsiderate and careless and I did not trust him to take care of the cats.

He, on his side tried introducing a more relaxed approach that sometimes, in common sense did not consider what was best for the cats, and the more he did this, the more I went into the controlling behavior. We had many fights and discussions about how to solve the situation, and two particular instances lead to us finally coming together in a mutual solution. First of all, my partner asked that if he was to step up and take more responsibility, I had to back down, stop being controlling and stop distrusting him and saying that he was doing it wrong all the time.

male and female relationship dynamics

He explained to me how demotivating it was for him to expand himself and become better at taking care of the cats that I, even when he tried, scolded him in suspicion. We both agreed to change our approach. I backed down and backed off and he committed himself to stepping up. It started slowly but surely escalating more and more when our living situation changed and our female cat died, which in my mind was partly due to me not honoring what I saw was best but instead backed down.

Male/Female Dynamics: When Women become Controlling towards Men. DAY 379

It culminated in a moment of insanity where I literally felt like I was going mad from the intensity of worry and need to control. I see people advocating for women to get more in touch with their feminine nature, and I think I know what it means.

male and female relationship dynamics

In our society, we tend to see the following attributes as feminine: And these attributes as masculine: However, I have my suspicion that this classification is not some universal or biological truth, but instead that it originates from the way our society is structured.

And in case my suspicion holds true, I would really like us to stop using these classifications.

male and female relationship dynamics

Because these classifications are holding us back in our progress to accept gender fluid concepts. For example, have a look at a multi-layered approach to the sexual behavior of insects, in this funny yet insightful minutes TED talk by Marlene Zuk, you will see that gender behavior in insects has nothing to do with what we expect a specific gender to behave. So we could easily conclude that nature has not intended for all females to be unified under some gender qualities.

How about becoming more selective, by looking only at animals that are closer to humans. A pattern might emerge: Perhaps this is where our feminine-masculine concepts are derived from. Next, perhaps we should be looking at the physical differences between men and women to gain some insights into the male-female grouping of traits.

Men have stronger muscles than women, hence it makes sense to say that strength is a male attribute whereas softness is a female attribute.

The Male-Female Dynamics: It’s Time We Put an End to It.

Women have a receptacle type of genital vagina as opposed to a protruding type of genital penis in men, hence we say receptiveness is a female attribute whereas being dynamic is considered to be a male attribute. I could have as well decided that women are the ones who give birth thus they are the dynamic ones, or that the testicles are extremely tender which makes men more gentle. See how ridiculous it is?

How can that be?

male and female relationship dynamics

And I can totally relate to how you might be feeling. I have listened to many great teachers that say how important it is to embrace my femininity in order to find my true nature. In order to attract a masculine partner.

The Male-Female Dynamics: It’s Time We Put an End to It.

In order to fully enjoy my sexuality. And these days and age, if I want to attract a compatible man into my life, learning how to be more feminine will attract the masculine. What if we stop using the male-female concepts? I want to be soft when I feel it serves my highest good, and tough when it serves my highest good.

I want to be powerful and peaceful. Telling me to embrace my feminine nature is a very broad generalization. I hope our society will keep on transitioning and allow every single individual to embody the positive traits that suit them specifically, regardless of their gender.

In my mind, this is a part of the Make Love Revolution.

male and female relationship dynamics