Meet and greet goals digitour vip

DigiTour from a mother's perspective at The Electric Factory No one knew where to pick up the Tickets from the Call Window. there are no seats) and VIP (access to early entrance and possible meet and greet). . time now but I have finally decided to take my first step towards trying to achieve my goal. @andrearussett & @trevormoran are friend #goals! put @weeklyisrael on digitour please!!! tianatbh. Anyone selling VIP tickets to Dallas??. Magcon Live, LLC, Wilshire Boulevard, Suite , Beverly Hills, CA, , United [email protected] Powered by Squarespace · Cart (0).

Not only has Baby Ariel made a name for herself but also her family including her younger brother jacob who benefitted from his sister's attention and popularity and started his own musicly to try and get in on that fame and succeeding gaining over 1. Loren grey who's also known as loren beech made fun of and made a video about baby ariel, which she claimed was a dare by her friends to do a impression of her and sent it in a group chat.

After this one of her friends leaked it to start up something between them which wasn't what happened and instead loren just made an apology video defending that it was a really old video and they're on good terms now. Baby ariel at such a young age has got a lot on her plate with her youtube channel and musicly's that she has to be consistent with, along with an extra collab channel made by Baby Ariel and some of her friends.

She also started a lipstick line which she claims to be a lot of extra work but worth it in the end. Under fair use rules, it may be possible to use quotations or excerpts, where the work has been made available to the public, i. The use is deemed acceptable under the terms of fair dealing. That the quoted material is justified, and no more than is necessary is included. That the source of the quoted material is mentioned, along with the name of the author.

SEVAQK] Remember to show it some love by liking the video and if you want to stay up to date with my videos remember to subscribe. Since I went to Digi Tour Winter in my city and met many internet friends who also went, I decided to create my own meet and greet goals video.

I asked everybody to send me their meet and greet videos and I edited them all together and made the videos super cute! If you enjoyed this video and thought some of the meet and greet videos were cute, please like the video and subscribe for more videos every week. Thanks for all the support this year, and next year will be even better!

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meet and greet goals digitour vip

C and we see so many people make some great friends and enjoy ourselves so much. This turned out the be the best trip ever! Love Emma and Ellie! We love being together and learning new things. Every time we step outside a new adventure begins for us!

Come along for the ride of your lives. Be a part of our family! Can't wait to see what the future holds. Subscribe to my channel to stay up to date! Blake Gray and Baby Ariel Dating! Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Their answering some questions you guys asked them. Subscribe for more videos like this! So happy Macob is back! That is exactly what happened for my daughter and her friend. I will get into that more on another post.


I don't even know what or who those people are. Most adults don't seem interested in what is going on onstage and are happy at the bar. However, as a mother of a 13 yr old and her 13 yr old friend I was very interested in what was going on in the crowd.

I don't know where anyone is going because there isn't any more room in the front. As these screams and yells and crowd movements start I even have to ask a 14 yr old girl named Lizzie standing beside me "Who is that? I had to get a lesson from my daughter after the show. Now I feel bad that I might be blocking her view so I move to the back of the building. But just as I start to move I see three girls being removed from the front of the crowd because they either fainted or just couldn't take the pushing and heat anymore.

It was very hot and humid inside the Electric Factory. Next thing to occur is a girl is onstage and basically singing karaoke to another Miley song.

Mom At DigiTour2013

Everyone in the crowd is singing along you can't even hear the girl sing. Who even is this girl?

meet and greet goals digitour vip

I don't ever find out. The bartenders were nice but the prices for drinks were not. To me that is a lot of money for a very small drink.

Mom At DigiTour

Why are these people on the stage so famous? Why do kids all over watch them on YouTube? I will never know. I learn very quickly that the rest of the night will go just as the first few minutes went.

Various acts sing cover songs or shake their butt or throw something into the crowd. Of course, all of these things make the kids go wild!

I was mostly entertained by the excitement of my daughter. To see that smile on her face and have her tell me it is so great to be around all these people who are just like me and like the same things I do. My daughter had the time of her life! I will explain later but she got to meet and take selfies I even got one too just to prove I was there and could be a hip mom with almost all of the people on the tour except for the British YouTubers.